最新版本 Navicat Premium 15.0.18 (64-bit)

Navicat Premium 15.0.18 (64-bit)

Navicat Premium 15.0.18 (64-bit)
RoboForm 使登錄到網站和填寫表格更快,更容易,更安全。 RoboForm 第一次登錄網站時記憶並安全地存儲每個用戶名和密碼,然後在您返回時自動提供它們。 RoboForm 的登錄功能消除了登錄到任何在線帳戶的手動步驟。只需點擊一下 RoboForm 就可以導航到一個網站,輸入您的用戶名和密碼,然後點擊提交按鈕。完成長時間的註冊或結賬形式也是一件輕而易舉的事情。只需點擊 RoboForm 標識和 RoboForm 填充即可。在整個表格中為您選擇.

您不再需要記住所有密碼。你記得一個主密碼,RoboForm 記得其餘的。這使您可以使用更強大的密碼,使您的在線體驗更安全。 RoboForm 使用強大的 AES 加密來實現完整的數據安全。

它如何工作 RoboForm:

安裝 RoboForm
冒險和下載 RoboForm. 沒有什麼可以失去 - 它是免費的,你將能夠看到什麼是所有的興奮是關於。沒有信用卡,也沒有附加任何條件.

你的主密碼是你需要記住的一個密碼。這個密碼將加密和保護你所有的 RoboForm 數據.

RoboForm 沒有啟動時間 - 就像平時一樣上網。當您登錄網站時,RoboForm 自動提供保存您的登錄信息。這很簡單!

現在,RoboForm 已經記住了您的登錄信息,只需點擊該登錄,RoboForm 就會將您帶到該網站並自動登錄。這與使用書籤或收藏夾一樣簡單。您永遠不需要再次記住或再次輸入其他密碼.

訪問 RoboForm 無處不在
訪問所有計算機和設備上的 RoboForm 登錄名和身份。 RoboForm 在 Windows,Mac,Linux 和 Windows USB 驅動器上運行。也有最流行的手機平台,包括 iOS,Android 和 Windows Mobile 的應用程序。使用 RoboForm Everywhere(在線)服務將您的數據同步並備份到雲端,讓您享受到安全的一鍵式訪問.

使用 RoboForm 身份識別功能可安全地存儲您的姓名,地址,電子郵件,信用卡,和所有你的其他信息。只需點擊您的 RoboForm 身份即可自動填寫整個網頁表單。省去不必要的打字時間!

由於您不再需要記住或輸入密碼,因此可以使用 RoboForm 為您訪問的每個網站生成強大的唯一密碼.

注意:30 天試用版。有限的功能.

也可用:下載 RoboForm 為 Mac


檔案版本 Navicat Premium 15.0.18 (64-bit)

檔案名稱 navicat150_premium_en_x64.exe
檔案大小 58.2 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Siber Systems Inc.
更新日期 2020-09-14

What's new in this version:

Navicat Premium 15.0.18 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Navicat Premium 15.0.17 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Navicat Premium 15.0.16 (64-bit)
- Support Active Directory authentication method for SQL Server
- Integer column exported in Number format when exporting Excel file
- Display export profiles in the same group of queries

- The fields of PostgreSQL compound index were displayed incorrectly
- Unable to show index fields in PostgreSQL 9.0
- Unable to set data to NULL in query results
- Crashed when clicking the ellipsis button in Custom Recordset
- Pasting data into a column cleared another column data
- Default Settings Location path was set to a wrong location for some cases
- "Floating point division by zero" error occurred when setting the dashboard background
- The file extension was missing when exporting the dashboard
- Query Parameter did not work when using a parameter twice
- "Invalid floating point operation" error occurred when adding NULL data to the chart
- Incorrect columns were displayed after clicking the Default button in the "Choose columns" window
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Navicat Premium 15.0.14 (64-bit)
Bug fixes:
- Unable to set the identity seed and increment in PostgreSQL models
- Unable to synchronize data to MySQL 8.0.19
- Unable to connect AnalyticDB
- Unable to set SET IDENTITY_INSERT ON in Data Synchronization
- Unable to export data to .mdb files
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Navicat Premium 15.0.13 (64-bit)
- MySQL table row format reverted to Compact after editing
- Unknown Internal error occurred when opening Oracle tables
- Syntax error occurred when creating events
- Unable to set default value for fields in Table Designer
- Unable to show SUPER privilege for MariaDB 10.4 in the user object list
- Foreign key was dropped and added when re-comparing the model
- Data Pump Import's Table Exists Action drop-down list options were incorrect
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Navicat Premium 15.0.12 (64-bit)
Bug fixes:
- Incorrect SQL generated when transferring Oracle tables
- Invalid XML error occurred when importing connections
- Differences was detected in re-comparison in Structure Synchronization and Synchronize to Database
- Incorrect data was updated when saving ; in a non-text field
- Unable to import data to PostgreSQL array fields
- Incorrect SQL generated for altering fields in Structure Synchronization
- Incorrect items were displayed in suggestion list when using code completion with alias
- Incorrect SQL generated when enabling "On Update Current_timestamp" in Table Designer
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Navicat Premium 15.0.11 (64-bit)
Bug fixes:
- Query wrongly returned null results in some cases
- "," was replaced by "." when using Custom Filter in Table Viewer
- Relation attributes were wrong after reopening the logical model
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Navicat Premium 15.0.9 (64-bit)
Bug fixes:
- Only the first batch was transferred when "Number of row per batch" was enabled
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Navicat Premium 15.0.8 (64-bit)
- Added "Keep Orthogonal Layout" to Model

Bug fixes:
- Unable to update bit type data
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Navicat Premium 15.0.7 (64-bit)
Bug fixes:
- The "Others" button was missing for PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQL Server connections

Navicat Premium 15.0.6 (64-bit)
- Added shortcuts for "Run Current Statement" and "Select Current Statement" in Query Editor

Bug fixes:
- "Unknown Internal Error" occurred when modeling databases
- Find bar UI issue in Data Viewer
- Unable to print table when using popup menu on Navigation pane
- Syntax error occurred when renaming index in MariaDB table
- Explain feature did not work with query parameters
- Interval type was not supported in Charts
- Highlight color issue in Filter wizard when using Dark mode
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Navicat Premium 15.0.5 (64-bit)
Bug fixes:
- OCI Environment setting was unable to save
- "Invalid floating point operation" error occurred when resizing tables in View Builder
- Multiple primary key names were generated when exporting model to SQL files
- int8 type was converted to int8(255) when synchronizing model to PostgreSQL server
- Syntax error occurred when connecting to MySQL 4
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Navicat Premium 15.0.4 (64-bit)
Bug fixes:
- Access violation error occurred when adding users to Navicat Cloud project
- Access Denied error occurred when designing table
- Unable to highlight field when typing in Filter's field selection list
- Wrong fields are exported to the SQL file when not all fields are selected
- Dark theme kept reverting back to Normal theme
- Wrong CREATE INDEX was generated in Model
- MySQL JSON data was truncated in Table Viewer
- Empty value was exported as **** when exporting DBF file
- Data Transfer high memory consumption issue
- Unable to connect Azure Database for MariaDB
- Run queries slow issue
- Unable to set Numeric field without precision in PostgreSQL server
- "List index out of bounds (-1)" error occurred when editing role privileges
- "Last Tab Window" option was missing

Navicat Premium 15.0.3 (64-bit)
- New Charts
- Advanced Data Transfer
- Brand new Query Builder
- Enhanced Data Modeling Tool
- Dark theme UI and Diagram
- Many other new features and improvements

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