最新版本 Pinegrow Web Editor 5.95

Pinegrow Web Editor 5.95

Pinegrow Web Editor 5.95
Mp3tag 是一個功能強大,但易於使用的工具來編輯常見的音頻格式的元數據,它支持 ID3v1,ID3v2.3,ID3v2.4,iTunes 的 MP4,WMA,Vorbis 的評論和 APE 標籤。

它可以重命名文件的基礎上標籤信息,替換標籤和文件名中的字符或單詞,導入 / 導出標籤信息,創建播放列表等.

Mp3tag 支持來自 Amazon,discogs 或 freedb 的在線數據庫查詢,允許您自動收集適當的標籤和封面您的音樂庫.

Mp3tag 功能:

寫入 ID3v1.1,ID3v2.3,ID3v2.4,MP4,WMA,APEv2 標籤和 Vorbis 評論到多個文件一次.

支持封面 Art

從亞馬遜,discogs,freedb 進口,MusicBrainz
保存在線數據庫,如 Amazon,discogs,freedb,MusicBrainz,和更多.





完全 Unicode 支持
用戶界面和標記完全符合 Unicode.


檔案版本 Pinegrow Web Editor 5.95

檔案名稱 PinegrowWinSetup.5.95.exe
檔案大小 101 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Florian Heidenreich
更新日期 2020-04-01

What's new in this version:

Partials are back:
- Partial is a HTML document that represents only a part of the page, for example a navigation menu or a component
- The “Open as partial” feature that allowed user to edit partials in the context of their parent page was removed in Pinegrow 3.0
- We now brought this feature back by extending the functionality of the “Save Partial” action in the Actions panel

Highlighting the default stylesheet:
- Default stylesheet is the stylesheet in which new CSS rules are created by default
- The Stylesheets menu now highlights the default stylesheet

Create new file in the Project panel:
- Right-click on the project name or subfolder and select “Create new file” to create a new file of any type

Activate and configure Pinegrow with environment variables:
- The following is useful for classrooms and workplaces where Pinegrow is installed through a some kind of centralized deployment
- You can now use environment variables to set the license info and web server parameters, so that users won’t have to individually activate Pinegrow with the shared license

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