Notepad++ (64-bit)

最新版本 Playnite 9.3

Playnite 9.3

Playnite 9.3
記事本 ++ 64 位是一個免費的源代碼編輯器和記事本替換,支持多種語言。在 MS Windows 環境下運行,其使用受 GPL 許可證管理.

Notepad ++ 是一個功能強大的編輯組件 Scintilla,使用 C ++ 語言編寫,使用純 Win32 API 和 STL,確保更高的執行速度和更小的程序大小。 Notepad ++ 通過優化盡可能多的程序而不損失用戶友好性,正在努力減少世界二氧化碳排放量。當使用較少的 CPU 電力時,電腦可以降低功耗並降低功耗,從而創造一個更加綠色的環境。從 FileHorse 下載適用於 PC 的 Notepad ++ 64 位離線安裝程序.

語法高亮和語法折疊用戶定義的語法高亮和折疊 PCRE(Perl 兼容的正則表達式)搜索 / 替換 GUI 完全可定制:極簡主義,關閉按鈕,多行選項卡,垂直選項卡和垂直文檔列表文檔地圖自動完成:字完成,功能完成和  功能參數提示多文檔(Tab 界面)多視圖所見即所得(打印)放大和縮小支持多國語言環境書籤宏錄製和播放


檔案版本 Playnite 9.3

檔案名稱 Playnite93.exe
系統 Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Don Ho
更新日期 2021-10-15

What's new in this version:

- Removed IronPython and Batch game script support
- Twitch integration is no longer supported, use Amazon Games integration instead

- Completely reworked emulation support (already imported games/emulators are not affected/broken by this update and will work as before)
- New add-on browser (all existing extension/theme management and settings have been moved there as well from the old settings menu)
- Audio feedback and background sound support in Fullscreen mode
- Improved mouse and keyboard navigation in Fullscreen mode
- Plaform, AgeRating, Region and Series fields can hold multiple values
- Completion status is now fully customizable
- Many improvements and new features in SDK
- Improvements to startup speed (library load times)
- Option to switch to Fullscreen from tray menu
- Option to install add-ons via Playnite URI
- Configurable buttons on top panel
- Option to cancel library update in Fullscreen mode
- URI command to open on specific game details
- Support for game variables in game manual field
- Show images dimensions in metadata comparison window
- Scroll behaviour and layout options for Grid view
- Playnite API and game object accessible in game scripts
- Option to swap X/A button on main FS screen
- Option to specify monospaced font (used by some text fields like scripts)
- Option to save filter presets
- Option to reset application settings to default
- Option to not minimize Fullscreen app after starting a game
- Option to keep main menu on top panel if sidebar is visible
- Option to change play time tracking mode
- Option to change font sizes in Fullscreen mode
- Option to hide some items from Fullscreen main menu
- Option to hide mouse cursor in Fullscreen mode
- Option to show software tools on Sidebar
- Option to force Fullscreen mode to always use primary display
- Option to enable async image loading in Fullscreen mode
- Option to disable XInput support in Fullscreen mode
- Option to assign partial release dates
- Image rendering quality/performance scaling options
- Game groups on Grid view
- Button to test game scripts
- Allow multiple Play actions
- Import exclusions are stored in the game library files
- Support to search for specific resolutions during google image searches and added resolution presets
- Show address bar on WebView windows
- Game scripts now share one runtime instance allowing them to share data between various events

- Playnite's library data are now stored in less files and they are locked while Playnite is running. This should fix data corruption issues when syncing Playnite's files via could storage solutions.
- Mouse scrolling doesn't work properly in FS mode
- Sorting name is ignored when grouping by name
- Prevent updating game library entries during library update when no data has changed
- Game menu not visible fully under some circumstances
- Don't prevent wake events when suspending/hibernating Windows from Playnite
- "Recently played" tab in Fullscreen Mode doesn't update after launching game
- Race condition during addon installation

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