NVIDIA GeForce Experience

最新版本 FlexiHub 4.3.13207

FlexiHub 4.3.13207

FlexiHub 4.3.13207
NVIDIA GeForce Experience 允許您保持您的 Nvidia 顯卡驅動程序最新,並優化您的遊戲。 NVIDIA GeForce Experience 還根據您的 CPU,GPU 和顯示器優化您的遊戲設置。享受最高的圖像質量,同時保持所有支持遊戲的最佳性能.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience 功能:

GeForce Experience 會自動通知您 NVIDIA 的新的驅動程序版本。只需一次點擊,您就可以直接更新驅動程序,而無需離開桌面.

GeForce Experience 利用 NVIDIA 雲數據中心的強大功能為您的 PC 提供最佳的設置。只需點擊一下即可優化遊戲的圖形。或者使用自定義滑塊,以您喜歡的幀率或圖像質量輕鬆撥號.

GeForce ShadowPlay™ 是捕捉您最喜愛的遊戲時刻最簡單的方法。這也是在 Twitch 上播放遊戲的最快方式。 ShadowPlay 在後台運行,所以你可以隨時錄製或播放。而且,由於 GPU 加速,速度如此之快,您甚至不會注意到它正在捕獲.

將您的遊戲注入 NVIDIA®reg; SHIELD™
GeForce 將您的 PC 遊戲體驗到 NVIDIA SHIELD 遊戲便攜式遊戲,讓您可以在家中或在旅途中玩最喜愛的遊戲。跳進無主之地 2,不用起床。或者從當地的咖啡館裡拿起你在天際停留的地方.


檔案版本 FlexiHub 4.3.13207

檔案名稱 flexihub.exe
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 NVIDIA Corporation
官網 http://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience
更新日期 2021-02-16

What's new in this version:

FlexiHub 4.3.13207
- compatibility with macFUSE 4
- an option to use path-style addressing to access S3 connections

- work with Google Drive
- work with Dropbox
- work with OneDrive
- work with pCloud
- work with Amazon S3

- issues with connecting to some FTP servers
- an issue with Google Team Drive displaying with drive names written in some languages
- an issue with the unpacking of 7z archives with a password
- an issue with creating of ZIP archives with a password

FlexiHub 4.2.13168
- Change log not available for this version

FlexiHub 4.0.12820
- Change log not available for this version

FlexiHub 4.0.12783
- Change log not available for this version

FlexiHub 4.0.12739
- Change log not available for this version

FlexiHub 4.0.12638
- Change log not available for this version

FlexiHub 4.0.12598
- Change log not available for this version

FlexiHub 3.6.12561
- Change log not available for this version

FlexiHub 3.6.12435
- Change log not available for this version

FlexiHub 3.6.12384
- Change log not available for this version

FlexiHub 3.6.12038
- Change log not available for this version

FlexiHub 3.5.11866
- Change log not available for this version

FlexiHub 3.4.11623

- the ability to log in to a FlexiHub account using a token. The option to generate a token is available in online personal accounts of FlexiHub users
- the ability to filter devices by their type
- the abilities to collapse and expand all nodes in the account. The options will be applied to the newly added nodes as well
- remembering of the expanded or collapsed node state on the program restart
- the option to show only remote devices connected to a local computer
- the option to disconnect all remote devices from a local computer
- alphabetical sorting of nodes

- issues with installing the software drivers on Windows XP x64 Edition

FlexiHub 3.3.11481
- Fixed: a UDP connection might not be established if the option Keep connections active is enabled
- Fixed: crashing of the service if it hasn’t been accessed for several weeks
- Lots of other minor fixes and improvements

FlexiHub 3.3.11431
- Added: The ability to keep the connection to a remote device active when the Internet connection is temporarily lost
- Added: New drivers with fixes for better stability
- Improved: The compatibility with USB Analyzer
- Fixed: Issues when sharing some USB 3.0 devices
- Fixed: BSOD when sharing a USB network card

FlexiHub 3.2.10975
- Added: chats between computers logged into the same account
- Added: auto-expanding of e-mail address when sending invites
- Added: resending of previously sent invites upon re-login
- Improved: the frequency of sending traffic statistics has been increased to 2 seconds
- Fixed: an error upon login if the server response is not received in time
- Fixed: incorrect reporting of IP addresses to the server after adding a new network interface
- Fixed: the ‘Disconnect’ button is now removed for offline devices
- Fixed: locked devices are now displayed in invites
- Fixed: an issue with uninstallation if there are active connections
- Fixed: rare cases of displaying the ‘Connect’ button in invites for offline devices
- Fixed: displaying of traffic after device disconnection
- Fixed: the ‘Device Connection Error’ now gets disabled after device re-plugging
- Fixed: rare cases of not detecting direct visibility for some nodes in the account

FlexiHub 3.1.10381
- Added: a number of new localizations: Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
- Added: GUI compatibility with high-resolution monitors
- Improved: faster direct connection check between the nodes (by optimizing the list of network interfaces)
- Fixed: rare cases of the remote devices list being not displayed
- Fixed: rare cases of failed reconnection to the central server after waking the computer up after sleep
- Fixed: rare cases of looping of the unsuccessful auto-reconnect attempts
- Fixed: rare cases of the service hanging when communication with the central server is lost
- Fixed: auto-reconnection to the devices with the identical VID/PID
- Fixed: preserving the node’s name after re-logging into the account (in case the node was renamed)
- Fixed: service crashing when the user logs out during the established connection to the device
- Fixed: a bug when the connection via UDP was unsuccessful
- Fixed: rare occasions of the “Forget” button being missing for the offline devices
- Other minor improvements

FlexiHub 3.0.10251
- Improved: detection of the optimal connection mode (more chances to have a direct connection and, therefore, the best performance)

FlexiHub 3.0.10233
- Fixed: an error when connecting via UDP
- Fixed: log files occasionally getting too big and using too much disk space
- Fixed: automatic port forwarding via UPnP (when enabled on the router)
- Fixed: a crash of the GUI when not having write permissions to the logs directory

FlexiHub 3.0.10091
- Added: the ability to send connection invites to other FlexiHub users
- Added: Gravatar support
- Improved: the network communication has been optimized to reduce traffic
- Fixed: a crash of the service when specifying a computer name or device description that was too long
- Fixed: the previously entered proxy settings might not be displayed after reopening
- Fixed: auto-reconnect could break the existing connection with another node
- Fixed: occasional lack of feedback to the user when connecting to a node that did not have the FlexiHub drivers installed

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