Microsoft Visio Professional

最新版本 Microsoft Visio Professional 2016 (Retail)

Microsoft Visio Professional 2016 (Retail)

Microsoft Visio Professional 2016 (Retail)
Microsoft Visio 是 Windows 的圖表和矢量圖形應用程序。使用數據鏈接圖簡化和交流複雜的信息,您只需點擊幾下即可創建。 Microsoft Visio 使繪圖簡單。無論您想要快速捕捉您在白板上集思廣益的流程圖,映射 IT 網絡,構建組織結構圖,記錄業務流程或繪製平面圖,Microsoft Visio 都可以幫助您以可視方式工作.

開始使用 Visio 輕鬆選擇一套預先製作的起始圖和上下文提示和技巧。使用智能形狀來提高生產力,並利用新的主題和效果來更快地定制和完成專業外觀圖.

將數據連接到組織結構,IT 網絡,製造工廠或複雜業務流程的可視化一目了然地掌握業績。 Visio 形狀可以鏈接到多個數據源,包括 Microsoft Excel,Microsoft Excel Services,Active Directory,Microsoft SQL Server,Microsoft SQL Azure 和 Microsoft SharePoint 列表以及 Business Connectivity Services。使用數據圖形(如圖標,顏色和文本)來簡化和增強複雜信息的可視化。利用 Excel 表格的新的一步連接和交換數據圖形,只需點擊一下鼠標即可.

跨流程圖,時間表,流程圖,組織結構,IT 架構或平面圖交互並共享企業通過瀏覽器在 Office 365 或 SharePoint 中使用 Visio Services。隨著基礎數據刷新,您的圖表將在瀏覽器中刷新。在同一張圖上同時使用 Visio 和 Visio Services,可以輕鬆查看評論者的評論.

注意:30 天試用版。需要.NET Framework.


檔案版本 Microsoft Visio Professional 2016 (Retail)

檔案名稱 VisioProRetail.img
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Microsoft Corporation
更新日期 2016-07-04

What's new in this version:

Enhanced AutoCAD support:
- Before, Visio supported .dwg and .dxf files from AutoCAD 2007. With this update, you can import or open files that are from any existing version of AutoCAD

Improved AutoCAD scaling:
- With this update, you will see scaling improvements when importing AutoCAD files. Just make sure to set a couple of properties first. In AutoCAD, make sure that the active tab is a layout tab, and not the model tab. Also, make sure that the Visio drawing scale is set to the same scale as the AutoCAD viewport scale

Faster import of AutoCAD files:
- With this update, you will notice that AutoCAD import speed is greatly improved

Instantaneous shape overlay:
- There used to be long delays when working with shapes on top of CAD files. With this update, there’s no delay

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