最新版本 Octoparse 7.2.6

Octoparse 7.2.6

Octoparse 7.2.6
Octoparse 是一個免費的客戶端 Windows 網絡抓取軟件,把網站變成結構化的數據表,而無需編碼。它很容易和自由!在幾分鐘內自動從站點提取 Web 數據!

Octoparse 模擬網頁瀏覽行為,如打開網頁,登錄賬戶,輸入文本,指向和點擊網頁元素等。這個工具可以讓你輕鬆地獲取數據點擊內置瀏覽器中的信息。以您喜歡的任何格式導出數據!不要浪費你的時間複製和粘貼。今天為 Windows 下載 Octoparse 並收集網絡數據。這很容易和自由!

為什麼 Octoparse 是你的最佳選擇:

選擇要點擊鼠標的數據。不需要編碼。使用 X 路徑和正則表達式準確地收集數據.

從各種數據加載技術(如 AJAX 或 JavaScript)中截取數據。完全成熟的內置瀏覽器加載來自不同來源的數據.

使用 Octoparse 匿名刮取數據。支持代理和 API。自動 IP 旋轉防止 IP 被阻止.

注意:您最多可以有 10 個項目,並且無法將其保存到演示版本的雲中。需要 Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.


檔案版本 Octoparse 7.2.6

檔案名稱 Octoparse V7.2.6Setup.zip
檔案大小 63.5 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Octopus Data Inc.
官網 http://www.octoparse.com/
更新日期 2019-06-10

What's new in this version:

Octoparse 7.2.6
Some existed bugs have been resolved

Octoparse 7.2.4
- Fix the bug of the default setting for "AJAX Timeout" when automatically detecting AJAX
- Fix the bug when exporting data to Oracle database

Octoparse 7.2.2
- Performance optimization
- Improve the fault-tolerance and reliability
- The software has been tested by 360 anti-virus software, please feel free to use

Octoparse 7.1.2
- Optimized Dashboard loading performance

Octoparse 7.1.0
New Features:
- Task Templates offering ready-to-use scraping templates for extracting most popular websites
- Batch URL input from another task
- Batch URL input from files

- Enhanced Dashboard with a more informative, customizable and efficient layout
- Expanded the input URL limits from 20,000 to 1,000,000
- Upgraded anti-blocking settings. Added "Auto switch browser" and "Auto clear cookies" options

Octoparse 7.0.2
Bug Fixes:
- Some existed bugs have been resolved.

Octoparse 7.0.0
New Features:
- Brand new user interface featured with lightweight and modern UI
- Brand new dashboard for more efficient task management
- The Select Mode specifically designed for easy capturing any web data with simple clicks

JSON Export:
- User agent selection

- Upgraded the built-in browser
- Enhanced the anti-blocking mechanism

Octoparse 6.4.4
- Resolved log in error
- Resolved Cloud Extraction Used Time error
- Resolved the error of reformatting extracted date
- Resolved the error of losing data in URL list box when enter over 20,000 URLs
- Improved the client stability

Octoparse 6.4.2
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved the bug of the pop-up window in the built-in browser

Octoparse 6.4.1
- Optimized the Local Extraction Export performance. Data will not be deleted if exported abnormally
- Added the feature to batch modify the Task Category
- Added Schedule Task feature in Start Interface. Users can apply the saved scheduled settings to batch tasks
- Authority is not necessary anymore when data needs to be exported to Mysql
- Improve Local Extraction Speed
- Memory usage is reduced
- Added Reminders of how to speed up data extraction before running the tasks
- Added Extraction Failure Report on Local Extraction
- Greatly improved the quality of the extracted data and decrease the quantity of missing data
- Greatly improved the client performance and speed up the extraction
- Added the function to load the data page when viewing extracted data
- Pagination threshold can be set with a higher value in Wizard Mod
- Added the feature -- Refresh to update tasks and task groups by right-click

Bug Fixes:
- Some existed bugs have been resolved
- Resolve the bug of redundant and duplicated data generated when exporting dat
- if multiple pages of extracted data are compacted into one page
- Resolve the bug of invalid Default Value Settings

Octoparse 6.2
- Added a brand new feature -- Smart Mode to get data by just pasting in a URL
- Added a brand new feature -- Ad Blocking to optimize the loading time of web page

Bug Fixes:
- Optimized the Export to Excel performance and resolved unexpected export errors
- Optimized the Export to Database performance and resolved unexpected export errors
- Improved the Incremental Extraction feature and enabled URL parameter option

Octoparse 6.0
- Added four types of extraction configuration to simplify the data extraction process
- Added the 'Tutorial Guidance' option for extraction configuration
- Added the option to decide the order of running tasks in Cloud Extraction
- Scheduled Cloud Extraction
- Added the 'View all' option and 'View unexported data' option in the 'Cloud: Completed' to view all the data run in cloud extraction. Users can export all the unexported data
- Tasks can be dragged to different categories
- Added the 'Export to Oracle database' feature

Octoparse 5.1
- Added the feature to extract missing data. (only for certain types of processes). Cloud data extraction support the feature of auto-extracting missing data to improve the quality of data extracted
- Added the 'Enable Incremental extraction' option in the 'Extraction Options' step to extract new data when extracting data
- Added the 'Export to Oracle database' feature

Octoparse 4.0
- Greatly improved the data export feature and can export large amounts of data
- Added the feature to imitate the other devices such as smartphones or tablets to grab data from more web pages with other formats
- Added the 'Use a proxy IP' feature in the 'Local Extraction' option and supported setting a number of proxy IPs
- Added the feature to import or export volume data
- Added the feature to intelligently recognize field names. Octoparse can automatically identify the field names and automatic naming

Octoparse 3.0
- Upgraded the kernel, thus to increase the extraction speed significantly and reduce resource consumption
- Added the action to extract data by looping over the list of links in the web page. Extract all the links and their corresponding details by opening these links. Then combine the extracted data from these two sections (the Links and the Details) in data table by the order of links
- Added the 'Local extraction' option. Users can disable image loading to increase the extraction speed and reduce network traffic
- Optimized the algorithm for 'Cycle Click' action and for 'Extract Data' in a loop action . The system can intelligently identify and specify the parameters to simplify the configuration process
- The anchor can automatically relocated after clicking a hyperlink on a web page

Octoparse 2.0
- Added the 'Export to Database' feature
- Added the 'Loop Text' feature to use current loop to enter text
- Added the 'Wait before execution' option and 'Or wait until specific element appears' option
- Added the 'End loop' action
- Added the 'Cloud :Waiting' option in 'Task Status'

Octoparse 1.0
- Improved the compatibility by identifying pages automatically
- Improved the configuration process by stopping the page jump when clicking on some elements in web page
- Improved data security for users

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