最新版本 ProPresenter 7.3.0

ProPresenter 7.3.0

ProPresenter 7.3.0
Octoparse 是一個免費的客戶端 Windows 網絡抓取軟件,把網站變成結構化的數據表,而無需編碼。它很容易和自由!在幾分鐘內自動從站點提取 Web 數據!

Octoparse 模擬網頁瀏覽行為,如打開網頁,登錄賬戶,輸入文本,指向和點擊網頁元素等。這個工具可以讓你輕鬆地獲取數據點擊內置瀏覽器中的信息。以您喜歡的任何格式導出數據!不要浪費你的時間複製和粘貼。今天為 Windows 下載 Octoparse 並收集網絡數據。這很容易和自由!

為什麼 Octoparse 是你的最佳選擇:

選擇要點擊鼠標的數據。不需要編碼。使用 X 路徑和正則表達式準確地收集數據.

從各種數據加載技術(如 AJAX 或 JavaScript)中截取數據。完全成熟的內置瀏覽器加載來自不同來源的數據.

使用 Octoparse 匿名刮取數據。支持代理和 API。自動 IP 旋轉防止 IP 被阻止.

注意:您最多可以有 10 個項目,並且無法將其保存到演示版本的雲中。需要 Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.


檔案版本 ProPresenter 7.3.0

檔案名稱 ProPresenter7.3.0_117637163-Setup.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Octopus Data Inc.
官網 http://www.octoparse.com/
更新日期 2020-11-12

What's new in this version:

- Adds the ability to stream from ProPresenter using Resi, making it possible to reliably stream to multiple destinations via a schedule or the click of a button
- Adds audio input monitoring to allow you to listen to an input before making it live
- Adds action to change the mode of your audio input as well as the volume of that input
- Adds seamless control of audio inputs with manual audio transitions. Now your audio inputs can transition between each other
- Adds the triggering of audio and media bin playlists by attaching an action to a slide. Simply drag and drop your playlist to a slide to get started
- Adds group colors in the arrangement editor to make group identification even easier. The group with a currently triggered slide is now highlighted so that you never get lost in a long arrangement
- Adds 60+ new or updated Bibles including: NIV UK, ESV UK, New Arabic Version, and Chinese Union Version
- Adds select all and select none options for toggling enable of audio input channels
- Improves audio device selection by separating ASIO and Wave input devices
- Fixes a crash on Windows when the user's Documents folder is not on the system disk
- Fixes a crash that can occur when applying a template to a slide
- Fixes a crash that can occur when exporting slides as images
- Fixes a bug where the user is unable to add a PDF file as a chord chart
- Fixes a bug where ProPresenter Remote does not automatically advance to the next presentation within a playlist
- Fixes a bug that causes the incorrect format to be used for NDI outputs
- Fixes an issue where a user is not able to add actions to multiple cues at once
- Fixes a bug that causes the "Auto Off" audio input mode to be improperly routed to the output
- Fixes an issue that causes the "Auto Off" input mode to not function when triggering back to back foreground media actions
- Fixes an issue where local sync does not sync all content regardless of selection
- Fixes an issue where ProPresenter Remote does not load the correct arrangement for a presentation in a playlist
- Fixes a bug that causes slide media elements not to fade out cleanly
- Fixes an issue that causes props to flicker while transitioning
- Fixes a bug that causes NDI inputs to be distorted if the incoming sample rate is not 48k
- Fixes an issue where the transition might bump in opacity if another cue is triggered while a previous transition is in progress
- Fixes a bug that prevents typing accented characters using the alt-code

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