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最新版本 Quip for Desktop 7.7.1

Quip for Desktop 7.7.1

Quip for Desktop 7.7.1
Quip for Desktop 是現代生產力套件,簡化您的生活,並幫助您的團隊更快地完成工作。全球有 3 萬多家公司和數百萬人使用 Quip for Desktop 進行團隊協作。從 Instacart 和 Stripe 等科技公司到 CNN 和 Al Jazeera 等媒體公司,像 Lean In.6235896
Quip for Windows 這樣的非營利組織,無論您的 WiFi 連接速度如何還是與互聯網完全隔離,脫機時,您可以繼續創建文檔,編輯文檔和發送消息。只要有互聯網連接,所有的編輯就會與網絡同步,而且您正在使用的每個人都將看到您的更改.


在線和離線之間的轉換是完全無縫的。因此,如果您的飛機互聯網連接速度極慢,其他用戶的更新將以盡可能快的速度流入,但速度緩慢的網絡不會影響您的體驗。 Quip for Desktop 是現代團隊一起工作的方式!從 FileHorse 立即下載 Quip 離線安裝程序用於 PC .

注意:30 天的文檔修訂歷史記錄。有限的功能.

也可用:下載 Quip for Mac


檔案版本 Quip for Desktop 7.7.1

檔案名稱 QuipInstaller.exe
檔案大小 66.5 MB
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Quip Team
官網 https://quip.com/blog/desktop
更新日期 2020-03-24

What's new in this version:

Quip for Desktop 7.7.1
- Admin Roles: Admins can create custom permissions profiles and assign them to admins, to granularly control what parts of the admin console each person can view or edit. All current admins default to the Super Admin role. See the support article for more detail.
- Lookup formula changes and improvements: When provisioning new users in the admin console, admins can control and customize the emails that get sent to new users.

Bug Fixes:
- Custom emails to new users: We will now only throw an error for a legitimate circular reference. For example, if in cell C1 you had the formula “VLOOKUP(3, A1:B4, 2)” and B1 = C1. Previously, this formula would have an error because B1 is referencing C1 and C1 is referencing B1 (through the range A1:B4). Now we will not throw an error because C1 is actually not depending on the value of B1. Formulas this affects include: VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, LOOKUP, IF, IFERROR, IFNA, SUMIF, SUMIFS, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS, AVERAGEIF, AVERAGEIFS.

Quip for Desktop 7.6.1
- New Add/Edit Link UI: We refreshed the design for the Add/Edit Link flow to make it more user friendly. We also no longer require the user to input the http protocol for URLs. For Web and Desktop

Bug Fixes:
Notification Updates:
- Spreadsheet cell content is now included in email notifications. Previously, when you got an email notification for a comment in a cell, it only included the comment. Now, we include a preview of the cell so you know what is being commented on.
- Opening a spreadsheet comment notification from an email or the notification drawer should now take you to the correct cell. Previously, if the comment was on a cell outside the viewport, clicking on the notification would not take you to the correct cell.

Quip for Desktop 7.5.1
Improved chat creation flow:
- When composing a new chat message with others, you’ll see the previous conversation you’ve had with them, helping you have more context when crafting your message. Additionally, composing new chats feels faster on the web and desktop, thanks to the composer opening in a lightweight chat tab in the bottom-right.

Menu Reorganization:
- Sidebar items have been added, removed, and reorganized to help users access features, match user expectations, and maintain consistency across the app. You can also now compose new Quip documents from the menu.

Bug Fixes:
- Admin Console Updates: We changed the way we represent embedded elements like Live Apps and in-document spreadsheets on the Admin Console Insights page. Previously, we counted the number of times a member of your site added an embedded element to a Quip document. Now, we count the total number of embedded elements. You may notice the numbers of embedded elements are lower than they were previously, because we’re no longer counting elements that were deleted or removed from a document.

Quip for Desktop 7.4.2
- Quip Governance: We’ve created a new set of auditing and reporting features, designed to help companies meet industry and organizational data requirements. Quip Governance is available as a standalone add-on, and also included in the Quip Shield package. Contact your account executive or customer success manager for more information. This is a new SKU available for customers with Quip Enterprise and above.
-Data Retention: Create policies to manage how long your site retains content and programmatically delete stale content.
- Data Hold: Add individual users to data holds within Quip, ensuring their content will not be deleted.
- Reporting: Reporting on data retention and data hold policies
- New API Event Types We’ve added new event types to the Events API, including events related to link-sharing, governance features, and more. See here for additional details. For Quip Shield and Events API subscribers.
- Easily Update a Filter: When data in a filtered range changes that affects what is being filtered, you will now see a “Update Filter” button to quickly apply the filter to the new data. Previously, you had to turn off/on your filter in order for it to apply to your new data.
- Videos in Messages: Videos used appear in conversations as attachments. Now they render and play right in the message
- Indentable Paragraphs: Press tab to indent the paragraph to make your documents easier to navigate and read. Hitting Shift-Tab outdents it
- Reactions: Have some fun and express yourself with more than just a thumbs up. Now you can react to messages using the emoji of your choice

Bug Fixes:
- Spreadsheet Export improvements: We have improved our .xlsx file export functionality to support the following: hyperlinks, images, merged cells, column width, row height, text alignment, text color, and time format
- Resizable Images in Lists: Images can now be re-sized when they’re a part of lists. Use the drag handles just like you would for images in paragraph sections
- Renamed Admin Action Log: We’ve renamed the Admin Audit Log to the Admin Action Log

Quip for Desktop 7.4.1
Import Related Lists into a Quip document:
- Add record-specific related lists to a Quip document with the updated Salesforce List Live App. Embedded Quip documents dynamically pull the related lists of the records they’re embedded on to save your users time. Your users can easily stay on top of deals and cases with in-line editing, comments, and bi-directional syncing to Salesforce. Available for Quip for Customer 360 (formerly named Quip for Salesforce).

Get summarized Salesforce Reports in Quip:
- Hide your report’s detail rows in Quip to improve report performance and to focus on key details like groupings, totals, subtotals, and record counts. Use Summary view to get a high-level overview of your report, making it easier to collaborate without getting stuck in the weeds. Available for Quip for Customer 360 on Web and Desktop.

Keep your Quip templates up-to-date with Dynamic Live Apps:
- Add Salesforce Record and Salesforce List Live Apps to a Quip document embedded in a Salesforce record. Configure them to automatically update based on the record’s data. Available for Quip for Customer 360.

Dynamically Filter Live Salesforce Reports in Quip:
- Filter live Salesforce reports in Quip using your report’s custom filters. Create a standard template from a Quip document and add it to a Salesforce record using the Quip Document component. Reports added to an embedded Quip document dynamically filter based on the record’s data. Available for Quip for Customer 360 on Web and Desktop.

Use Salesforce Record and Salesforce List Live Apps without Reconnecting:
- After users connect their Salesforce orgs to Quip, they can add live Salesforce data to a Quip document without needing to reconnect. No more logging in to each live app separately. They can even connect multiple Salesforce orgs to one Quip site, making it easier to keep cross-cloud collaboration in context. Available for Quip for Customer 360.

Synced Sharing for Salesforce Sandbox Orgs:
- Admins can connect Salesforce Sandbox Orgs in the Quip Admin Console to try out synced sharing capabilities in a test environment. Available for Quip for Customer 360.

Restrict Importing and Exporting:
- Admins can now restrict importing and exporting documents from their Quip site. Import restrictions can be applied either to all platforms or just importing on mobile devices, and include importing from other services, as well as the local device. Export restrictions disable downloads and exports to any filetype.

Bigger Comments:
- We've increased the size of the comment popovers to improve the experience of reading and writing conversations via comments. Available on Web and Desktop.

Bug Fixes:
User List Export Improvements:
- We have improved the user list exporting functionality for large companies. Instead of directly downloading the .csv of users, we’ll send you an email with a link to the .csv to avoid timeouts and other errors. The experience is unchanged for smaller organizations.

Quip for Desktop 7.3.1
- Restrict file attachments: Admins can now set a site-wide policy restricting file uploads, attachments, and imports to specified MIME types. Attempts to attach or import a file with a MIME type outside the allowlist will fail.

Bug Fixes:
- Spreadsheet import improvements: We have improved our .xlsx file import functionality to support the following: hyperlinks, images, merged cells, currency number formatting, cell borders, and text color. Since images in Quip spreadsheets must be in-cell, when importing images from an .xlsx file, all images will be in a separate tab so we don’t disturb the formatting of the other cells.

Anchor Link Copy/Paste Improvement:
- Anchor links that refer to content within the same document and then get copy-pasted to a different document now refer to the pasted section in the new document, rather than the source document

Quip for Desktop 7.2.1
Quip for Salesforce Usage Metrics in the Quip Admin Console:
- Admins can now measure user adoption of Quip for Salesforce features in the Quip Admin Console. Use data to track engagement with Salesforce integrations in Quip and to make the most of your Quip for Customer 360 licenses.

Bug Fixes:
Anchor Link Copy/Paste Improvement:
- Anchor links that: 1) refer to content in the same document and then, 2) get copy-pasted to a different document, now refer to the pasted section in the new document rather than the source document.

Quip for Desktop 7.1.0
- Locked cells: Anyone with edit access can now lock a cell, range of cells, or an entire sheet from being modified on a spreadsheet. Confidently collaborate on spreadsheets without worrying about your complex formulas or formatting being accidentally modified by team members
- New Color Picker: We’ve updated and unified our color picker across all of Quip. You will now see a standard color picker throughout Quip, with many more colors for every color formatting feature
- Better printing for Spreadsheets: We’ve made improvements to our printing and export to PDF functionality for full-screen spreadsheets. You can now choose from different page layout and scaling options to fit your printing needs. You can even print all of your spreadsheet content without it getting cut off

Quip for Desktop 7.0.0
- Create additional Quip sites for secure partner collaboration (Partner Sites) or non-production testing (Testing Sites): Admins can now use the Managed Sites feature to enable and manage two key workflows right from the Quip Admin Console. 1) Spin up a Partner Site and provision Quip access for your vendors to collaborate with your employees, and retain ownership and control of all content. 2) If you’re looking for a blank space to test out templates or site configuration options, just create a new Testing Site and provision a few users for testing. And, to help clarify these new types of site relationships, we’ve added two new types of user badges in the app: blue badges represent Partner Site relationships, and green badges represent Testing Site relationships. Check out full details on the admin experience, sharing controls and user badges here. For Quip Enterprise and Quip for Salesforce.
- Filter the list of document/folder members by type: Now when you click the red External badge next to the title of your document or folder, the Share dialog opens and you can click “Manage” to see the full list of who has access. But rather than scrolling through the list to see who is an External member, who is a Partner Site member, and who is a Testing Site member, just use the new dropdown to filter the list by type, so you can easily know the audience of your document.
- Capitalize headers your way: Previously, the smallest headings (H3s) were styled with all uppercase letters. For new documents (created on web; coming soon for apps), you can capitalize them as you’d like. H3s in existing documents will stay capitalized but can be updated per document from Document > Advanced > Uncapitalize Small Headings.
- To bold or not to bold (checklist items): For new documents (created on web; coming soon for apps), checklist items with sub-items will no longer be automatically bolded. You can decide for yourself if you prefer to bold or not to bold.
- Working with images: Images make documents shine. We’ve created a more natural experience to make it easier than ever before to insert, drag, arrange, and resize images in your documents.
- Improved accessibility on Spreadsheets: We’ve made improvements for screenreader users on Spreadsheets. Our latest changes are listed below, but check out our full Accessibility Guide here.

Quip 5.5.49
- Customize your sidebar buttons: A couple weeks ago, we launched our new customizable sidebar on web. Today, you can also access this feature on your desktop app. As a reminder, here’s what we said about it last time.
Ahem: “We all use Quip a little differently, and some of your sidebar buttons probably get used a lot more than other ones do. That’s why we’ve made it possible to customize which ones are in there, and in what order they appear. Just right click on the sidebar (or choose ‘Customize Sidebar’ from the account menu) and uncheck anything you don’t want to see. To reorder, just drag.”
- Consistent chat experience: The chat icon has moved up in the sidebar and is now grouped with all the other icons. Also, your chats will now always be in a drawer. Combined with the customizable sidebar feature (see above), you can hide/reposition the chat icon as you wish.

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