最新版本 WYSIWYG Web Builder 16.0.1

WYSIWYG Web Builder 16.0.1

WYSIWYG Web Builder 16.0.1
Skype 是使您能夠在世界任何地方撥打免費電話的軟件。 Skype 使用 P2P(點對點)技術將您與其他用戶連接起來。它提供了幾個功能,包括 Skype 從 Skype 撥打全球的普通和移動電話,電話會議和安全的文件傳輸。您現在也可以與其他用戶共享您的屏幕。 Skype 調用專注於視頻和音頻質量,並確保與端到端的加密調用。所有你需要開始的是 Windows XP SP3,Vista,7,8 或 10,視頻通話和麥克風的網絡攝像頭。您可以點擊免費下載按鈕,從我們的網站下載 Skype PC 離線安裝程序.

Skype 功能:

Skype 至 Skype 調用
視頻或語音撥打世界上任何人,免費。了解 Skype 電話如何使您接近,即使是在一個群組中.


與您的合作夥伴分享消息,或與朋友組一起制定計劃。看看我們的新表情符號和 Mojis.

看到這是多麼容易到達本地企業或朋友誰不在線。以可承受的價格撥打移動和固定電話號碼。下載 Skype 離線安裝 PC 安裝程序!

在線觀看精彩的演示或展示使用 Skype 的簡單方法。發現與屏幕共享協作的新方法.

還提供:下載 Skype 為 Mac


檔案版本 WYSIWYG Web Builder 16.0.1

檔案大小 13.9 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Microsoft Corporation
更新日期 2020-09-07

What's new in this version:

WYSIWYG Web Builder 16.0.1
- Added support for easing in RollOver Image fade animation

- Issue with Photo Collage properties
- Issue with ListView HTML output
- Issue with layout grid padding and vertical alignment in combination with flexbox grid system
- Issue with CMS styles
- Issue with CMS View and "latest posts" option
- Issue with flexbox order
- Corrupt login template
- "Layout" property (absolute/floating) in extensions cannot be changed via dialog properties
- Issue with links in Morphing Shape
- Compatibility issue with Signup object
- Shape divider animation does not work in LayoutGrid
- Panel menu button may use wrong colors
- Issue with delay spinner in Motion Effects
- Badge colors cannot be changed via dialog properties
- Issue with font-weight in Label
- Missing 'border-radius' in CMS label
- Bootstrap modal backdrop does not process clicks above and below content

WYSIWYG Web Builder 16.0.0
- Removed transition.js, because it is no longer needed. All Bootstrap 3 code has been upgraded to Bootstrap 4
- Removed RealPlayer and QuickTime because these are no longer relevant in modern websites
- Mobile pages functionality (jQuery Mobile) has been deprecated. The options are still available for backwards compatible, but it's recommended to migrate to modern layout functionality like layout grids or flexbox
- Improved: Added sort icons to Backup manager, Page Weight and Asset Manager to indicate current sort column. Also, added sortable columns to Error Reports, Explore (in the publish settings) and Verify Links
- New feature: Implemented Office 2016/2019-like Ribbon Bar Auto-hide mode. With options: "Auto-hide Ribbon", "Show Tabs" and "Show Tabs and Commands"
- Improved: Redesigned splash screen window on startup with progress reporting
- New feature: Office 2019-style Visual Themes are available now with the following visual styles: Colorful, Dark Gray, White and Black
- New feature: Added Office 2019-style properties to improve discoverability and make the Property Grid more user-friendly
- New feature: When setting Margins or Padding via the Arrange or context menu, holding Shift when clicking OK applies the settings to all breakpoints
- New feature: Added the ability to customize the background color of the workspace in Design Layout mode
- New feature: In the Style Manager, holding the Shift-key while clicking OK will apply the modified settings to all breakpoints
- New feature: Added ‘Use simplified icons” options. Converts toolbar images to colorless, light images. This functionality was designed to give icons a better contrast with dark themes
- New feature: Added context menu customization for the Ribbon user interface. This makes it possible to customize right click menus

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