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Nox App Player
Nox App Player 是一款免費的 Android 模擬器,致力於為想要在 PC 上玩 Android 遊戲和應用的用戶帶來最佳體驗。基於 Android 4.4.2 並與 X86 / AMD 兼容,與其他類似的軟件比如 BlueStacks,YouWave 或者 Android 模擬器相比,在性能,穩定性和兼容性方面都有了很大的優勢.

諾克斯數碼娛樂有限公司生活在香港的愛好者,開發出世界上最受移動應用和遊戲用戶喜愛的 App 玩家軟件。我們在 150 多個國家和 20 多種語言的用戶超過 1.5 億。 Nox Emulator 致力於為用戶提供最佳的數字解決方案,並使 Android,Windows 和 Mac 連接成為可能。免費的 Android 模擬器,致力於為用戶提供在 PC 和 Mac 上玩安卓遊戲和應用程序的最佳體驗。用戶可以通過簡單的按鍵映射將鍵盤和鼠標分配到 APK 遊戲和應用程序,並享受輕鬆訪問位置,調整音量等功能.

兼容遊戲和應用程序,包括新的和流行的標題。無論你是老派還是新手,你一定會發現一些有趣的東西在 Nox Android 模擬器上玩。支持高 FPS 格式,鍵盤控制和智能鑄造; 體驗手機遊戲,就像玩電腦遊戲一樣。支持鍵盤,遊戲手柄,腳本錄製和多個實例。同時使用它們全部!一切皆有可能! Nox Player 是在 PC 上玩手機遊戲的完美安卓模擬器.

Nox App Player 與現有模擬器不同的主要特性包括:
完全綠色且免費。兼容在 Windows 10 上運行。虛擬位置功能。支持所有基於 GPS 的遊戲,包括 Pokemon Go 和 Ingress。玩家可以通過鍵盤走路和改變速度。支持多個用戶實例。與應用程序極其兼容。內置錄像機和宏錄像機。也可用:下載 Nox App Player 為 Mac


檔案版本 Nox App Player

檔案名稱 nox_setup_v6.2.2.0_full_intl.exe
檔案大小 315 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Nox Team
更新日期 2018-08-15

What's new in this version:

Nox App Player
- Change log not available for this version

Nox App Player
- Added a new Android 7.1.2 version in NoxPlayer’s Multi-Drive (currently the test phase, application compatibility will be continuously optimized)
- Optimized Macro recorder, added a slide, long press, click on configured button, input text and other functions
- Optimized some issues of angle view in the shooting game
- Fixed a series of known issues, optimized the product experience
- Fixed an issue that could not be installed on WinXP

Nox App Player
- Allowed users to disable mouse acceleration in shooting mode
- Notifications will pop up when official keyboard layout updates, and can be applied with one click

Nox App Player
- Change log not available for this version

Nox App Player
- Optimized viewing angle problem in PUBG Mobile
- Fixed the V6.1.0.0 startup and game compatibility problems

Nox App Player
- Macro recording added combined playback function, supports to combine existing macro recording arrangements into a new macro recording
- Added new command line, can close the specified application based on the package name
- PUBG supports WA, WD side running
- Fixed some game compatibility and improved performance

Nox App Player
- Added emulator repair and diagnostics features, some of which can be downloaded in the upper right corner – System Tools to download the corresponding repair tool to solve your issue
- Fixed the NIC driver uninstallation error
- Optimized wheel operation to make it smoother
- Added a button to clean up the Google service component cache
- Optimized game experience and performance

Nox App Player
- Change log not available for this version

Nox App Player
- Change log not available for this version

Nox App Player
- Change log not available for this version

Nox App Player
- The area that can be dragged up and down in the game supports scrolling with the wheel, such as backpacks, chat frames, etc
- Fixed after parachute landing/getting the car unable to change FOV problem in PUBG Mobile
- Multiple operation synchronizer added pin to top feature
- Fixed APK file sometimes cannot install issue
- After using the boss key, operational tracks of Macro Recorder are also hidden.
- Fixed the issue of incomplete display of Vietnamese input
- PUBG Mobile global release supports HD and 1G memory
- Fixed known issues and optimized performance
- Added occupied space tips in MultiPlayer
- Added command line tool noxconsole.exe to provide convenience for script users

Nox App Player
- Change log not available for this version

Nox App Player
- Optimized keyboard control in Battle Royale games, supports the automatic exit of shooting mode while opening the backpack
- Added keyboard control saved location one-click function, to avoid losing configuration
- Virtual location able to display the current location of the country’s cities
- Windows 10 supporting bridge connection
- Added some tutorials and optimized some details
- Fixed Lineage 2 Revolution display issue in DX mode

Nox App Player
- Change log not available for this version

Nox App Player
- Change log not available for this version

Nox App Player
- Right-click to move function in all games
- In Advanced settings added restore window size function
- In Multiplayer you can choose to synchronize the particular instances
- Fixed keyboard stopped working issue when connecting to VPN
- Fixed known issues and optimized performance

Nox App Player
- Improved Macro recording, support restart emulator timely, automatically run the script after startup, batch import and export script, added slow play script function
- Support moving the entire emulator data to an another storage location
- FPS and Battle Royale games support setting the right mouse button to open the fire
- Keyboard control added 2.5D / 3D games to move the view feature
- Macro button added “Home” and “Back” commands
- Fixed known issues and optimized performance

Nox App Player

What’s new:
- Added locking the mouse function, after locking the mouse will not go beyond the instance window, hotkey F10

Optimized the keyboard control experience of Battle Royale games:
- Fixed FOV problem when you press Alt
- Support Ctrl key in keyboard control
- Fixed unable to change FOV problem, when you picking things in the shooting state
- Support the adjustment of mouse sensitivity in the shooting state
- Added more models of mobile phones
- Some games support Enter key to send a message, if you are playing the game does not support one-click send, you can send a feedback to our customer support.
- Fixed video recording vertical screen application is stretched problem
- Fixed bugs and lot of known issues

Nox App Player
- Fixed some known issues and bugs

Nox App Player

- Some popular games automatically apply keyboard control
- Virtual location the default is set to the language capitals
- Restart Android button on Side bar integrated one-click refresh desktop function
- Added the restart operation, when you want to close emulator
- Fixed disk clean up instability problem
- Fixed overwrite installation may cause data loss problem
- Fixed when multiplayer’s data too big may cause back up and import operation stuck at 99% problem
- Fixed video recording black screen in the latest Win 10 system problems

Game compatibility:
- Solved device cannot support problem in “Survival Royale”game
- Solved ” Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage ” cannot run on Nox problem

Nox App Player
- Add Error message and corresponding solution when anti-virus such as Avast falsely block the startup of NoxPlayer
- Fixed Korean input issue in Windows 10 rs3 release Download Offline Installer Now

- Introduced brand new Video Recorder feature
- Support re-arrange recorded Macros through mouse dragging
- Added new Internet bridge connection feature You could connect with friends in Local Area Network (LAN) games such as in Soul Knight (not available for Windows 10)
- Added Windows balloon tips notification option in System Settings to conveniently turn it on/off
- Optimized keyboard input language display
- Support setting Tab key as Keyboard Control option
- Optimized in-game walking by right-mouse-button to ensure smoother gaming experience
- Fixed input issue caused by setting special keys as keyboard control function keys
- Improved overall performance and game compatibility
- Fixed random app keep crashing issue

- Added Macro Key edit and multiple-strike effect to keyboard control feature. You could save more than one set of keyboard control preference for one game.
- Improved keyboard control for MOBA games (especially Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor). You could manually adjust the damage area of skill casting and the accuracy of walking using the right mouse button.
- Fixed the problem that NoxPlayer may automatically hide after disable the Boss key
- Various minor bug fixes and user experience improvements

- Change log not available for this version

- Re-designed the user interface of NoxPlayer to comply with flat design principles and give the users a whole new experience
- Added Theme center. We are the only Android emulator that supports this feature. You could change between different themes to give your Nox a new touch.
- Dramatically improved the engine to boost NoxPlayer’s performance
- Added Rotate button to change Nox screen display from vertical to horizontal or back with just one click
- Changed the interface of Keyboard control settings and File share between PC and NoxPlayer

- Support overwrite installation with the old data preserved. You can update directly without back up anymore since this version.
- Support creating shortcut to each existed instance to desktop directly.
- A newly designed installer with updated interface.
- Added MOBA game skill casting assistance.
- Fixed known problems and errors, improved user experience.

- Support right-mouse key control game character movement in MOBA games such as Vainglory
- Enriched list of Mobile phone model to choose from in System Settings
- Fixed Android log print issue
- Fixed screen flash in video recording
- Added feedback window in the drop down menu on upper right corner of NoxPlayer window. Users could more conveniently provide feedback and report problems.

- Optimized compatibility with games/apps
- Improved location accuracy in Virtual Location feature

- Fixed some minor bugs
- Update Google Play Store to the latest version
- Optimized carrier information

- Renamed Nox App Player as NoxPlayer
- Optimized controller compatibility and settings. We now support XBOX Controllers
- Fixed display issue with games such as Lineage II
- Add Favorites feature in Virtual Location
- Fixed some installation and startup errors
- Add input preview function which allows you to view the typing process
- Allow Hide/Unhide performance optimization notice
- Fixed Boss key malfunction

- Fixed Nox App Player unable to run on Win 10 Insider Preview Build issue
- Optimized virtual location feature
- Add ES File Manager for your convenience management of all files
- Increase the limit of customize resolution settings to support 4k screen (4096*2160)
- Optimized the display of sidebar when Nox window is resized
- Fixed some installation and startup error for better performance
- Fixed compatibility issue with Dawn of Titans and Dominations

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