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最新版本 Mozy Home 2.26.4

Mozy Home 2.26.4

Mozy Home 2.26.4
Mozy Home 是備份您的計算機上的所有重要的東西,所以在發生災難時,您的數據仍然可檢索的簡單方法。沒有必要擔心外部硬件或繁瑣的手動備份; 只需下載 Mozy Home,選擇要備份的文件類型,然後用 Mozy 完成。您的文件副本安全地存儲在安全的非現場數據中心。你的文件應該被加密並存儲在一個安全的,遠程的位置,只有你可以訪問 - 從任何地方。

Mozy 為家庭用戶免費提供 2GB 的備份空間。沒有信用卡,沒有每月付款或費用,沒有到期日期。只要你想要它,只要免費,安全的在線備份.

Mozy Home 功能:

Mozy Home 是世界上最好的免費備份軟件而聞名!它是自動的,它很簡單,高度可定制,可以安排在一天中的任何時間運行。憑藉多年的經驗和“財富 500 強”的支持,Mozy 是在線備份領域值得信賴的領導者。

Mozy Home 同步是一個免費的文件同步功能,為 Mozy 用戶提供一種簡單的方法,使他們最常用的數據在他們經常使用的每台計算機上保持最新。 Mozy Sync 簡化了多個設備,同時保護您的文件。

沒有趕上。在這裡,Mozy 認為你很喜歡 Mozy,最終你會想升級到更大的賬戶。這就是為什麼可以放棄一個沒有附加任何字符串的免費版本。所以請隨意下載 Mozy 的免費備份和同步軟件。

Anywhere access
Mozy 不僅僅是現在備份或同步您的數據。當您離開電腦時,也可以使您的文件可用。使用安全的 Mozy 應用程序訪問,預覽和共享 iOS 和 Android 設備上的文件。

只需註冊一個免費的 Mozy Home 帳戶,即可開始備份和同步。沒有麻煩,沒有費用,也沒有信用卡。只要您的帳戶處於活動狀態,請使用它。

A 免費的 MozyHome 帳戶包括 2 GB 存儲的在線備份,Mozy Sync 免費同步軟件,通過瀏覽器或移動應用程序免費訪問文件以及免費訪問 Mozy 的支持社區,知識庫和教程。

注意:需要 Mozy 賬戶。有限的功能.

也可用:下載 Mozy Home 為 Mac


檔案版本 Mozy Home 2.26.4

檔案名稱 mozysetup.exe
檔案大小 12.72 MB
系統 Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Mozy Corporation
更新日期 2014-07-15

What's new in this version:

New and Changed Features:
- Faster Restores with Multiple Connections
- Restores can now use multiple connections to the Mozy cloud for faster transfers and more efficient bandwidth usage. If one connection needs to wait or fails, another connection is used.
- Easier Process for Manually Updating the Backup Software
- If you are prompted to update the backup software and choose to update later, you are given the option to update on a weekly basis. You can also perform the update at any time through the Mozy icon. To update, right-click the Mozy icon Mozy-Symbol in the notification area and select Update Mozy in the menu. If no updates are available, the menu option is hidden. This feature eliminates the need to search for the latest update.
- More Frequent Backups of Lotus Notes Databases
- The amount of change required to cause a Lotus Notes database backup is decreased. The database is now backed up more frequently and the size of the updates are smaller.
- Added Command Line Options for Controlling the Initial Configuration of the Backup Software
- You can specify options when starting the backup software setup program in Windows. These options let you specify information for accounts activated using a product key. You can also hide the replace computer option when setting up a computer if your organisation has integrated your authentication service with the Mozy authentication service. This takes away the option for users to replace a computer; they can only add a computer to an account.
- Added a Command Line Option for Replacing Computers during Activation
- For organisations that have integrated their authentication service with the Mozy authentication service and are using user assisted activation, you can now use the/replaceoption with the/userassistedauthenticatecommand to specify whether a computer being activated replaces a previously activated computer. Issues Fixed:
- Fixed an issue where the rules for installing the latest updates were not always working at the expected time.
- Improved the speed of the initial backup of a large file by reducing the number of steps required to perform the backup.
- Fixed an issue that caused more than one expired password dialog to appear if the initial dialog is not acknowledged.
- Fixed an issue that prevented updates to the software update information from being applied.
- Fixed an issue where files selected for backup on network shares were not being saved properly on Windows XP and 2003 computers.
- Fixed an issue that prevented some users from being able to activate their accounts when activating with only their user name and password.
- Fixed a rare issue with the local backup feature that prevented some of the files from being backed up.
- Added the ability for a user in an organisation that has integrated their authentication service with Mozy to replace a computer that is no longer used with a new computer in their account.
- Fixed an issue that prevented backed up files from being associated with their backup sets in the Settings window Restore tab and when accessing files online.
- Fixed an issue where the text in a window displayed during the installation process incorrectly indicated that an insecure (http) link was being used instead of a secure (https) one. This is in the window prompting for a subdomain for organisations that have chosen the Use my company's single sign on activation option.
- Fixed an issue where names entered in Japanese characters during the installation are not displayed properly in the Admin Console. Known Issues:
- Disk volumes marked for Microsoft deduplication in Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8/8.1 are not backed up. Avoid using deduplication on volumes that you want to backup using Mozy.

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