PeaZip (64-bit)

最新版本 PeaZip 7.6.0 (64-bit)

PeaZip 7.6.0 (64-bit)

PeaZip 7.6.0 (64-bit)
PeaZip 64 位是一個免費的 Zip / Unzip 軟件,Rar 文件提取器和轉換器,支持超過 150 種檔案格式。 PeaZip 是一個免費的 WinZip 和 WinRar 替代品,為 Windows,Linux 和 BSD 提供了一個完整而優雅的通用文件歸檔器和文件管理器實用程序。該程序具有強大的統一跨平台 GUI,在所有支持的操作系統下提供相同的外觀和感覺,與其他大多數經典的檔案管理器不同的是,它本身就是可移植的 PeaZip 64 位項目基於 7 -Zip 項目的可靠技術,可處理多種主流檔案格式,以及其他支持附加文件格式和功能的強大開源文件壓縮工具(FreeARC,PAQ,UPX)除了數據壓縮和解壓縮,文件管理器組件還支持搜索,書籤,在線雲服務,批量重命名,查看和編輯圖像(調整大小,優化,轉換),驗證散列和校驗和,查找重複文件,更新現有的檔案,並嘗試打開 / 分析自定義文件類型作為檔案。該應用程序特別關注於安全性:強大的檔案加密,可選的雙因素認證,加密的密碼管理器,安全的數據刪除,整合防病毒和反惡意軟件掃描壓縮文件等... 在 GUI 中創建的任務可以保存併計劃為批處理腳本,即幫助自動執行備份 / 恢復操作,或使用控制台的靈活性進行微調任務。

免費歸檔,150 多種文件類型支持 zip 文件
打開,測試和提取超過 150 擴展:ACE,ARJ,CAB,DMG,ISO,LHA,RAR,R01,UDF,ZIPX 文件等... 創建和轉換 7Z,ARC, BZ2,GZ,* PAQ,PEA,sfx,TAR,UPX,WIM,XZ 和 ZIP 文件。管理跨越和加密的檔案.

開源 WinZip WinRar 替代 rar files
Zip 實用程序與易於使用的圖形用戶界面具有拖放支持和 MS Windows 上下文菜單集成。高速,壓縮比,穩定性和安全性,依靠經過驗證的 7 -Zip,FreeArc,PAQ,UPX 等先進技術開源技術.



檔案版本 PeaZip 7.6.0 (64-bit)

檔案名稱 peazip-7.6.0.WIN64.exe
檔案大小 9.44 MB
系統 Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Giorgio Tani
更新日期 2020-12-16

What's new in this version:

- (Winodws, ReactOS) McMilk codecs in 7zCodecs path are now automatically checked at PeaZip startup, in order to disable them (moving in 7zCodecsbk) on systems not capable to run them (as XP or ReactOS), and re-enable them on other systems; this works for both Portable and installable packages without requiring manual intervention

- Various fixes

File manager:
- (in left navigation panel) Archive treeview is now automaticaly updated accordingly to browsing in file manager area
- This option can be fine tuned in Options > Settings > Archive manager
- Various usability improvements
- Can now set current path as default archiving or extraction path
- Options > Settings > General, Advanced, and Archive manager tabs reorganized
- Improved and updated themes, and simplified Theme tab

Extraction and archiving:
- Improved handling ZIP files with code pages different than local
- Can now customize code page for reading/writing filenames in ZIP archives, from Options > Settings, Advanced tab it is possible to set:
- Local code page, then UTF-8 for sysmbols outside local code page (default)
- Force UTF-8 for non-ASCII characters
- Force local code page
- Use a custom code page: an arbitrary code page can be entered by user (the host machine needs to support the code page to run the tasks, otherwise tasks can be saved as scripts and run on different machines)
- Text encoding entry is now accessible also from application's file browser context menu, and in Archiving and Extraction screens context menus
- Within PeaZip file manager it is now possible to use copy/paste shortcuts Ctrl+C (or Ctrl+X) / Ctrl+V to extract items from archives to filesystem
- If clipboard is set to keep multiple selection operations at once:
- Copy/paste extraction is possible form multiple archives at once
- It is also possibile to mix cut/paste and extraction operations
Extraction targets the file system, it is not currently possible i.e. to directly paste compressed items from archive A to archive B

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