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最新版本 ArchiCAD 22 Build 6000 (Update)

ArchiCAD 22 Build 6000 (Update)

ArchiCAD 22 Build 6000 (Update)
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檔案版本 ArchiCAD 22 Build 6000 (Update)

檔案名稱 ARCHICAD-22-INT-Update-6000-1.0.exe
檔案大小 437 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Cybertron Software
更新日期 2019-06-05

What's new in this version:

- The Update 6000 contains various enhancements and fixes since the original release of ARCHICAD 22.
- CRASH: A beam that intersected with a wall of 0 thickness crashed ARCHICAD.
- CRASH: A properties corruption caused ARCHICAD to crash when opening any tool.
- CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed on loading a project index, if a view had a corrupted renovation filter setting.
- CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed on some iMac computers when entering full screen.
- CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed using "Align to Decimal" alignment.
- CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when a complex profile wall's fillet radius was less than the width of the wall.
- CRASH: ARCHICAD incorrectly handled the rendering of large textures.
- CRASH: ARCHICAD sometimes crashed when hotlinks with parametric profiles were updated.
- CRASH: ARCHICAD sometimes crashed when processing railings with geometries modified by other objects.
- CRASH: ARCHICAD sometimes crashed when trying to import an XML file back from Excel.
- CRASH: ARCHICAD sometimes crashed while releasing memory at closure.
- CRASH: Inherited sub-elements from parent elements with properties were not handled properly.
- CRASH: Interior Wizard incorrectly handled the undo queue.
- CRASH: Library migration sometimes failed while processing walls.
- CRASH: Opening a section that cut through windows in composite walls sometimes resulted in a crash.
- CRASH: Spell Check addon with Microsoft Office dictionary crashed ARCHICAD.
- CRASH: The pickup/inject parameters tool was not safe in curtain wall editing mode.
- CRASH: Connection/merge of roof/shell elements had a limited number of times it could be run before crashing ARCHICAD.
- DOCUMENT/CRASH: Fills created incorrectly by a faulty algorithm in an earlier build of ARCHICAD were not automatically corrected and crashed the ARCHICAD during the generation of the layout that contained the fill.
- DOCUMENT: A drawing from a rotated view source sometimes changed when zooming took place in the view.
- DOCUMENT: An opening's dimension markers were overridden, when placed on a layout.
- DOCUMENT: ISUNDEFINED function of the Expression-based Properties was not evaluated correctly for Option Set type Properties.
- DOCUMENT: Labels did not display Properties correctly on Layouts, if the source View was opened.
- DOCUMENT: Lines of elements sometimes disappeared on a layout with a corrupted drawing.
- DOCUMENT: Semi-transparent images were printed darker than they were on the screen.
- DOCUMENT: Sometimes a curtain wall's source view differed in its appearance on layout.
- DOCUMENT: The layout number in subset autotexts displayed incorrect values for split layouts.
- DOCUMENT: Expression Defined Properties did not consider the displayed accuracy of values, and for this reason rounding operations sometimes gave unexpected results.
- EDIT/CRASH: Edits to a criterium or atribute that later were revoked were not robustly handled leading sometimes to crashes.
- EDIT/CRASH: If Grasshopper palette was open, ARCHICAD crashed while placing a curtain wall.
- EDIT/CRASH: The modification of the ID of Skylights in the Settings dialog caused a crash.
- EDIT/ROOF/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when the roof was set from simple to complex geometry method.
- EDIT: A traced element's hotspot could not be snapped to if it fell outside the set range of the Section/Elevation displayed in the current window.
- EDIT: Holes of a beam disappeared, after the beam's ID was changed with the ID Manager.
- EDIT: If the Find&Select palette was open, objects that referenced zones had slow parameter transfer.
- EDIT: Overridden fills and lines, that were placed on a section, appeared with a different color on a layout.
- EDIT: The option "Move sub-element" on layout's pet palette was only available when clicking on the drawing's center point.
- EDIT: The size of the copied text changed when zoom was used before pasting the text to be copied.
- EDIT: With command Trim Elements to Roof/Shell, only bottom edges of elements to trim were highlighted.
- FILE/.MTL/EXPORT: An exported .mtl file path was incompatible with localized versions of ARCHICAD.
- FILE/3DM/IMPORT/CRASH: If a Rhino model contained elements with invalid material attributes, its import into ARCHICAD sometimes resulted in a crash.
- FILE/DAE/IMPORT: ARCHICAD could not import Collada files.
- FILE/DWG/EXPORT/CRASH: A self-referencing XREF crashed ARCHICAD.
- , 258500 FILE/DWG/EXPORT/CRASH: ARCHICAD sometimes crashed while publishing DWG with Xref-s including frozen (hidden) layers.
- FILE/DWG/EXPORT/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed because of a nested XREFed DWG(s) with an invalid path.
- FILE/DWG/EXPORT: An imported DWG file with images, when exported from ARCHICAD lost its images.
- FILE/DWG/EXPORT: Graphical overrides made line thicknesses the same in the exported DWG.
- FILE/DWG/EXPORT: Objects did not convert to blocks with 'convert complex objects to blocks' translator setting.
- FILE/DWG/IMPORT/DOCUMENT: Attribute definitions were not displayed from AutoCAD blocks, if they were not translated as library parts.
- FILE/DWG/IMPORT: Text with annotative style was missing from imported DWG files.
- FILE/IFC/EXPORT: Component Name parameters were numbers instead of Building Material Names.
- FILE/IFC/IMPORT/MODEL: IFC import sometimes gave incorrect size information to objects.
- FILE/IFC/IMPORT: IFC nested mapped elements were imported to ARCHICAD incorrectly.
- FILE/OBJ/EXPORT: Textures were missing from wavefront files when their names had special (non-English) characters in them.
- FILE/OPEN/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when opening a file from START Edition 2011 because Find and Select criteria were incorrectly converted during the file migration process.
- FILE/OPEN/CRASH: ARCHICAD sometimes crashed while opening a project with certain settings for stairs.
- FILE/OPEN: Previously saved witness lines settings of doors in a schedule switched back to their default settings after reopening the file.
- FILE/PDF/EXPORT: Dense fills caused memory leaks during PDF export
- , 255095 FILE/PDF/SAVE: ARCHICAD crashed when Issue History Index was saved as PDF with the 'Open after saving' option checked
- FILE/XLSX/IMPORT/DOCUMENT: The property values import time degraded since the last release of ARCHICAD
- FILE/XML/EXPORT: Model View Options Combination with a colon character in its name could not be exported on Windows
- FILE/XML/EXPORT: The SOH character sometimes was added to the exported XML, that resulted in an invalid XML file
- FILE: More robust logging was enabled
- FREEZE: On mac, ARCHICAD froze while starting Roof Wizard, if its default layer was missing
- FREEZE: Override combinations were not processed optimally
- FREEZE: The snap guide was not equipped to handle more than 100 hotspots in one close region
- GOODIES/CRASH: ARCHICAD sometimes crashed when trying to set a favorite with the Interior Wizard
- GOODIES: Accessory element were placed as existing although the new status was chosen on the Renovation palette
- GOODIES: Polygon Counting Tool was slower compared to the previous ARCHICAD versions
- HOTLINK/CRASH: An associative railing that was linked to a different story than its parent element, placed as hotlink in a way that parent element didn’t fit in host file’s story structure, sometimes caused a crash while updating the hotlink
- HOTLINK/IFC/CRASH: ARCHICAD sometimes within add-ons like Archiframe 22 crashed with hotlinked IFC files
- MODEL/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed because of a break mark calculation of a malformed railing of a stair
- MODEL/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed with a stair having drains on both sides with a greater offset value than the entire stair
- MODEL/EDIT: Stairs in a Marquee could not be dragged
- MODEL/MEP/FREEZE: Several MEP objects, like the pipe bend were not optimized for 3D navigationThey relied too heavily on the parameter script
- MODEL/USER INTERFACE: Custom fills created from curved shapes that contained fills failed to render correctly in 2D
- MODEL: "Best Match" tracing method of the Magic Wand Settings blocked creation of curved polylines
- MODEL: A static dimension on a hidden layer moved with the marquee
- MODEL: Beams were connected wrong in 3D, if they had an axis line offset
- MODEL: Beams with different offsets joined incorrectly
- MODEL: Curtain Wall frame connections sometimes incorrectly joined similarly prioritized elements
- MODEL: Fills were not shown in Trace & Reference when the Work Environment Advanced Redraw Option for Model display was set to Simplified Model
- MODEL: From certain angles of view, edges of construction elements appeared too thick with OpenGL.
- MODEL: If a column was placed elsewhere than origin, and its angle to Z axis was changed on section/elevation, angles to X and Y changed as well
- MODEL: It was not possible to extrude several morphs at the same time
- MODEL: Multiple selected objects that were nudged in a rotated view moved in an apparently random direction
- MODEL: The creation of a wall or the dragging of a wall sometimes happened very slowly due to the zone it belonged to
- MODEL: The default angle of a Curtain Wall remained 90°, if the angle of the applied favorite was smaller than 1°
- MODEL: The Magic Wand was not able to select complete polylines from the trace
- MODEL: The mirroring of a railing did not consider its offset
- MODEL: When a roof's cover fill was unchecked, it still appeared on view when overridden
- RENDERING: CineRender settings of a migrated project differed from the original source version
- SPEED: Saving complex railing in a DWG file was slow
- TEAMWORK/MODEL/HOTLINK: Railings sometimes lost balusters, if they were hotlinked from a Teamwork project
- TEAMWORK: After a BIMcloud update some users experienced slow reservation times
- TEAMWORK: No warning text appeared after opening a Teamwork file which had been previously packed by Travel Pack
- TEAMWORK: Project preferences data relating to zones were not correctly handled in Teamwork
- TEAMWORK: Reservation palette sometimes was slow to respond
- TEAMWORK: Sometimes it was not possible to remove embedded library folders
- USER INTERFACE: In macOS 10.14Mojave, scrolling in the navigator garbled the text
USER INTERFACE: Operation Profiles could not be selected in the list in their settings dialog using the up and down arrow keys of the keyboardThe - selection seemed to change with pressing the keys, but the Operation Profile did not get selected
- USER INTERFACE: The 3D texture alignment was not greyed out when the function was not available
- ZOOM: Zooming with track pad on a rotated view not only changes size of object but also offset objects on a spiral path

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