最新版本 NVDA 2019.1

NVDA 2019.1

NVDA 2019.1
NVDA(NonVisual Desktop Access)是一款免費的“屏幕閱讀器”這使盲人和視力受損的人可以使用電腦。它以電腦語音讀取屏幕上的文字。您可以通過將鼠標或鍵盤上的箭頭移動到文本的相關區域來控制所讀取的內容。如果計算機用戶擁有稱為“盲文顯示”的設備,也可以將文本轉換為盲文。 。 NVDA 為許多盲人提供了教育和就業的關鍵。它還提供了訪問社交網絡,網上購物,銀行和新聞.

NVDA 與微軟 Windows 一起工作。您可以將它下載到您的個人電腦上,也可以下載到您可以在任何電腦上使用的 USB 記憶棒。通常屏幕閱讀器很貴,使很多盲人無法負擔得起。 NVDA 是免費的。它已被下載 70,000 多次,43 種語言.


檔案版本 NVDA 2019.1

檔案名稱 nvda_2019.1.exe
檔案大小 22.97 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 NV Access
官網 http://www.nvaccess.org/
更新日期 2019-03-26

What's new in this version:

New Features:
- New braille tables: Afrikaans, Arabic 8 dot computer braille, Arabic grade 2, Spanish grade 2
- Added an option to NVDA's mouse settings to make NVDA handle situations where the mouse is controlled by another application: this will allow NVDA to track the mouse when a system is controlled remotely using TeamViewer or other remote control software
- Added the `--enable-start-on-logon` command line parameter to allow configuring whether silent installations of NVDA set NVDA to start at Windows logon or not. Specify true to start at logon or false to not start at logon. If the --enable-start-on-logon argument is not specified at all then NVDA will default to starting at logon, unless it was already configured not to by a previous installation
- It is possible to turn NVDA's logging features off by setting logging level to "disabled" from General settings panel
- The presence of formulae in LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice spreadsheets is now reported
- In Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, browse mode now reports the selected item in list boxes and trees: this works in Firefox 66 and later, this does not work for certain list boxes (HTML select controls) in Chrome
- Early support for apps such as Mozilla Firefox on computers with ARM64 (e.g. Qualcomm Snapdragon) processors
- A new Advanced Settings category has been added to NVDA's Settings dialog, including an option to try out NVDA's new support for Microsoft Word via the Microsoft UI Automation API
- Added support for the graphical view in Windows Disk Management
- Added support for Handy Tech Connect Braille and Basic Braille 84

- Updated liblouis braille translator to version 3.8.0
- Add-on authors now can enforce a minimum required NVDA version for their add-ons. NVDA will refuse to install or load an add-on whose minimum required NVDA version is higher than the current NVDA version
- Add-on authors can now specify the last version of NVDA the add-on has been tested against. If an add-on has been only tested against a version of NVDA lower than the current version, then NVDA will refuse to install or load the add-on
- This version of NVDA will allow installing and loading of add-ons that do not yet contain Minimum and Last Tested NVDA version information, but upgrading to future versions of NVDA (E.g. 2019.2) may automatically cause these older add-ons to be disabled
- The move mouse to navigator object command is now available in Microsoft Word as well as for UIA controls, particularly Microsoft Edge
- Reporting of text under the mouse has been improved within Microsoft Edge and other UIA applications
- When NVDA is started with the `--portable-path` command line parameter, the provided path is automatically filled in when trying to create a portable copy of NVDA using the NVDA menu
- Updated the path to the Norwegian braille table to reflect the standard from the year 2015
- When navigating by paragraph (control+up or down arrows) or navigating by table cell (control+alt+arrows), the existence of spelling errors will no longer be announced, even if NVDA is configured to announce these automatically. This is because paragraphs and table cells can be quite large, and detecting spelling errors in some applications can be very costly
- NVDA no longer automatically loads custom appModules, globalPlugins and braille and synth drivers from the NVDA user configuration directory. This code should be instead packaged as an add-on with correct version information, ensuring that incompatible code is not run with current versions of NVDA

Bug Fixes:
- When using OneCore speech synthesizer on Windows 10 April 2018 Update and later, large chunks of silence are no longer inserted between speech utterances
- When moving by character in plain text controls (such as Notepad) or browse mode, 32 bit emoji characters consisting of two UTF-16 code points will now read properly
- Improved restart confirmation dialog after changing NVDA's interface language. The text and the button labels are now more concise and less confusing
- If a 3rd party speech synthesizer fails to load, NVDA will fall back to Windows OneCore speech synthesizer on Windows 10, rather than espeak
- Removed the "Welcome Dialog" entry in the NVDA menu while on secure screens. (#8520)
- When tabbing or using quick navigation in browse mode, legends on tab panels are now reported more consistentl
- NVDA will now announce selection changes for certain time pickers such as in the Alarms and Clock app in Windows 10
- In Windows 10's Action Center, NVDA will announce status messages when toggling quick actions such as brightness and focus assist
- In action Center in Windows 10 October 2018 Update and earlier, NVDA will recognize brightness quick action control as a button instead of a toggle button
- NVDA will again track cursor and announce deleted characters in the Microsoft Excel go to and find edit fields
- Fixed a rare browse mode crash in Firefox
- NVDA no longer fails to report the focus for some controls in the Microsoft Office 2016 ribbon when collapsed
- NVDA no longer fails to report the suggested contact when entering addresses in new messages in Outlook 2016
- The last few cursor routing keys on 80 cell eurobraille displays no longer route the cursor to a position at or just after the start of the braille line
- Fixed table navigation in threaded view in Mozilla Thunderbird
- In Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, switching to focus mode now works correctly for certain list boxes and trees (where the list box/tree is not itself focusable but its items are)
- Browse mode is now correctly turned on by default when reading messages in Outlook 2016/365 if using NVDA's experimental UI Automation support for Word Documents
- NVDA is now less likely to freeze in such a way that the only way to escape is signing out from your current windows session
- In Windows 10 October 2018 Update and later, when opening cloud clipboard history with clipboard empty, NVDA will announce clipboard status
- In Windows 10 October 2018 Update and later, when searching for emojis in emoji panel, NVDA will announce top search result
- NVDA no longer freezes in the main window of Oracle VirtualBox 5.2 and above
- Responsiveness in Microsoft Word when navigating by line, paragraph or table cell may be significantly improved in some documents. A reminder that for best performance, set Microsoft Word to Draft view with alt+w,e after opening a document
- In Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, empty alerts are no longer reported
- Significant performance improvements when navigating cells in Microsoft Excel, particularly when the spreadsheet contains comments and or validation dropdown lists
- It should be no longer necessary to turn off in-cell editing in Microsoft Excel's options to access the cell edit control with NVDA in Excel 2016/365
- Fixed a freeze in Firefox sometimes seen when quick navigating by landmarks, if the Enhanced Aria add-on is in use

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