Rambox (32-bit)

最新版本 Rambox 0.5.13 (32-bit)

Rambox 0.5.13 (32-bit)

Rambox 0.5.13 (32-bit)
Rambox 使您可以在一個地方多次添加常用服務。對於那些為商業和私人賬戶提供多種服務的人來說,這是非常完美的。新的方式來組織你的服務!消息和電子郵件軟件,將網絡應用程序合併為一個!

Sessions 將堅持使用分區:persist 屬性的 Webviews。因此,每次打開 Rambox 時,您的會話都將保持活動狀態,直到您刪除該服務。同步功能使用 Auth0 進行單點登錄& 基於令牌的身份驗證,並存儲用戶正在使用的服務(以及每個服務的配置,如名稱,對齊,圖標等).

Rambox 功能:


Sync 服務
如果在不同的計算機上使用 Rambox ,您可以同步您的配置.

Master Password
每次打開 Rambox 時請求輸入密碼。

如果您將要離開一段時間,您可以鎖定 Rambox。




每當您有新的東西檢查時,您都會在服務標籤和任務欄圖標中看到徽章。 896
Rambox 始終運行並可以在系統托盤中訪問.

您可以配置為自動打開 Rambox.


如果網絡阻塞某些服務,配置 Rambox 以使用代理服務器.


檔案版本 Rambox 0.5.13 (32-bit)

檔案名稱 Rambox.Setup.0.5.13-ia32.exe
系統 Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Ramiro Saenz
官網 http://rambox.pro/
更新日期 2017-10-05

What's new in this version:

Rambox 0.5.13 (32-bit)
- Fixed WhatsApp unread notification
- Added Slack company icon to the tab
- New option in Preferences to set default service to display
- Ignore muted channels in Slack for the unread counter
- Fixed bug in Preferences related to display and close behaviors
- Enable hide menu bar in Linux
- Improved tray click in Linux
- Improved UI of Rambox Tab
- Fixed bug on editing service
- Improved Auth0 integration and fixed locales
- Improved "check for updates" functionality
- Fixed Hangouts modal video calls
- Fixed iCloud compose a message
- Fixed Flowdock bug on click links
- Allow http in https services
- Added Google Voice, Sandstorm, Gadu-Gadu, Mail.Ru and Kune

Rambox 0.5.12 (32-bit)
- Fixed Slack unread notification
- Updated Typetalk, Teamwork and Flowdock logo
- Updated Openmailbox URL
- Added Google Allo service
- New option to disable taskbar flash/bounce dock on new messages
- Changed Facebook Pages URL to new inbox
- Fixed scaling issue on HiDPI displays (only Windows)
- Fixed mySMS to prevent login every restart
- Fixed Yahoo! Mail block
- Improved pinned on the taskbar in Windows
- Prevent to flash taskbar when Don't Disturb is ON
- Fixed active service name in title
- Fixed bug when want to enable Don't Disturb mode and there is a service disabled

Rambox 0.5.10 (32-bit)
- Removed mmmelon service
- Fixed typo in Inbox note
- Display current service in the window title
- Fixed TweetDeck 2FA bug
- Fixed Hangouts constant notifications
- Prevent closing Rambox on "no internet connection" to allow the user to configure Proxy

Rambox 0.5.9 (32-bit)
- Removed warning from Gmail saying "this version of chrome is not longer supported"
- Removed Actor service (no longer available)
- Fixed/Improved system tray functionality
- Fixed general unread counter
- Fixed unread counter for WhatsApp
- Fixed Pushbullet and Hootsuite login bug
- Fixed Microsoft Teams load
- Added "Preferences" option to the menu
- Added Facebook Messenger for Pages, VK Messenger, Protonmail CH, Mastodon, Teamwork Chat, ClockTweets and Intercom
- Improved design of Add Window
- Fixed focus on Alt + Tab and click
- Added command parameter to prevent update (--without-update)
- Fixed Ctrl + PG_DOWN bug
- Fixed download link for Linux when a new version is available
- Fixed Rambox Account synchronization bug
- Added unread count to Ryver
- Fixed tray double click, show/hide window and notification click
- Added new preference "Display behavior"
- Improved Statusbar, added a new option to hide it and a button to close it manually
- Fixed Flock unread counter
- Added a note to Inbox to disable Hangouts
- Fixed links in Fastmail
- Added an option to hide tab name
- Disabled services now are hidden (not rendered)
- Added urgent hint when receiving a message (WIN)
- Added an option to use Master Password to Lock Rambox
- Fixed bug on deleting a service with unread messages
- Fixed visibility of webviews in macOS and Linux
- Fixed Terminal opening on boot for macOS
- Multi-language support

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