Scribus (64-bit)

最新版本 Scribus 1.4.6 (64-bit)

Scribus 1.4.6 (64-bit)

Scribus 1.4.6 (64-bit)
Scribus 64 位是一個開放源代碼程序,它將專業的頁面佈局帶到 Linux,BSD UNIX,Solaris,OpenIndiana,GNU / Hurd,Mac OS X,OS / 2 Warp 4,eComStation,Windows 和 Haiku 桌面,現成的輸出和新的頁面設計方法.

Scribus 64 位支持專業的發布功能,如分色,CMYK 和專色,ICC 色彩管理以及多功能的 PDF 創建等.

Scribus Features:

The 最容易指出的方面 - 該軟件是免費的。你不支付我們一毛錢。 Scribus 是根據通用公共許可證頒發的許可證,使其免費且合法,可用於任何場合,包括商業和政府組織.

專業人士和業餘愛好者正在使用 Scribus 製作高質量的出版物,這就是為什麼 Scribus 成功案例的列表持續增長以後一年.

Scribus 製作的 PDF 文件是 RIP-ready。 Scribus PDFs 正在不斷在尖端印刷廠設備和低成本打印機上進行測試。 Scribus 團隊將立即響應 PDF 生成查詢作為最高優先事項。 Scribus 是第一個支持幾代新的 Adobe PDF 規格的軟件,遠遠領先於商業軟件.

Scribus 用戶郵件列表非常活躍。許多 Scribus 團隊成員和專業 DTP 專家經常回答在列表上發布的問題.

在專業製作的 Wiki

中出現了豐富的文檔,包括 DTP 和 Scribus 幾種語言的任何方面的 How-Tos,Tutorials 和文章。用三種語言發表了關於 Scribus 的文章,所以你可能會找到一個能讓你馬上開始的文章.

也可以:下載 Scribus for Mac


檔案版本 Scribus 1.4.6 (64-bit)

檔案名稱 scribus-1.4.6-windows-x64.exe
系統 Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Scribus Team
更新日期 2015-01-03

What's new in this version:

- [Translation] Italian translation update for 1.4.6.svn (FirasH).
- [Canvas] redrawing the canvas goes wrong when object moved with arrow keys forcing the canvas to scroll (jghali).
- [Canvas] Missing Layout Update/Display Refresh for Text boxes using certain 'align and distribute' buttons (jghali).
- [General] "Replace All" in Search/Replace dialog freezes Scribus in determined condition (jghali).
- [PDF] Invalid PDF when specifying a non-existing page to export (jghali).
- [General] Crash when opening file (jghali).
- [Language Tools] Fix for broken hyphenation language selection (jghali).
- [Story Editor / Text Frames] add keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F to Search/Replace in Story Editor (jghali).
- [General] Story Editor: Ctrl-F doesn't open Search window (jghali).
- [Import / Export] blend modes not imported from SVG file (jghali).
- [General] Error at startup prevents using script (psmedley).
- [Translation] Polish translation update for Scribus 1.4.6 (mhanski).
- [Translation] Updated Danish Translation (jghali).
- [Typography] Text effects only retained on first line when you reopen a document. (jghali).
- [Styles] Multiple Duplicate of text box loses style (jghali).
- [Undo/Redo] Rename action is wrongly recorded in Action History (FirasH).
- [General] Crash when reopening field properties dialog (jghali).
- [OS-Win32] Error message during the startup of scribus (jghali).
- [PDF] Encoding error in PDF with Symbol font (jghali).
- [User Interface] Crash when attempting to set keyboard shortcut to menu separator in keyboard shortcut prefs (cbradney).
- [PDF] Closing PDF "Field Properties" dialog after changing some values leads to crash (jghali).
- [Translation] Italian translation update for 1.4.6.svn (jghali).
- [PDF] Doesn't save a javascript script. (jghali).
- [PDF] [patch] valgrind error "Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value" in ScImgDataLoader_PS (jghali).
- [User Interface] "View rulers" setting not retained across session (jghali).
- [General] Backport 0012193 (Style Manager styles sorting) to 1.4.6.svn (cbradney).
- [Translation] Minor Italian translation improvement for 1.5.1.svn + backport to 1.4.6.svn (FirasH).
- [General] "Defaults" button duplicates Printing Destination in Preferences (cbradney).
- [User Interface] Better tooltip for fill rules (jghali).
- [Translation] Italian translation updates for 1.4.6.svn and 1.5.1.svn (FirasH).
- [Translation] Italian translation update for 1.4.6.svn (FirasH).
- [PDF] Transparency of layers is lost for object placed in template when exporting in PDF (jghali).
- [User Interface] Display DPI maximum too small for hi res screens (cbradney).
- [Build System] Build system does not respect DATAROOTDIR (cbradney).
- [PDF] PDF export creates XObject for every group on every page (jghali).
- [General] Multiple duplicate Cannot enter more than 14 times manually, nor more than 99 times with the incrementor (cbradney).
- [Story Editor / Text Frames] [PATCH] Kerning between non-CJK and CJK letters does not appear until the text frame containing them is modified. (jghali).
- [Undo/Redo] "Arrange Pages" changes to pages arrangement might lead to wrong behavior of Undo/Redo (cbradney).
- [Story Editor / Text Frames] when deleting a linked text frame the content is not refreshed (jghali).
- [Undo/Redo] Undo/Redo does not restore the correct position using Flip Horizontal/Vertical (cbradney).
- [Usability] Incorrectly calculates the characters and words (jghali).
- [-] opening 'About' throws "please add the untranslated title "Haiku Port:" to About::trAuthorTitle()" (cbradney).

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