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最新版本 Opera 72.0 Build 3815.148 (64-bit)

Opera (64-bit) 歷史版本列表

適用於 Windows 電腦的 Opera 64 位為您提供了瀏覽網頁的快速,高效和個性化的方式。它配備了一個流暢的界面,可自定義的快速撥號,發現功能,它可以幫助您找到新的網頁內容,數據保存 Opera Turbo 模式,可視化書籤,超過 1000 個擴展。在一個快速的瀏覽器上在網上做更多!您可以通過點擊免費下載按鈕,從我們的網站下載 Opera 離線安裝程序.State in sync輕鬆地從您... Opera (64-bit) 軟體介紹

Opera 72.0 Build 3815.148 (64-bit) 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- CHR-8144 Update chromium on desktop-stable-86-3815 to 86.0.4240.80
- DNA-89150 Unhardcode ‘From’ and ‘To’ strings in Advanced History Search
- DNA-89165 No safety warning displayed for Lookalike URL interstitial page
- DNA-89289 Failed PremiumExtensions browsertests
- DNA-89441 Crash when installing Amazon promotion extension in private window
- DNA-89458 Sidebar – WhatsApp icon is used for VK
- DNA-89479 Fix translations for RU and UA
- DNA-89482 Amazon extension icon disappears from sidebar after installing extension from private window
- DNA-89521 Set PositionOptions.maximumAge for 1h for the Weather widget
- DNA-89551 Port fix for “Heap buffer overflow due to integer truncation in FreeType” to desktop-stable-86-3815

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ActivePresenter 8.2.2 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- [HTML5]: Audio/video plays without sound with recent versions of Chromium-based browsers in some cases

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Git for Windows 2.29.0 (64-bit) 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

- Comes with Git v2.29.0
- Comes with MSYS2 runtime (Git for Windows flavor) based on Cygwin 3.1.7
- Comes with Git LFS v2.12.0
- Comes with GNU Privacy Guard v2.2.23
- Comes with OpenSSL v1.1.1h
- Comes with libcbor v0.8.0
- Comes with libfido2 v1.5.0
- Comes with OpenSSH v8.4p1
- Comes with Git Credential Manager Core v2.0.252.766
- Existing Git Credential Manager for Windows users are now automatically upgraded to Git Credential Manager Core
- Git for Windows' installer learned to let users override the default branch used by git init
- The installer size was reduced by dropping a couple unneeded .dll files
- Comes with cURL v7.73.0

- The credential helper selector (used as default credential helper in the Portable Git) now persists the users choice correctly again
- The full command-lines of MSYS2 processes (such as cp.exe) spawned from Git's Bash can now be seen in sysmon, wmic etc by default
- A bug preventing Unicode characters from being used in the window title of Git Bash was fixed
- OpenSSH was patched to no longer warn about an "invalid format" when private and public keys are stored separately
- Non-ASCII output of paged Git commands is now rendered correctly in Windows Terminal
- It is now possible to use wordpad.exe as Git's editor of choice
- When using Git via the "Run As..." function, it now uses the correct home directory
- The Git Bash prompt now works even after calling set -u
- Git for Windows can now be installed even with stale AutoRun registry entries (e.g. left-overs from a Miniconda installation)

Snagit 2021 (64-bit) 查看版本資訊


What's new in this version:

Snagit 2021 (64-bit)
- Move Mode for the Simplify Tool
- Adjustable Templates
- Improved Themes
- Offset Magnify
- Faster Crosshairs
- Editor Performance Improvements
- Pen Smoothing

Snagit 2020.1.5 (64-bit)
- Text tool Quick Styles will now show differences in font sizes
- When customizing the toolbar, it’s now more clear as to which tools are on the bar and which tool was last accessed by the More menu
- Arrow tail callout present when creating custom theme
- Media shared to Knowmia will now have working links in the Share History window
- PDFs shared to Knowmia are now converted to PNGs first
- Improved the visibility of the selected tab in the Capture Window
- When creating an Image from Template, your username should now show up at the bottom if you have that setting turned on
- Image from Template disabled when more than 10 images selected
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 2020.1.4 (64-bit)
- Made it easier to recognize the More dropdown when customizing the toolbar
- Custom toolbar Share Destinations are now carried over properly when upgrading
- Fixed an issue where content copied and pasted within Snagit Editor could appear blurry
- The Stamp tool should now open to the Business group of Stamps when first opening Snagit
- Fixed an issue where automated captures with COM were unable to be finalized in Editor
- Better handling of resizing rotated shapes while maintaining the aspect ratio with the Shift key
- Other various bug fixes

Snagit 2020.1.3 Build 6046 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Snagit 2020.1.3 Build 5968 (64-bit)
- Now able to share images, videos, and GIFs to the new TechSmith Knowmia! (Formerly TechSmith Relay)
- Fixed a crash that could occur during an update of Snagit
- Added the transparent color swatch to the Color Replacement effect
- When sharing to Slack, users should now only see open conversations
- Fixed a text truncation issue when sharing to Camtasia
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 2020.1.2 Build 5749 (64-bit)
- Improved the Image from Template drop zone onboarding
- Snagit will no longer crash when you use Snagit while it’s creating a GIF
- Fixed a crash some users were experiencing on shutdown
- Scrolling capture is now working again when using Snagit through COM
- The OneDrive for Business sharing destination is now working again
- Other various bug, performance, and security fixes

Snagit 2020.1.1 Build 5510 (64-bit)
- Added a SharePoint sharing destination
- The Twitter sharing destination is working again
- Fixed two crashes that could occur in the TechSmith Updater on some machines
- Snagit Capture is now more resilient after encountering issues in the same run
- Fixed a hang when a computer goes to sleep while video recording
- Can now view all installer options on smaller screens
- Fixed a hang when trying to take a scrolling capture of specific windows with nested scrolling areas
- The Cut Out tool will now cut the intended area even with other windows foregrounded when starting your selection
- When using the Cut Out tool and Shadow Effect, the shadow will no longer get progressively applied after each cut out
- The Eraser tool will now remember the anti-alias setting
- Fixed an issue where the playhead would jump to an unexpected time after making multiple cuts it a video
- Fixed an issue where cutting out a section at the beginning of a video would result in incorrect first frames in the resulting video
- The Slack sharing destination now uses your default browser to authenticate the first time
- The reset button for Auto-Simplify is working again
- The correct Canvas Background color should now be shown in Editor Preferences
- Can now adjust the zoom level of thumbnails in the Library again
- The shadow surrounding the recording area now allows you to click on windows and controls behind it
- Fixed a crash that could occur when doing a scrolling capture with COM

Image from Templates:
- You can now adjust the default name that is added to the footer when creating an image from a Template
- Applying the Shadow Effect to images made from Templates should work as expected now
- The “Custom Steps” Template should now be visible when the “Steps” category is selected
- When copying or printing an image created from a Template with empty Drop Zones, the placeholder images will no longer be included
- Better keyboard navigation in the Create Image from Template window
- The ability to adjust the title text color is working again
- Undo and redo are now working after editing a Drop Zone

Security Fixes:
- Updated the LeadTools Imaging SDK v20 from an April 2019 release to latest (November 2019) addressing CVEs 5125, 5100, 5099, and 5084
- Fixed an XML External Entity (XXE) issue that would allow a local attacker to exfiltrate data under the local Administrator account. Thanks to nerdwell for reporting this issue

- Other bug fixes, security, and localization updates

Snagit 2020.1.0 Build 4965 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Snagit 2020.0.3 Build 4960 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Snagit 2020.0.1 Build 4658 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Snagit 2020.0.0 Build 4460 (64-bit)
Create Images from Templates:
- Create clean and professional images from pre-made layouts right within Snagit to convey technical information at a glance. These - templates offer significant time savings when creating documentation, tutorials, and job aids.

Create Video from Images:
- Transform screenshots into a video. In addition to standard Snagit video, you can now talk and draw over a series of screenshots to make a quick “how-to” video or animated GIF. This is another way you can create content right within Snagit to effectively - communicate.

Callouts with Arrow tails:
- This new callout type allows you to point at exactly what you want to draw attention to in your image while still being able to add - additional information with text.
- If you don’t see these in the callout tool, you can add your own by selecting the shape from the callout dropdown.

Share to Slack and Box:
- Snagit makes it even easier to share content at work. Now you can share Snagit content directly to Slack and Box.

Additional Changes:
- Changing properties with multiple text objects selected works as expected
- Increased maximum font size
- Smoother rendering when using the Crop tool
- Performance improvements
- Other bug fixes and localization updates

Snagit 2019.1.4 Build 4446 (64-bit)
- Fixed a crash when trying to edit an effect from the Capture Window or New Preset Window
- The browsing pane in the Library should no longer take up the whole Library view for all users
- Changing the “Run Snagit when Windows starts” setting should now be properly saved
- All tools should now be available even when shrinking the Snagit Editor window to a narrow size
- Adjusted the padding for Arrow shaped callouts to allow for more text
- Printing dialog should no longer show Japanese characters in all languages
- Can now install on machines with a Favorites folder using a UNC path
- When customizing the toolbar, spacers now work as expected
- The Twitter sharing destination should now be working again
- After resetting to Default Quick Styles, they are remembered
- Step tool numbers should always be vertical when rotating
- Other bug fixes, localization updates, and performance improvements works

Snagit 2019.1.3 Build 3847 (64-bit)
- Fixes CVE-2019-13382 which would allow a local attacker to gain elevated privileges using a specially crafted presentation file

Snagit 2019.1.2 Build 3596 (64-bit)
- Snagit now supports multi-monitor varied DPI computer setups!
- Improved capture delay of Chrome browser window
- Resolved crash during active window capture of Internet Explorer browser
- Resolved Crop tool edge and controls issues
- Improved in-app message tips to be more timely and prevent popups when Snagit is not actively used
- Resolved rounded rectangle issues and set them as default shape in Auto Simplify
- Improved canvas logic for auto expand
- Resolved issue of static screens corrupting portions of video recordings
- Resolved issue of OneNote hotkeys affecting Snagit
- Resolved help url link issues in Capture Window and OneClick
- Resolved several memory leaks
- Resolved crash when using large dimensions in a fixed region capture
- Removed requirement for video description and tags during upload to YouTube
- Improved error messages when combining large images and during sign-in
- Improved moving objects with keyboard when moving outside of the canvas
- Resolved incorrect pixel size of images in resizing tooltips
- Resolved updater “Failed with -1” issue
- Update to new Screencast API, which leverages oAuth for more secure authentication. This change will require you to sign out and sign in for sharing to Screencast.com.
- Numerous other bug fixes, localization updates, and performance improvements

Snagit 2019.1.1 Build 2860 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Snagit 2019.1.0 Build 2653 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Snagit 2019.0.1 Build 2448 (64-bit)
- New Support Tool for more easily submitting diagnostic information to TechSmith Support
- Fixed a crash when selecting select region while editing preset
- Fixed a crash when moving crosshairs between Edge and other browsers before capturing/canceling
- Resolved Snagit hanging at startup on Windows 32-bit when no microphone devices are detected
- Resolved Mic Dropdown missing from Video HUD
- Resolved CPU spiking when checking for updates
- Resolved some foreign languages showing up as question marks in Combine Images titles/descriptions
- Resolved onboarding text issues
- Resolved Presets not appearing in dropdown
- Resolved issue with share field selection showing as 'None' in Preset Edit window's UI after preset creation/update
- Resolved Fuse not connecting to Snagit on older operating systems
- Resolved issue with Undo, Auto-Simplify on new captured image not toggling off
- Resolved issue with Windows 7 32-bit not installing SnagThumbnailProvider.dll
- Resolved some dialog's showing underscores in front of button text
- Improved messaging when the Windows 10 camera and microphone privacy setting is disabled
- Improved visibility of which option is selected in the Selection Tool
- Improved messaging when attempting to Simplify a Combined Image
- Improved Combine text looks small when dealing with larger images

Snagit 2019.0.0 Build 2399 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

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