最新版本 Bitwig Studio 2.3.2

Bitwig Studio 2.3.2

Bitwig Studio 2.3.2
QTranslate 是一個免費的 Windows 翻譯。使用這個小工具,您只需選擇要翻譯的文本,然後按熱鍵(Ctrl + Q 在彈出窗口中顯示翻譯,或雙擊 Ctrl 在主窗口中顯示翻譯)。 QTranslate 也有能力說文本 Ctrl + E 並執行字典搜索 Ctrl + Shift + Q。此外,您可以打開主窗口並手動輸入文字。

Google 翻譯必應翻譯 Promt Babylon SDL FreeTranslation.com Yandex.Translate 有道百度 Naver QTranslate 功能:
任何支持文本選擇的應用程序中的文本翻譯語音識別圖像文本識別(OCR API 提供的 OCR.SPACE)文本到語音合成在線詞典搜索在離線搜索 XDXF 詞典拼寫檢查詞建議 / 自動完成翻譯歷史虛擬鍵盤


檔案版本 Bitwig Studio 2.3.2

檔案名稱 Bitwig-Studio-2.3.2.msi
檔案大小 194 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 QuestSoft
官網 http://quest-app.appspot.com/
更新日期 2018-03-17

What's new in this version:

- Fixed rendering text containing invalid UTF code points
- Preset with enormous amount of text in the comment can break the whole GUI when selecting it in browser panel
- Undo stops working after adjusting multiple automation points' curvature by alt dragging the second selected point
- Recording audio clips in clip launcher creates invalid warp markers for every arrangement loop repetition
- Crash when updating controller shortcuts in the preferences while no project was open
- Crash when clicking button to upgrade
- Arpeggiator does not quantize its patterns to the transport but starts on every note on position
- Automation does not get played correctly by VST
- Not possible to overwrite templates that were created with some earlier versions

- Changing the audio settings while the engine is still in the process of activating for a project could cause it to connect with the wrong sample rate or block size in some rare cases
- Activating the engine for a new project may lose plugin states in currently activated project in some rare circumstances
- Increased the maximum number of note inputs from 128 to 512
- Improved GUI performance for projects with huge amounts of notes
- Improved CPU performance of Elastique stretching algorithms

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