最新版本 Missive 5.5.0

Missive 5.5.0

Missive 5.5.0
下載 Windows PC 的最新 Missive 應用程序,唯一的工作管理應用程序合併電子郵件,聊天和任務!就像電子郵件聊天一樣,把它們混合在一起,釋放出無法預料的可能性。 Missive 是您將需要管理您的工作生活的一個應用程序。今天試試 Missive!

電子郵件對於內部討論來說太慢了,為了解決這個問題,我們把線程聊天帶到了你的收件箱。每個人都有一個獨特的主題和恰當的參與者。通過這樣的範圍對話,沒有話題被埋沒。這導致了一個真正的異步工作流程,並避免了錯過你在其他聊天應用程序中的恐懼。最後,我們為您提供相同的工具來處理和管理電子郵件旁邊的聊天。這將成為您存檔和打盹聊天的第二天性。下載適用於 Windows PC 的最新版 Missive 應用程序  今天!

Missive 功能:



常規和 1 對 1 會議室

注意:在演示版本中,1 個月的歷史記錄(您仍然可以訪問 Gmail 上的所有電子郵件歷史記錄).


檔案版本 Missive 5.5.0

檔案名稱 Missive-Setup-5.5.0.exe
檔案大小 140 MB
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Missive Team
官網 https://missiveapp.com/
更新日期 2018-02-03

What's new in this version:

Missive 5.5.0
- Visual step to conversations merging to make it more clear
- Pasting content from and to the composer now applies the same format

- Automatically marking the selected conversation as read when receiving a new email in it
- Empty email quote when replying / forwarding certain emails
- Composer freezing the app when replying to certain emails
- Navigating mailboxes and labels in the sidebar with arrow keys
- Sub-mailboxes wrongly hidden by default

Missive 5.4.0
- Option to hide labels from sidebar unless they have unread conversations
- Colored labels
- Ability to merge conversations
- Settings to stop auto watching conversations on user actions
- Set labels as favorites for quicker access

- Refreshed sidebar and conversation list UI
- One-click way to merge duplicate conversations
- Display “Send & Close” for conversations assigned to someone else
- Detecting system’s locale when setting the spell checker default language

- Trashing a conversation when opened in a new window
- Default reply address when “Always send from this address” is enabled
- Composer freezing the app when replying to certain emails
- Conversation sometimes not automatically scrolling to the latest entry

Missive 5.3.2
- Security update

Missive 5.3.1
- Allow hiding sub-mailboxes

- Allow trashing conversations from search results
- Default alias detection when replying to email list

- Resubmitting same search term to refresh results

Missive 5.2.1
- Drag and dropping conversations into assignment sub-mailboxes
- Applying filters bug introduced in previous version
- Error on Windows when opening Missive while already running in background
- Searching responses after deleting one
- Bug where pins could disappear when joining an organization

Missive 5.2.0
- Error on Windows when opening Missive while already running in background
- Fixed Searching responses after deleting one
- Fixed Bug where pins could disappear when joining an organization

Missive 5.1.0
- Missing conversations when computer time is set in the past
- Bug on certain Windows environments when starting Missive

Missive 5.0.0
- “Download all” button for attachments
- Option to automatically remove assigned and closed conversations from the Inbox
- “Open in new window” button for drafts
- “Play a sound” setting for desktop notifications

- Emoji picker now includes latest emojis
- Show “Save Image As…” right-click option for images within links

- Edge cases where desktop notifications would not appear
- Searching shared labels with non-English characters
- Some email images being skewed instead of resized
- Some Gmail shortcuts not working on Firefox
- Direct attachment download on Safari

Missive 4.8.0
- Automatically assign emails sent to shared accounts / addresses
- Open conversations in new window
- Default composer styles
- Double-click setting for conversations
- Set missiveapp.com as the default mailto: handler on browsers

- Attachments sent from an iOS device should be angled correctly
- Email sharing page in organization settings
- Page splitting when printing conversations

- Notifications on Windows since Fall Creators update
- Creating IMAP labels more than 2 levels deep

Missive 4.7.0
- Selecting the right alias when replying to an email from and to yourself

- Composing a new draft from a draft window

Missive 4.6.0
- Draft delivery instability part 2
- Right-clicking links in emails on Firefox
- Creating IMAP labels with non-“/” hierarchy delimiter

Missive 4.5.2
- Spell check dictionaries management
- Toggle prompt options with Tab
- Show Sent mailbox by default
- Choosing between Archive and Close should be less confusing

- Drafts delivery instability for certain people
- Spell check when OS language isn’t available
- Empty snooze notification message on desktop

Missive 4.4.1
- Fixed: Further improve archiving reliability with IMAP accounts

Missive 4.4.0
- Table layout in emails when replying or forwarding
- IMAP archiving issues since v4.3.0
- Drafts delivery edge case issues

Missive 4.3.0
- Fixed: “Delete Forever” moving conversation into Archive
- Bug fixes and improvements

Missive 4.2.1
- Partly add support for offline drafts
- Offline drafts

- Setting to turn off past emails sharing for shared accounts

- Overall drafts composer performance
- Error message when trying to open a new mailbox while offline
- Support mailto: URLs with slashes
- Don’t show “Close” icon when conversation is already closed

- Bug where selecting text in the editor would drag the window
- Scheduling (Send Later) a new draft when in a popup
- Duplicated desktop notifications
- Adding links to drafts in Firefox
- Present coworkers when mentioning in new drafts

Missive 4.1.0
- Show more helpful password error message for iCloud

- Bug that would prevent opening accounts settings

Missive 4.0.0
- BETA Office 365, Outlook, iCloud and IMAP support
- Per-conversation setting to mute notifications
- Per-conversation (pinned) setting to exclude from badge count

- Discard addresses autocomplete when pressing escape

- Being able to set invalid dates for snoozes
- Unselecting everyone from a shared address would delete it
- “Save draft” prompt being shown when draft was already sent or trashed
- Bug where applying an IMAP label to a Send Later conversation would delete the conversation

Missive 3.23.2
- Fixed: Layout issue in mailboxes list

Missive 3.23.1
- Typo in settings

Missive 3.22.0
- Chats mailbox
- Undo send

- Double-clicking an image will now open it on your desktop
- Selecting tomorrow by default when picking a snooze date from the calendar
- Don’t pin labels / searches / mailboxes when clicking with ALT pressed

- Roadmap widget
- Unselecting images and attachments with escape
- Conversations not being displayed until context menus are closed
- “Send & Close” setting not always being respected

Missive 3.21.0
- App can now be run in background on Windows

- Sharing email accounts should be more obvious when in Organizations setting
- Email accounts are now being sorted by description
- Focusing new conversations subject will automatically clear the placeholder subject
- Alias detection when replying to certain emails
- Showing all conversation events in the composer

- UI glitch when dragging conversations into Pins
- Native shortcuts not working (i.e. back/forward)
- Archive button not working when not in Inbox
- Dock badge count not always being updated when receiving new comments
- Parsing links with accents in comments

Missive 3.20.0
- [] Do something comments will be turned into a task
- Comment text task
- Conversations can now be assigned with a shortcut
- “Opened” filter

- You can now search for coworkers when assigning a conversation
- Customizable “In X days/weeks/months” hour

- Never ending “Loading message…”
- Choosing Sunday in Snoozes will properly use the closest upcoming one
- Conversations list being scrolled to top when pressing escape
- Blank conversation when archiving on Safari

Missive 3.19.0
- Snooze configuration

- Added “Leave in Inbox” option when snoozing conversations
- Added a reminder button in the draft composer
- Notifications settings granularity
- Loading messages content should feel a little bit faster
- Email accounts’ description now used everywhere when set
- Forwarding emails now include headers in message body
- Emoji picker includes latest emojis
- Allow dismissing “Importing your emails” banner

- Losing draft subject & addresses when quickling closing after editing

Missive 3.18.0
- Improved: Search filtering behaviors
- Fixed: Archive & Trash buttons being gone when multiple conversations are selected since last version

Missive 3.17.0
- Search conversations in a specific mailbox
- “Save this draft” prompt when closing a newly created draft
- “Show recent searches” setting
- Hovering a link in emails will show its URL
- Lots of new assignment-related entries in conversations. i.e. Assigning, closing, re-opening, etc.

- Add “Never show again” option to the prompt when removing a conversation from Unassigned
- Organization admins can now edit org name
- Clicking the Mac dock icon now keeps the same windows order
- Error handling when credit card is declined

- New label being lost when creating a new one and applying to a conversation
- Lost inline images in the composer upon undoing/redoing
- Wrong unified mailboxes total count when archiving from a sub-mailbox
- Wrong mailboxes total count when receiving a comment from a coworker
- Sub-mailboxes not being updated when changing description

Missive 3.16.0
- New: “Open drafts in new window” setting
- New: “Mark messages as read upon opening” setting
- New: Strike support in the composer
- Improved: More modern-looking unread and total counts in sidebar
- Improved: Images can be added as attachment again by clicking the paperclip icon
- Improved: New conversations can now be created directly in current shared label or “Assigned to me” mailbox
- Fixed: Line breaks irregularities in the composer
- Fixed: Pasting non-image files will paste the file name instead of a broken file
- Fixed: Snoozing multiple conversations
- Fixed: Table width inside the composer

Missive 3.15.0
- Fixed: Inline images in emails, signatures and canned responses
- Fixed: Setting to disable “Send & Close” being the default button in assigned conversations

Missive 3.14.0
- Fixed: Search sometimes loading indefinitely
- Fixed: Wrong unread count in sidebar when receiving comments from peers
- Fixed: Extra white margin on each conversation when window is at a small size

Missive 3.13.0
- Fixed: Intermittent issue when trying to subscribe to a paid plan
- Fixed: “Toggle Screenshot Mode” shortcut no longer conflicts with typing special characters on Windows

Missive 3.12.0
- New: Option to choose up to three spell check dictionaries in Windows app
- Fixed: Clicking Reply on a specific message would previously always reply to the latest message in conversation
- Fixed: Inserting links in signature editor
- Fixed: Layout issue when editing comment

Missive 3.11.0
- New: Auto CC / BCC settings per alias
- New: Setting for hiding Gmail and Missive labels from conversation list
- New: Option to choose up to three spell check dictionaries at once
- Improved: Nested Gmail labels no longer show full hierarchy in conversation list
- Improved: Overall performance
- Fixed: Credit card form in Billing section

Missive 3.10.1
- Fixed: HTML signature editor breaking the preferences panel
- Fixed: Web version: Send Later no longer archives conversation when Send & Archive by default is enabled

Missive 3.10.0
- New: Gmail labels now shown in conversation list
- New: Save Image As… right-click option in desktop app
- Improved: Greatly improved overall performance
- Improved: Several visual and UX improvements on mobile
- Fixed: To: field not auto focusing when creating a new draft
- Fixed: Assignees not being selected in conversation context menu
- Fixed: Verdana and Impact fonts not being saved when used in signature

Missive 3.9.3
- Fixed: Sub-mailboxes from shared accounts not showing for users without personal accounts

Missive 3.9.2
- Fixed: Editing Name and Account description in Accounts settings

Missive 3.9.1
- Printing emails

Missive 3.9.0
- Improved: Draft composer performance on slower devices
- Improved: Draft composer now opens in same window on mobile
- Fixed: Some emojis split in two on Firefox
- Fixed: Lost keystrokes in draft composer, mainly on Firefox

Missive 3.8.5
- Fixed: Printing emails

Missive 3.8.2
- Fixed: Inserting hard breaks in composer (with Shift+Enter)

Missive 3.8.0
- Fixed: Checking and unchecking tasks in task summary
- Fixed: Typing accented characters after pressing Backspace

Missive 3.7.0
- New: Sub-mailboxes for shared accounts
- Fixed: Visual glitches on Internet Explorer

Missive 3.5.0
- Improved: You can now assign yourself to any conversation, even private ones
- Improved: Added a “Discard” button next to the “Open” button for drafts
- Improved: Comments layout in draft window
- Improved: Errors detection when trying to update Missive without administrator privilege
- Fixed: Endless “Loading…” when opening new drafts
- Fixed: Updating assignees from the conversation list
- Fixed: Clicking the archive icon in Unassigned mailbox now properly removes the conversation from Unassigned

Missive 3.4.0
- Improved: Conversations’ assignees are faded out when conversation is closed
- Fixed: Endless “Loading message…” on slow connection

Missive 3.3.0
- New: Assignees are now displayed in the conversations list
- Improved: Apple devices now use native emojis instead of images
- Improved: Conversations loading performance
- Improved: Drafts now warn when trying to add more than 25MB of attachments
- Improved: Errors detection when trying to update Missive from a read-only volume
- Fixed: Showing/hiding attachments in print window for messages sent with Missive
- Fixed: App dock badge not being reset when logging out

Missive 3.2.0
- Improved: Easier to upgrade and check for app updates
- Improved: Line spacing of emails sent from Microsoft Outlook
- Improved: Forgotten attachment detection will ignore signatures content
- Fixed: Stuck pagination when scrolling too fast in a mailbox
- Fixed: A bug where you would need to click send twice to send an email
- Fixed: Dragging conversations of an organization into another organization shared labels

Missive 3.1.0
- Windows native app! Get yours here
- New: Drafts now warn when detecting a forgotten attachment
- New: Delegated accounts also share the Spam mailbox
- Improved: Conversations accesses layout

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