最新版本 SplitCam 10.3.66

SplitCam 10.3.66

SplitCam 10.3.66
Spark 是針對企業和組織優化的 Windows PC 的開源,跨平台 IM 客戶端。它具有內置的群聊支持,電話集成和強大的安全性。它還提供了一個偉大的最終用戶體驗,如在線拼寫檢查,群聊室書籤和選項卡式對話功能。

Spark 是一個功能齊全的即時消息(IM)和使用 XMPP 協議的群聊客戶端。 Spark 源代碼由 GNU 較寬鬆通用公共許可證(LGPL)管理,可在此發行版的 LICENSE.html 文件中找到。 Spark 還包含來自第三方的開源軟件。這些組件的許可條款在相關的源文件中特別註明.


檔案版本 SplitCam 10.3.66

檔案名稱 SplitCamSetup.msi
檔案大小 91.32 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Igniterealtime
更新日期 2020-05-21

What's new in this version:

- New virtual microphone device driver
- Removed virtual output device driver as it is no longer needed
- Added check for prooperly installed virtual microphone device. User sees a warning message if the driver for the virtual microphne cannot be loaded. In case of driver error the program can continue to run but the micriphone will not be available
- Video effects added and can be applied to each scene independently
- Added 3D Lookup Table video effect support: CUBE format
- Added 3D Lookup Table video effect support: PNG format
- Program title now shows currently opened project file path
- Added Alt-F4 handler which correctly closes the application
- Added Gamma effect to canvas
- Program settings dialog added with General Settings, Snapshot settings and Video recorder settings. More options are to be added in future versions
- User can now change canvas size and FPS in program settings
- Layers can now be selected by directly mouse-clicking them on the scene

- Added hilite to the name of selected scene
- Updated handling of project (un)loading: project dirty flag added, autosave code changed, changed logic of saving projects under different file name: project saved by Save as… command becomes current project, if autosave option is disabled then user is queried to save the dirty project on exit or on switching projects
- Setup updated to address the issues when running installer while the program is running
- Updated monitor source saver with a parameter for saving multiple monitor sources
- Optimizations to video encoders during streaming. Processor load noticeably reduced
- Disabled starting streamer when there are no active streams
- Paused source state is now saved when switching scenes
- CamPlace web site stream url updated
- Video encoder updated with additional parameters to address possible audio/video sync problems
- Project saving code updated to reduce file size and omit certain defaults. Additional checks added to catch and treat errors while loading projects from files

- loading local files in Web Browser Source layers
- distorted sound from mike when mike is used in multiple scenes
- addressing non existing active scene object in CIpCameraSource
- errors related to closing first canvas
- bugs with full screen source
- crash when streaming on NVIDIA in x64 release version
- Reset zero effect parameter value to its default when loading project from file
- errors when working with full screen source on different scenes
- errors with window grabbing in window source layers

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