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最新版本 Scribus 1.3.9

Scribus 1.3.9

Scribus 1.3.9
Scribus 是一個開放源代碼程序,它將專業的頁面佈局帶到了 Linux,BSD UNIX,Solaris,OpenIndiana,GNU / Hurd,Mac OS X,OS / 2 Warp 4,eComStation,Windows 和 Haiku 桌面,新的頁面設計方法.

Scribus 支持專業的出版功能,如分色,CMYK 和專色,ICC 色彩管理以及多功能的 PDF 製作.

Scribus 特點:

最容易指出的方面 - 該軟件是免費的。你不支付我們一毛錢。 Scribus 是根據通用公共許可證頒發的許可證,使其免費且合法,可用於任何場合,包括商業和政府組織.

專業人士和業餘愛好者正在使用 Scribus 製作高質量的出版物,這就是為什麼 Scribus 成功案例的列表持續增長以後一年.

Scribus 製作的 PDF 文件是 RIP-ready。 Scribus PDFs 正在不斷在尖端印刷廠設備和低成本打印機上進行測試。 Scribus 團隊將立即響應 PDF 生成查詢作為最高優先事項。 Scribus 是第一個支持幾代新的 Adobe PDF 規格的軟件,遠遠領先於商業軟件.

Scribus 用戶郵件列表非常活躍。許多 Scribus 團隊成員和專業 DTP 專家經常回答在列表上發布的問題.

在專業製作的 Wiki

中出現了豐富的文檔,包括 DTP 和 Scribus 幾種語言的任何方面的 How-Tos,Tutorials 和文章。用三種語言發表了關於 Scribus 的文章,所以你可能會找到一個能讓你馬上開始的文章.

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檔案版本 Scribus 1.3.9

檔案名稱 scribus-1.3.9-win32-install.exe
檔案大小 47.45 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Scribus Team
更新日期 2010-11-30

What's new in this version:

Enhancements to the Build System:
- FreeBSD and NetBSD are now fully supported by the build system.
- Translation files are now generated at build time, reducing SVN download time. Thus, it is now also possible to limit the number of UI translations during build time to save time and disk space.

Enhancements to the Scrapbook:
- Items can now be copied, cut, pasted and deleted in the Scrapbook
- Users can now select the Scrapbook folder when they are copying an item to the Scrapbook.

Resources and Resource Management:
- We have started adding new resources to the Scribus package, especially templates and colour palettes (among others Australian, British, French, Japanese and US national/government standard colour sets and Resene(R) colour palettes).
- Template categories and names are now also available in German and Hungarian.
- Standardised palettes are now protected from being inadvertently modified by a user.

File Import:
- Scribus is now protected against crashes caused by images with an embedded and faulty ICC profile.
- The restriction of not offering import of Windows and OS/2 bitmap files (BMP) has been removed.
- Some import issues with EPS files that don't conform to the specification have been resolved.

- A script ("Autoquote") has been added to the Script menu that converts straight quotes in a text frame to correct quotation marks for many languages.
- As of Scribus 1.3.9, hyphenation patterns for traditional German and Swiss German spelling are available.

- Important parts of the Online Help have been rewritten or updated, and many new pages have been added. This is part of a major effort to align the information available via the Online Help with both Scribus's current feature set and the capabilities of the supported operating system platforms.
- Translations of the Online Help have been temporarily disabled, since they need to be synchronised with the English version once the update is complete.

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