最新版本 NVDA 2020.1

NVDA 2020.1

NVDA 2020.1
NVDA(NonVisual Desktop Access)是一款免費的“屏幕閱讀器”這使盲人和視力受損的人可以使用電腦。它以電腦語音讀取屏幕上的文字。您可以通過將鼠標或鍵盤上的箭頭移動到文本的相關區域來控制所讀取的內容。如果計算機用戶擁有稱為“盲文顯示”的設備,也可以將文本轉換為盲文。 。 NVDA 為許多盲人提供了教育和就業的關鍵。它還提供了訪問社交網絡,網上購物,銀行和新聞.

NVDA 與微軟 Windows 一起工作。您可以將它下載到您的個人電腦上,也可以下載到您可以在任何電腦上使用的 USB 記憶棒。通常屏幕閱讀器很貴,使很多盲人無法負擔得起。 NVDA 是免費的。它已被下載 70,000 多次,43 種語言.


檔案版本 NVDA 2020.1

檔案名稱 nvda_2020.1.exe
檔案大小 23.88 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 NV Access
官網 http://www.nvaccess.org/
更新日期 2020-06-11

What's new in this version:

New Features:
- The currently selected item in listboxes is again presented in browse mode in Chrome, similar to NVDA 2019.1
- You can now perform right mouse clicks on touch devices by doing a one finger tap and hold
- Support for New braille displays: APH Chameleon 20, APH Mantis Q40, HumanWare BrailleOne, BrailleNote Touch v2, and NLS eReader

- NVDA will prevent the system from locking or going to sleep when in say all
- Support for out-of-process iframes in Mozilla Firefox
- Updated liblouis braille translator to version 3.12

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed NVDA not announcing Unicode minus symbol
- When installing add-on from add-ons manager, names of files and folders in the browse window are no longer reported twice
- In Firefox, when loading Mastodon with the advanced web interface enabled, all timelines now render correctly in browse mode
- In browse mode, NVDA now reports "not checked" for unchecked check boxes where it sometimes didn't previously
- ARIA switch controls no longer report confusing information such as "not pressed checked" or "pressed checked
- SAPI4 voices should no longer refuse to speak certain text
- NVDA can again read and interact with math equations in Microsoft Word
- NVDA will again announce text being unselected in browse mode if pressing an arrow key while text is selected
- NVDA no longer exits if there is an error initializing eSpeak
- Errors caused by unicode in translations for shortcuts no longer stop the installer, mitigated by falling back to the English text
- Arrowing out and away from lists and tables in sayAll with skim reading enabled no longer continuously announces exiting the list or table
- Fix mouse tracking for some MSHTML elements in Internet Explorer

Changes for Developers:
- Developer documentation is now build using sphinx
- Several speech functions have been split into two. The speakX version remains, but now depends on a getXSpeech function which returns a speech sequence
- speakObjectProperties now relies on getObjectPropertiesSpeech
- speakObject now relies on getObjectSpeech
- speakTextInfo now relies on getTextInfoSpeech
- speakWithoutPauses has been converted into a class, and refactored, but should not break compatibility
- getSpeechForSpelling is deprecated (though still available) use getSpellingSpeech instead

Private changes that should not affect addon developers:
- _speakPlaceholderIfEmpty is now _getPlaceholderSpeechIfTextEmpty
- _speakTextInfo_addMath is now _extendSpeechSequence_addMathForTextInfo
- Speech 'reason' has been converted to an Enum, see controlTypes.OutputReason class
- Module level 'REASON_*' constants are deprecated.
- Compiling NVDA dependencies now requires Visual Studio 2019 (16.2 or newer)
- Updated SCons to version 3.1.1
- Again allow behaviors._FakeTableCell to have no location defined

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