最新版本 MobaXterm 9.2

MobaXterm 9.2

MobaXterm 9.2
MobaXterm 是遠程計算的終極工具箱。在單一的 Windows 應用程序中,它提供了為程序員,網站管理員,IT 管理員以及幾乎所有需要以更簡單的方式處理遠程作業的用戶量身定制的大量功能.

MobaXterm 提供了所有重要的遠程網絡工具(SSH, X11,RDP,VNC,FTP,MOSH 等)和 Unix 命令(bash,ls,cat,sed,grep,awk,rsync,...)到 Windows 桌面,盒子.

為您的遠程任務提供多合一網絡應用程序有許多優點,例如當您使用 SSH 連接到遠程服務器時,會自動彈出圖形 SFTP 瀏覽器,以便直接編輯遠程文件。您的遠程應用程序也將使用嵌入式 X 服務器無縫地顯示在 Windows 桌面上.

MobaXterm 功能:

嵌入式 X server
完全配置 Xserver 基於

DISPLAY 從遠程 Unix 導出到本地 Windows

X11- 轉發能力
您的遠程顯示器使用 SSH 進行安全傳輸

Tabbed 基於 Cygwin 的命令(bash,grep,awk,sed,rsync,...)

你可以使用插件擴展 MobaXterm 功能


MobaXterm 已打包為單個可執行文件,不需要管理員權限和 wh ich 你可以從一個 U 盤啟動

MobaXterm 專業為非常具有挑戰性的人設計的安全性和穩定性



檔案版本 MobaXterm 9.2

檔案名稱 MobaXterm_Setup_9.2.msi
檔案大小 25.36 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Mobatek
更新日期 2016-09-19

What's new in this version:

- New feature: you can now create your own custom syntax highlighting definitions for the terminal, using the embedded syntax customization tool
- New feature: added line delay option while pasting to the terminal. This gives some time for slow remote systems to handle pasted text properly
- Improvement: enhanced startup speed when many sessions are present
- Improvement: enhanced "network" syntax highlighting
- Improvement: added a graphical editor for files/folders permissions through SSH, SFTP or SCP
- Bugfix: corrected SSH-browser display of "special files" (block device, ...) when SCP protocol is checked
- Improvement: users are now prompted for master password when resuming from a locked screen (for better security)
- Improvement: enhanced SSH-browser display of "parent folder"
- Bugfix: Mosh sessions are forced to IPv4 only (IPv6 is not yet supported by Mosh client/server)
- Improvement: hidden files/folders are now faded out in SSH-browser
- Improvement: added 1920x1200 RDP resolution setting
- Improvement: added "PERL" and "SQL" terminal syntax colorations
- Improvement: added "i3" and "wmii" remote desktops in SSH advanced settings
- Improvement: "Ubuntu Bash 4 Windows" sessions now start in the proper "HOME" folder
- Improvement: backup archive for configuration files now stores the last 16 configurations (instead of 8)
- Bugfix: fixed a potential tabs drag/drop issue when "mouse follows focus" feature was activated in Windows Accessibility settings
- Bugfix: fixed some issues with html web page generation from sessions list
- Improvement: properly support "special" characters in Ubuntu Bash for Windows (WSL): now Home, End, Insert, Delete, F1 - F16 and Ctrl+A - Ctrl+Z keys are properly handled

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