Paragon Disk Wiper (32-bit)

最新版本 Paragon Disk Wiper (32-bit)

Paragon Disk Wiper (32-bit)

Paragon Disk Wiper (32-bit)
確保沒有人可以恢復您認為被刪除的敏感數據。使用 Paragon Disk Wiper Personal 安全地清除硬盤上的數據。這對於任何磁盤都很重要,因為如果您依賴標準刪除功能或格式化硬盤,則數據太容易被恢復。 Paragon Disk Wiper 可以完全擦除整個硬盤或分區,或者只刪除散佈在系統中的敏感文件。通過強大的算法和定制選項,基於嚮導的界面和廣泛的報告功能,您可以確保您的關鍵數據的安全輕鬆刪除。您可以不可逆轉地快速銷毀所有磁盤數據,因此無法使用任何現有技術恢復.

Paragon 磁盤清除專業版允許您:
完全擦除整個硬盤,單獨的分區或只是清理可用空間。不可逆轉地破壞所有磁盤上的數據,使其無法恢復 - 即使採用當今最先進的技術!快速高效地清理硬盤,以保護寶貴的商業信息。畢竟,大多數國家的法律都要求你這樣做。注意:未註冊版本中的功能有限.


檔案版本 Paragon Disk Wiper (32-bit)

檔案名稱 Paragon-401-PRED_WinInstallDemo_10.1.25.328_000.ex
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Paragon Technologie
更新日期 2014-12-06

What's new in this version:

Wiping SSD:
- Wipe SSDs of most manufactures very user-friendly and permanently!

New Embedded Wiping Media Builder:
- The new WMB (based on the new Recovery Media Builder 3.0) is now embedded into the product. Combining the best of the two utilities, it can boast more options, usability, and stability
- Prepares Linux or WinPE-based bootable environment on a USB thumb drive or in an ISO
- Doesn’t obligatory require Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) or Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) on Windows 7 and later platforms
- Can build WinPE-based media on Windows XP, Vista, if there’s WAIK installed in the system
- Allows injecting additional drivers for storage devices, network controllers, USB controllers, or system during setup
- Enables to set up a network connection with a pre-mounted network share during setup
- Prepares hybrid (both, uEFI and BIOS compatible) 64-bit recovery environment on flash or in an ISO image

New Windows 8.1 support:
- And ready for Windows 10

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