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最新版本 DVDFab (64-bit)

DVDFab (64-bit)

DVDFab (64-bit)
Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool 從 Windows 計算機中刪除所有諾頓產品。您可以使用諾頓刪除工具刪除失敗的安裝或損壞的諾頓產品。請參閱如何卸載和重新安裝 Norton Security,Norton Security with Backup,Norton 360 和 Norton Internet Security 等 Norton 產品,然後再繼續操作,請確保您符合以下要求:

運行 Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool 後,您需要登錄到您的諾頓帳戶才能重新安裝諾頓產品。確保您可以登錄

Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool 從 Windows 計算機中刪除所有諾頓產品。您可以使用諾頓刪除工具刪除失敗的安裝或損壞的諾頓產品。請參閱諾頓刪除和重新安裝工具的幫助,了解如何卸載和重新安裝諾頓產品,例如諾頓安全軟件,帶備份的諾頓安全軟件,諾頓 360 和諾頓網絡安全特警.


檔案版本 DVDFab (64-bit)

檔案名稱 DVDFab_x64_11003.exe
檔案大小 185 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Symantec Corporation
更新日期 2018-11-07

What's new in this version:

- Introduced the DVDFab Prime Member service
- Added the support for some new Java protections
- Improved the speed under CUDA hardware acceleration
- Added more CRF value options at the Encoding Method section of the Advanced Settings panel of Ripper and Converter modules
- Added the support to set the custom bit rate as 100MB at the Advanced Settings panel when choosing 4K relevant conversion profiles
- Added the support to change the frame rate at the Advanced Settings panel of Blu-ray and UHD Ripper modules

- A problem that the Cinavia watermark of Salt (BD version from Canada) cannot be removed
- A country code removal problem in certain cases
- A subtitles rendering failure problem on certain seasonal discs
- A conversion failure problem when selecting 2-pass Encoding Method in Ripper and Converter modules
- A problem that the Mobile Device cannot be selected as output destination when conversion profiles related to Apple devices are selected
- A problem that the YouTube to MP3 utility does not work in certain cases
- Some minor video transfer issues caused by the connection problem between File Transfer and DVDFab Remote

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