最新版本 PowerArchiver 2009 11.00

PowerArchiver 2009 11.00

PowerArchiver 2009 11.00
PowerArchiver 是一個完整的 Windows 歸檔實用程序。創建 ZIP,ZIPX,TAR / GZ / BZ2,CAB,ISO,打開其他 20 種格式。完整的 Windows 7/ 8 支持與 UAC 海拔和 VSS! FIPS 140-2。多核壓縮和最快的 RAR 提取。創建速度最快的 ZIP / ZIPX 引擎,速度提高達 50%。

如果您正在使用或考慮升級到 Windows 7 和 Windows 8,則無需擔心與 PowerArchiver 的兼容性問題。我們已經做了大量的測試,以確保一切正常。 PowerArchiver 支持 UAC(用戶訪問控制)提升管理員,當它檢測到需要管理員帳戶以讀取或寫入某個文件夾時.

是否需要壓縮數據庫,Outlook .pst 文件或任何其他文件一些應用?沒問題,PowerArchiver– 我們獨家支持 VSS(卷影支持),通常只有企業備份才能訪問其他程序無法訪問的數據。

PowerArchiver 主要特點:
完整的 Windows 7/ 8 支持,UAC 和 VSS 最先進的 ZIP / ZIPX 引擎 7 -Zip 壓縮高級 RAR 支持– 包括 5.x 格式多種格式支持包括 ISO 不匹配的安全性和 FIPS 140.2 認證預覽窗口隊列系統(添加 / 提取 / 備份)和 PowerArchiver 初學者保證的兼容性和資源管理器集成壓縮配置文件 Patchbeam 2 秒更新系統有用的工具(轉換工具,編碼工具,修復工具,寫入 / 合併多卷工具,批量 ZIP 工具,多重提取工具,SFX 工具)注意:免費 30 天全功能試用版本


檔案版本 PowerArchiver 2009 11.00

檔案名稱 powarc1100.exe
檔案大小 6.83 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 ConeXware Inc
官網 http://www.powerarchiver.com/powerarchiver/
更新日期 2008-09-26

What's new in this version:

New Features:

Standard Edition

Main Application:
* Preview window - easily preview archives, images, text and many other file types,
without having to open archive or file. Works both while browsing drives and inside archives. Supports WLX plug-ins.
* Backup list window - see your backups on integrated list for easier usage.
* Speed - overall great speed improvements in compression and extraction, especially in Vista with RAR/ZIP files.
* New ZIP Engine - zip can now compress files in use; proper progress window.
* Improved 7-Zip Engine - support for fast updating of non-solid archives, themed overwrite dialogue with proper options.
* Optimized 7-Zip mode - automatically detects content and applies better compression method for both compression
speed and strength improvements.
* Unicode support - better support for Unicode in 7-zip and RAR formats.
* New Configuration window - easier to use configuration window.
* Modern/Classic interfaces - streamlined for easier use, more MRU's.
* Archive Convertor - added "save password for current session" option.
* Encrypt Tool - completely redone - now option to create zip and 7zip encrypted archives,
as well as encrypt current archives to 3 different formats (Zip, 7-Zip, PAE).
* Batch Archive tool - added "Add subfolders to separate archives" option.
* Multi Extract tool - added "File's current folder" and "Save password for current session" options.
* Add window - redone for easier usage and more options added.
* Transparent Updating - added support for updating solid cab archives.
* Command Line window - access command prompt from within PowerArchiver.
* Web Update - now checks for PAOP updates as well as any other PA component.
* Installer - future updates can now come in form of patches.
* 64bit skinning engine for x64 systems.
* Enterprise features - add minimum encryption streght, disable online features and more.

* Interface - completely new interface with sidebar navigation.
* File list support - export/import file lists.
* Filters - added include and exclude filters at the same time. Supports better wild cards and folder filtering.
* Backup Types - added full/incremental/differential backup types.

Shell Extensions
* Unicode - completely rewritten for Unicode support.
* Reorganized - more features, more options, less clutter.

Improvements/Bug Fixes:
* Many improvements and bug fixes.

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