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最新版本 Pinegrow Web Editor 5.1

Pinegrow Web Editor 5.1

Pinegrow Web Editor 5.1
Nox App Player 是一款免費的 Android 模擬器,致力於為想要在 PC 上玩 Android 遊戲和應用的用戶帶來最佳體驗。基於 Android 4.4.2 並與 X86 / AMD 兼容,與其他類似的軟件比如 BlueStacks,YouWave 或者 Android 模擬器相比,在性能,穩定性和兼容性方面都有了很大的優勢.

諾克斯數碼娛樂有限公司生活在香港的愛好者,開發出世界上最受移動應用和遊戲用戶喜愛的 App 玩家軟件。我們在 150 多個國家和 20 多種語言的用戶超過 1.5 億。 Nox Emulator 致力於為用戶提供最佳的數字解決方案,並使 Android,Windows 和 Mac 連接成為可能。免費的 Android 模擬器,致力於為用戶提供在 PC 和 Mac 上玩安卓遊戲和應用程序的最佳體驗。用戶可以通過簡單的按鍵映射將鍵盤和鼠標分配到 APK 遊戲和應用程序,並享受輕鬆訪問位置,調整音量等功能.

兼容遊戲和應用程序,包括新的和流行的標題。無論你是老派還是新手,你一定會發現一些有趣的東西在 Nox Android 模擬器上玩。支持高 FPS 格式,鍵盤控制和智能鑄造; 體驗手機遊戲,就像玩電腦遊戲一樣。支持鍵盤,遊戲手柄,腳本錄製和多個實例。同時使用它們全部!一切皆有可能! Nox Player 是在 PC 上玩手機遊戲的完美安卓模擬器.

Nox App Player 與現有模擬器不同的主要特性包括:
完全綠色且免費。兼容在 Windows 10 上運行。虛擬位置功能。支持所有基於 GPS 的遊戲,包括 Pokemon Go 和 Ingress。玩家可以通過鍵盤走路和改變速度。支持多個用戶實例。與應用程序極其兼容。內置錄像機和宏錄像機。也可用:下載 Nox App Player 為 Mac


檔案版本 Pinegrow Web Editor 5.1

檔案名稱 PinegrowWinSetup.5.1.exe
檔案大小 99.1 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Nox Team
更新日期 2019-01-24

What's new in this version:

Floating Panels and Multiple Screens:
- Supporting multiple screens has been the top feature request for a while now. That’s understandable
- Pinegrow’s UI – with multiple page views, code editor, component libraries, panels for properties, styling, CMS and more – takes up a lot of screen real estate
- Until now the whole UI had to be contained in a single window, so things quickly got crowded
- In Pinegrow 5.1 you can float panels – and groups of panels – in separate windows. Panels can be freely dragged between windows and rearranged within a window

Easily upgrade Bootstrap:
- Bootstrap starter pages, library components and properties have been updated to the latest versions, 4.2.1 and 3.4.0 respectively
- Pinegrow can also easily update your existing Bootstrap projects to the latest Bootstrap version (Bootstrap 3.x to the latest Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4.x to the latest Bootstrap 4)
- Read the complete guide on how to upgrade Bootstrap to the latest version

Fixed Master Pages and WordPress Site actions on plain HTML projects:
- Pinegrow had a bug that prevented using Master Page actions and WordPress Site actions correctly on projects that didn’t use Bootstrap or Foundation
- In those cases both actions didn’t remember their parameters

WordPress Theme builder changes:

Post image – Smart action:
- Until now, the action added the ( is_singular() || in_the_loop() ) when displaying a post image in the background of the element. This created problems with custom queries and non-singular templates
- Now, the action only checks for the presence of the current post ID, if post ID is not specified as a parameter of the action
- Another change is that this action doesn’t automatically add with-image class to the element with the background, as it did before

Action parameters:
- Some WordPress actions had checkbox parameters that were on by default. Unchecking them actually set the non-default, negative. action parameter value
- That made it difficult to spot such checkbox that were set off, and distinguish them from checkboxes that were simply off by default
- That’s why all such checked-by-default checkboxes are changed into select boxes with default value “Yes”. This makes the controls set to “No” very easy to notice

Starter Theme 2 update:
- Starter Theme 2 has been updated to Bootstrap 4.2.1 and optimizations have been applied to some HTML templates. Similarly, some WooCommerce templates have been updated to adapt to the latest versions of the plugin

Save partials:
- Save partial action (in Actions panel) can now correctly save content of script and style elements

Attribute editor in the Properties panel:
- Until now editing attributes that contained HTML tags, stripped the tags from the value
- To prevent this, the Attribute editor now skips such attributes and displays the notice that you can edit them with Element code

Controlling visibility of CSS Grid buttons and resize points:
- CSS Grid buttons can get in a way, especially when elements are small

Network proxy settings:
- It is now possible to let Pinegrow know to use a proxy server for accessing the network by specifying the configuration string in Settings

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