Pale Moon (64-bit)

最新版本 Pale Moon 15.2 (64-bit)

Pale Moon 15.2 (64-bit)

Pale Moon 15.2 (64-bit)
蒼白的 64 位是一個開源的,基於 Goanna 的網絡瀏覽器,可用於 Microsoft Windows 和 Linux(其他操作系統正在開發),重點在於效率和易用性。確保充分利用您的瀏覽器!

Pale Moon 為您提供瀏覽體驗,完全由自己開發的瀏覽器完全構建,源自 Firefox / Mozilla 代碼,並通過精心挑選的功能和優化來改進瀏覽器的速度,資源使用,穩定性和用戶體驗,同時提供完整的定制和不斷增加的擴展和主題集合,使瀏覽器真正成為您自己的。下載 Pale Moon 離線安裝程序設置!

Pale Moon 主要特性:
針對現代處理器進行了優化基於優化的佈局引擎(Goanna)安全性:從成熟的 Mozilla 代碼中分離出來並定期更新安全:其他安全功能和安全意識開發由友好,活躍的用戶社區熟悉的,高效的,完全可定制的界面支持完整的主題:完全自由於任何元素的設計支持輕鬆創建的輕量級主題(外觀)平滑,快速的頁面繪製和腳本處理增加穩定性:減少瀏覽器崩潰支持多 Firefox 擴展支持越來越多的 Pale Moon 專有擴展對 HTML5 和 CSS3 的廣泛和日益增長的支持許多自定義和配置選項可以使用遷移工具導入現有的 Firefox 配置文件


檔案版本 Pale Moon 15.2 (64-bit)

檔案名稱 palemoon-15.2-x64-installer.exe
檔案大小 14.94 MB
系統 Windows Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Moonchild Productions
更新日期 2012-10-08

What's new in this version:

- Important performance regression fix. Both javascript and the layout engine should now have the speed and stability that is to be expected from an optimized browser.
- Fix for the "tabs on top" menu entry not showing when tabs are already set on top, making it very difficult to switch them back to bottom.
- Crash: Fix for a browser crash with certain types of invalid gradients.
- Security: Prevent private browsing data leakage through popup windows
- Security: Detect IC purging
- Security: Prevent mRules from dying in DoInsertHTMLWithContext
- Security: Drain the parent frame's overflow list before insert/append Features:
- Redesigned the identity panel and the way secure sites are handled in the UI
- You will now always get the favicon in the address bar, and on secure sites you will have an added padlock (indicating ssl, extended verification or a broken/insecure/mixed-content site) to the identity panel and colored shading around the URL to indicate the status.
- After evaluating the new address bar autocomplete algorithm, it is now switched on by default.
- Added an option to easily switch address autocompletion on or off
- Partial implementation of Japanese "status bar" preferences text

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