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最新版本 Process Lasso (64-bit)

Process Lasso (64-bit)

Process Lasso (64-bit)
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檔案版本 Process Lasso (64-bit)

檔案名稱 processlassosetup64.exe
檔案大小 2.4 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Tencent, Inc.
更新日期 2020-04-19

What's new in this version:

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Add processor group support to CPU affinity settings
- Add ability to move a running process to a different processor group
- Add Regular Expression support to Persistent CPU Affinities
- Fixes and enhancements

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Create distinct process context menu items for Suspend and Resume process
- Improve reliability of process suspension (note that it may take a few seconds for a process state to change)
- Active Processes tab: Improve sort behavior
- Active Processes tab: Use process enumeration data from primary view
- Remove an unecessary warning messagebox on process suspension
- Add option to disable listview process tooltips
- Minor text changes
- Fix listview sort issue where some rule strings were being misinterpreted as integers
- Small optimizations to listview sort compare function
- Don't pause process listview updates when in filtered view

- Optimizations to thread enumeration
- Change 'hide suspended processes' value name to force reset to new default (false)
- Fix product version format in version info resource

- Replace OK/Cancel buttons with single Exit button

- Cosmetic work to About Dialog

- Adjust debug information for Server Edition

- Migrate ProBalance exclude foreground processes setting to new key name, or default to off for Server Edition

- Adjust default thread count

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Fix issue where leaving rule-induced Performance Mode when it had been previously manually engaged could cause inappropriate reversion to prior power plan
- Add distinct log entry description when Performance Mode manually induced
- Add distinct log entry for continuing performance mode after process ends because Perf Mode had been manually induced

- Fix manual Performance Mode not persisting when Process Lasso restarted
- Fix Active Processes tab rules column not clearing when last rule removed
- CPU Limiter configuration dialog - On listview row double-click, populate all controls with removed item

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Add new Processor Group Extender feature
- Fixes and enhancements

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Add per-session agent to facilitate some features with governor-as-service
- Numerous improvements and fixes to limited user environments, especially when combined with governor-as-service
- IdleSaver now available with governor-as-service
- Improvements to IdleSaver configuration, allowing broader range of settings
- Add back Spanish, Italian, Polish, and French languages
- Considerable other product refinement

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Allow hundredths precision in Watchdog (advanced rules)
- Fixes and improvements to Watchdog
- Expanded new Regular Expressions to ProBalance Exclusions
- GUI.Watchdog: Improve config dialog up/down button behavior
- Core: Populate command line field to watchdog log type action events
- CPUEater: Fix status bar overlap with 'just took action' static control
- Change copyright years to 2020
- Language updates
- GUI: Remove checkbox on 'Uninstall BHP' menu item
- Core.Watchdog: Improve handling of redundant log entries
- Core.Watchdog: Log actions even if no setting change was necessary (process already at target)
- Core.Watchdog: Other fixes and enhancements
- Core.Watchdog: Minor optimizations
- GUI: Update Slovenian
- GUI: Restore primary listview filter update on items add/removed
- Core: Support RegEx in ProBalance exclusions
- GUI: Add process match help to ProBalance exclusion dialog
- GUI.ActionsLog: Fix to context menu items and auto-select of any matching running process
- GUI: Change to 'process match' listview column headers in config dialogs
- GUI: Add tooltip to Watchdog 'Divide CPU % by total core count' option
- Uninstall: Delete desktop shortcut
- Core/GUI.Watchdog: CPU and memory thresholds now allow precision in hundredths
- GUI: Update Russian

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Added Regular Expression matching to multiple fields for Instance Balancer, Watchdog, and CPU Limiter rules. See documentation on process matching
- Optimizations to GUI
- Improvements to Active Processes tab

Fixes and enhancements:
- GUI: Restore average CPU utilization to active processes tab
- GUI: Watchdog dialog: Replace CPU % threshold drop-down with edit box
- GUI: Watchdog dialog: Round CPU % given in decimal to nearest integer pending Watchdog support for such
- GUI: Bring existing instance of Insights to foreground if already running
- Core: Fix issue with traditional rules when user is appended after single character process match (e.g. *:jerem)
- Insights: Added menu item for Advanced ProBalance Options dialog
- Insights: Fix some settings could revert when changed from Advanced ProBalance Options dialog
- GUI: Make Process Lasso info (e.g. config path) selectable in About Dialog for copy/paste
- GUI: Instance Balancer dialog: Show error when user tries to add static core count rule with 0 cores specified
- GUI: Assortment of small cosmetic and internal improvements
- GUI: Optimizations
- GUI: Fix a filter issue with mixed case in some fields
- GUI: Rewrote process icon management
- GUI: Some refactoring of Active Processes tab code
- Core: Add RegEx (and multi-field) support to CPU Limiter, Watchdog, and Instance Balancer
- GUI: Add 'help' buttons beside process match strings for Instance Balancer, CPULimiter, and Watchdog
- Core: Fix Instance Balancer issue when total logical cores is not evenly divisible by per-instance core count
- GUI: Add Windows 10/2019 build number to status bar
- GUI: Support Dark Mode up to Win10 build 19536
- GUI: Add 'View / Colors / Always allow Dark Mode' for user over-ride on untested new Win10 builds
- GUI: Change priority adjusted log action text to remove colon
- GUI: Fix a reported GUI crash
- GUI: Add dynamic (updating) RAM stats to SmartTrim dialog
- GUI: Remove cache size from status bar RAM part
- Core.InstanceBalancer: Allow 'childof:' prefix to be any character case
- GUI: Fix Show/hide graph button one pixel too wide in Active Processes view
- GUI: Show icons in Active Processes tab
- Language updates

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- GUI: Active Processes: Add sensitivity adjustment slider shown above list
- GUI: Fix to ‘File / Choose alternate log folder’
- GUI: Dark Mode support for Windows 10 19025
- GUI: Several other small and cosmetic enhancements
- Log: Standardize CSV output, adding headers, quotes and removing BOM
- Log: LogViewer: Add full history CSV export in addition to current view export
- Log: Fix main GUI ‘File / Export log to CSV’ would not export full history
- Core: Improved process suspend function, now compatible with Resource Monitor
- Core: Improved legacy hard throttle function

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Minor fixes and enhancements
- Update Chinese and Slovenian

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- GUI: Support Windows 10 Dark Mode and interface with OS setting
- GUI: Dark Mode improvements
- GUI: Add tooltips to CPU utilization graphs
- GUI: Show active config profile on graph, if used
- GUI: Self-restart now opens with main window visible
- GUI: Fix governor could be inappropriately stopped by GUI on session exit
- Core: Fix use of Performance Mode when Governor running as service
- Core: Fix ‘Hide Suspended Processes’ was defaulting to true
- TweakScheduler: Zero ratio bits when fixed length quanta used
- InstallHelper: Preserve character case of global config path
- InstallHelper: New modern browse dialogs for global log and config folders
- All: Many other optimizations, fixes and enhancements

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- GUI: Fix an issue with wildcard matching for persistent I/O priority classes
- GUI: Fix formatting in status bar when system RAM GB is more than 2 digits (>99GB)
- GUI: Update Chinese, Russian, Slovenian
- Core: Default ‘also check rules for path matches’ to true
- Licensing: Allow Performance Mode process list to be edited in free edition
- Licensing: Allow use of ProBalance advanced option ‘Restrain by CPU Affinity’ in free edition
- All: Other additions, fixes and enhancements

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- GUI: Add CPU bitmask edit control to CPU Affinity selection dialog
- GUI/Core: Add selection for power plan to use with Performance Mode, in case user desires something other than BHP (e.g. AMD Ryzen High Performance)
- GUI: Add license name graph overlay in lower-left region
- GUI: Fix crash seen after selecting process context menu items after target process had terminated
- GUI: Add warning about use of multiple configuration profiles while governor as service
- GUI: Speed process icon population
- GUI: Update PTBR
- Settings: Change default ‘hide suspended processes’ to OFF
- All: Other additions, fixes and enhancements

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Core: Allow duration of 0 to indicate indefinite period in CPU Limiter rules
- Core: Allow larger max integer values in CPU Limiter rules
- GUI: Expand edit control widths on CPU Limiter dialog
- Core: Remove some deprecated code from governor
- Core Exclude vmmem from ProBalance actions by default
- InstallHelper: Fix to startup type management legacy code
- Updater: Fix quickupgrade could fail to be replaced on update in last final
- All: Compiler optimization setting adjustments
- All: Update Chinese, German, Russian
- Other minor

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- GUI: Standardize fonts for filter edit controls
- GUI: Adopt Explorer style listviews in normal theme
- GUI: For dark mode, add dark scrollbars on listviews
- GUI: Update Chinese Simplified and Traditional, Slovenian
- Other minor changes

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- New CPU Limiter algorithm to dynamically reduce a process’s CPU use
- Per-process CPU utilization precision now in hundredths
- Refactored SmartTrim, added ability to Purge Stand-by List
- Improved and more standard update notifications
- Arranged Options menu into categories
- Retarget all projects to VS2019 platform toolset
- Large number of other enhancements

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- GUI: UX refactoring and tuning (details below)
- GUI: Change font of controls on main window
- GUI: Change order of rotation through color schemes when clicking on graph
- GUI: Change color of graph grid, now less prominent
- GUI: Reduce main window margins by half
- GUI: Reduce RAM load graph width
- GUI: Fix core graphs display issue when odd size logical CPU cores
- GUI: Enable core graphs display for single CPU core systems
- GUI: Improve appearance of core graphs
- GUI: Sizer (divider) control apperance improvement
- GUI: Switch to shortened Uptime format
- GUI: Fix RAM load graph could get mispositioned after manual sizing
- GUI: Improve flicker of CPU utilization and RAM load graphs on sizer control
- GUI: Move Lasso versions to right-most status bar component
- GUI: Strip embedded tabs in processor name string
- GUI: Change ‘RAM Load’ caption to ‘% RAM’
- GUI: Default panel size adjustments
- GUI: Change the methodology for panel size adjustments with main window resize
- GUI: Improve graph legend ellipsis
- GUI: Rename ‘automatic updates’ to ‘update without prompt’
- GUI: Add registry option ‘nographgrid’ to hide graph grid
- GUI: Update German and Slovenian
- GUI: Other misc changes
- Core: Change module description in version block

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- GUI: Added Dark Mode
- GUI: Expanded custom color selections
- GUI: Improved filter edit control appearance and function, add ‘X’ clear button when populated
- GUI: Window painting and sizing optimizations
- GUI: Change default graph color
- GUI: Improved display of many message boxes
- GUI: Large number of cosmetic and control enhancements
- Assortment of fixes and enhancements

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- GUI: If system only has a single CPU group: For default process columns, hide ‘CPU group’, Set CPU utilization bars caption to ‘CPU %’ instead of ‘CPU Group 0’
- GUI: Improvements to graph components and sizing, especially for non-English languages
- GUI: Restore ‘Governor Not Running’ warning graph overlay
- GUI: Text, menu item, and dialog cleanup and consistency improvements
- GUI: Fix issue where previously used config profile couldn’t be deleted until governor restarted
- GUI: Show automatic gaming mode in rules column
- GUI: Restore color theme when GUI launched
- GUI: Invalidate target windows after theme change
- GUI: Status bar – Remove ‘cores /’ prefix on queue length per core
- GUI: Improve process tooltip formatting, especially for non-English
- GUI: Continued prep for full dark mode
- GUI: Add Slovenian
- GUI: Other code improvements
- Core: Allow auto-detected games to be children of framework (e.g. Steam) at any level, not only immediate child
- Misc other

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Core: Refactored the Instance Balancer: allow for wildcards, allow for childof: to balance all children, e.g. ‘childof: boinc.exe’, re-balance if any PID in set changes, rather than net instance count change
- Core: Default to disabled process creation and termination log events
- GUI: Disable listview gridlines by default
- GUI: Add ‘View / Show gridlines’ option
- GUI: Don’t show ProBalance stats on graph if ProBalance is disabled
- GUI: Change graph overlay ‘ProBalance restraints’ to ‘ProBalance events’
- GUI: Add color selections for listview background and foreground
- GUI: Invert dark/light theme selections in preparation for dark mode
- Additional fixes and enhancements

Process Lasso (64-bit)

- GUI: Add Processor Utility % to status bar (see this page for info)
- GUI: Add CPU Queue Length and Load Ratio to status bar (queue_length / core_count)
- GUI: Add Process Lasso version to status bar
- GUI: CTRL+C copy to clipboard support of selected rows in primary listviews (including filtered views and logviewer)
- GUI: Fix a small memory leak seen under some conditions
- GUI: Minor other improvements
- LogViewer: Persist window size and position
- LogViewer: Expand right-most log column to horizontal size of window if it would otherwise be initialized to a lesser width
- LogViewer: Move log listview column persistance to HKCU
- LogViewer: CTRL+A select all support
- Expand maximum command line length in places where an older Windows constant was used
- Migrate to VS2019

Process Lasso (64-bit)

- Add Instance Balancer feature that assigns CPU cores to multiple instances of an application based on a specified algorithm
- Refactor Keep Awake timer functionality
- Refactor persistence of Keep Awake timer and manually induced Performance Mode when Process Lasso is restarted
- Use performance counter for total CPU utilization instead of calculation
- Change CPU topology status bar format
- Maintenance to updater for server edition
- GUI Rules column now also shows ProBalance exclusions matched by path
- Improvements to session (user) name resolution
- Fix a painting issue with actions log listview header
- Add last metric (CPU use, responsiveness, memory load.) readings to graph legend
- Add background to graph legend to enhance visibility
- Add custom color selection for graph legend background
- Change order of graph color scheme rotation on click (black, white, custom)
- Make listview painting smoother during frequent updates
- Remove a deprecated registry key in server edition
- Persistent CPU affinities configuration dialog improvements
- Pre-order status bar parts to put dynamic columns first
- Defaults: Turn on process icons in Server Edition, turn on process creation/termination logging in Workstation Edition
- Misc cosmetic work and enhancements
- Update Chinese (simplified and traditional), German, Finnish, Russian languages

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Default to more appropriate default log path when governor configured as a service
- Fix a rare crash seen in processlasso.exe
- Allow GUI to display more complex persistent process setting rules (pathname, command line) in listview
- Allow for smaller main window sizes to be remembered
- Minor other

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Dynamically size status bar parts
- Improvements to watchdog configuration dialog (confirm close without save, formatting, text)
- Restore confirmation on cancel w/o save to all configuration dialogs
- Remove minimum window height and width during resize
- Always use OS default size and width for main window, first run

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Add CPU type to status bar
- Make CPU topology distinct status bar item
- Continued work to processor group support
- Single-selection process context menu: Move memory priority to ‘More’ submenu
- Add processor group to CPU utilization and parking graphs caption
- Import sort behavior of listviews
- Add sort direction indicators to listview headers
- Save column states on mimimize of main window (instead of only on exit)
- Improved main window resizing
- Minor fixes and enhancements
- Assorted cosmetic and string changes
- Update Russian

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Add processor group (‘CPU groups’) display to indicate processor group(s) a process’s threads are running on – info
- Change to CPU core graph ordering to adhere better to NUMA node grouping
- Change to default listview ordering - NOTE: These changes will cause saved listview column ordering and sizes to be reset once
- Show ‘KB’ instead of ‘K’ in I/O Delta
- Show blank instead of 0 KB in I/O Delta
- Fix installer unicode (Chinese, Russian)
- Update to NSIS 3.04

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Fix issue with Hyper-Threaded/SMT avoidance current CPU affinity selection
- Fix a cosmetic resource issue in process context menu on Intel platforms
- Fix an issue where some process information could be blank
- Core process enumeration and management code maintenance
- Update copyright year
- Minor other

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Fix exception in 546 when a secondary instance of ProcessLasso.exe is launched directly w/o using ProcessLassoLauncher.exe
- Minor cosmetic improvement to ProBalance advanced options dialog
- Update Finnish and German languages

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Fix to ‘Induce Performance Mode’ (formerly ‘Classify as a High Performance’) process context menu item
- Fix digital signing of some modules in 32-bit distributions
- Minor adjustment to inter-process communication queue management

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Add NUMA node selections to all CPU affinity selection dialogs
- Organizational changes to process context menu
- Assortment of string, message box, and dialog improvements
- Improvements to watchdog advanced rules dialog
- Change ‘Disable SMT’ to ‘Disable Hyperthreading’ for Intel CPUs
- Change first-time minimization to system tray notification text
- Include ThreadRacer in Lasso distribution and add to Tools menu
- Add CPUEater and TestLasso support for 64-bit CPU affinities
- Fix CPUeater and TestLasso support for greater than 64 threads
- Fix Del and CTRL+A keys in filter edit box
- Increase load rate of process icons
- Remove some languages not up to date

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- UX fixes for the 2990wx and other systems with groups of >32 cores
- Additional UX fixes and string changes
- Update DE, RU, PT-BR

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Some UX fixes for the 2990wx and other systems with groups of 64 cores
- Fix 2x restraint total count can occur in Insights UX
- Fix post-update revision history may on system tray icon click after notification balloon disappeared
- Update RU, PTBR, FI languages

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Add menu item under ‘Options / Performance Mode settings’ to uninstall/reinstall Bitsum Highest Performance power plan
- Improve watchdog dialog initial appearance
- Fix Watchdog issue with CPU affinity bitmasks > 32
- Licensing: Unbind CPU core count from unique machine ID. Requires re-activation to unbind
- Improve terminate process functionality in filtered view
- Other small fixes and enhancements

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Fix a GUI crash seen by a small number of users

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Show message box on restart after ‘Reconfigure the way Process Lasso starts’
- Restore listview header right-click to select visible columns (in addition to right-click on tab)
- Add last four digits of activation code to About Box
- Show Status column by default in All Processes view
- Fill app name and desc with process base name if can’t be retrieved
- Fix filtered processes view didn’t adopt customized columns from All Processes view
- Fixes to column setting persistence
- Fix extreme date change could cause days installed to roll over
- Fix to CPU time sort
- Fix Dark / white graph theme menu item check inversion
- Change to default column ordering in all processes listview
- Enable minidumps

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Show message box on restart after ‘Reconfigure the way Process Lasso starts’
- Restore listview header right-click to select visible columns (in addition to right-click on tab)
- Add last four digits of activation code to About Box
- Show Status column by default in All Processes view
- Fill app name and desc with process base name if can’t be retrieved
- Fix filtered processes view didn’t adopt customized columns from All Processes view
- Fixes to column setting persistence
- Fix extreme date change could cause days installed to roll over
- Fix to CPU time sort
- Fix Dark / white graph theme menu item check inversion
- Change to default column ordering in all processes listview

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- GUI now allows protected processes like Easy Anti-Cheat clients to be configured for Performance Mode by adding their basename to the list, instead of throwing an error when pathname resolution fails.
- Allow process basenames to be specified (w/o wildcards) in the Performance Mode list
- Add optional command line matching to Default CPU Affinities
- Fix to governor refresh rate slider in Insights dialog

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Divide CPU core utilization graphs into 2 vertical stacks for additional display room
- Add some special purpose debug logging related to configuration file load disposition
- Update PTBR, Russian

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Fix 5 second refresh interval configuration persistence
- Update German and Chinese translations
- Other minor fixes and adjustments

Process Lasso (64-bit)
- Fix dysfunctional ‘Notify of power plan changes’ menu item
- Hide Insights ‘Since …’ if no start time-stamp is available
- Add additional retries and increase time-out for UNC backed configuration files – to prevent their reset to default for failure to load
- Fix ‘Pro – Balance’ on advanced ProBalance dialog options
- Change name of ‘default’ profile to ‘My Default Profile’ so it is not confused with program defaults
- Import newer Italian, Polish, Russian, Finnish, Chinese Traditional, and Chinese Simplified

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