最新版本 Sandboxie 4.14

Sandboxie 4.14

Sandboxie 4.14
Sandboxie 在隔離的空間中運行您的程序,防止它們對計算機中的其他程序和數據進行永久更改。它通過在 Sandboxie 的保護下運行您的 Web 瀏覽器來提供安全的 Web 瀏覽,這意味著瀏覽器下載的所有惡意軟件都被困在沙盒中,並且可以被輕易地丟棄。它增強了瀏覽歷史記錄,cookies 和緩存的臨時文件的隱私,同時 Web 瀏覽器保留在沙盒中,不會洩漏到 Windows 中。它通過將軟件安裝到獨立的沙箱中來防止磨損.


Secure Web 瀏覽
在 Sandboxie 的保護下運行您的 Web 瀏覽器意味著瀏覽器下載的所有惡意軟件都被困在沙箱中,可以平庸拋棄。

Enhanced 隱私
瀏覽歷史記錄,Cookie 和緩存的 Web 臨時文件保留在沙箱中,並不洩漏到 Windows 中收集的臨時文件。

Secure 電子郵件

Windows Lean

注意:30 天試用版.


檔案版本 Sandboxie 4.14

檔案名稱 SandboxieInstall.exe
檔案大小 2.61 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Sandboxie Holdings, LLC.
更新日期 2014-10-17

What's new in this version:

- There is a new EULA (license.txt)
- Fixed Chrome 37/38 crash error C0000008 (invalid handle).
- Fixed Chrome 38-64 hang (web page unresponsive).
- Fixed Chrome hang when printing to PDF.
- Browsers can now access Internet when using McAfee SaaS
- Fixed Silverlight crash in Win 8.1 (
- Fixed Excel crash when copying large amounts of data.
- Sandboxie now has language support for Farsi (Persian).
- The auto-update feature only checked the next update time (sandbox.ini setting SbieCtrl_NextUpdateCheck) 1 time when SbieCtrl.exe was started. If SbieCtrl.exe was kept running, it would never check the update time again.
- Several large memory leaks (reported by Dr. Larry Pepper et al.) have been fixed.
- ASLR is now enabled for SbieDll.dll 32 bit (64 bit will come later).
- OpenIpcPath=BaseNamedObjectsFontCachePort is now in templates.ini as a default. Until now, this was a suggested work-around for some Chrome 37 problems.
NOTE: the default only applies to new installs. For existing installs, you need to go into Sandbox settings->Applications->Miscellaneous, and check the option "Allow direct access to Windows Font Cache"
- Added hook for GetProcessImageFileName/NtQueryInformationProcess so it now returns the sandboxed path.
- Improvements to the Dutch language text.
- The SbieSvc startup time has been increased from 5 seconds to 15 seconds to eliminate the following sequence of startup errors:
SBIE2335 Initialization failed for process %2
SBIE2336 Error in GUI server: %2
SBIE2337 Failed to start program: %2
- Malware DarkComet is using a quirk in Windows to put up a MessageBox that does not have the sandboxed yellow window border. This poses no security risk, but to prevent user concern, this has been fixed.
- Special flag added to OpenWinClass to restore Buster Sandbox Analyzer (BSA) message logging. /IgnoreUIPI allows low integrity sandboxed processes to send WM_COPYDATA msgs to windows in higher integrity processes.
Example Sandboxie.ini entries (both lines required):
- Fixed Sandboxed cmd.exe crash if window title > 256 chars. (
- Fixed rare BSOD
- Fixed kernel memory leak in SandboxieCrypto
- The combined installer SandboxieInstall.exe now checks for the VC Redistributables DLLs Sandboxie requires. If they are not up to date (10.0.40219.325), the installer will download and install the VC Redist. from

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