Sysinternals Suite

最新版本 Autodesk Revit 2020.2

Autodesk Revit 2020.2

Autodesk Revit 2020.2
Sysinternals Suite(Sysinternals 故障排除實用程序)已經匯集到一個工具套件。該文件包含各個疑難解答工具和幫助文件。它不包含像 BSOD 屏幕保護程序或 NotMyFault 非故障排除工具。

The 套件是以下選定 Sysinternals 實用程序的捆綁:
AccessChk AccessEnum AdExplorer AdInsight AdRestore 自動登錄自動運行 BgInfo CacheSet ClockRes Contig Coreinfo Ctrl2Cap DebugView 桌面 Disk2vhd DiskExt DiskMon DiskView 磁盤使用情況(DU)EFSDump FindLinks 手柄 HEX2DEC 結 LDMDump 的 ListDLLs LiveKd LoadOrder LogonSessions MoveFile NTFSInfo PendMoves PipeList PortMon ProcDump 進程瀏覽器進程監視器 PSEXEC psfile 中 PsGetSid 中 psinfo PsPing PsKill 則 PsList PsLoggedOn PsLogList PsPasswd PsService PsShutdown PsSuspend RAMMAP RegDelNull 註冊表用法(RU)RegJump SDelete ShareEnum ShellRunas Sigcheck 流字符串 Sync Sysmon TCPView VMMap VolumeID Whois WinObj ZoomIt


檔案版本 Autodesk Revit 2020.2

檔案名稱 Autodesk_Revit_2020.exe
檔案大小 409.6 KB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Microsoft SysInternals
更新日期 2019-06-11

What's new in this version:

Autodesk Revit 2020.2
- Change log not available for this version

Autodesk Revit 2020

PDF underlay support:
Insert a PDF into Revit from any source and snap to the PDF to model new elements based on the 2D data

Path of travel:
- Understand how people will move in a building or navigate a space to analyze design performance

Elliptical walls:
- Create more advanced wall geometry with the ability to draw elliptical walls and curtain walls

Tag, schedule, and view filter for elevation:
- Schedule elevation of elements and use those values in view filters, streamlining the ability to interact with elements in the properties palette

Track and edit scope box parameter in view list:
- Include the scope box parameter in a view list, coordinate crop regions across multiple views without opening each view

Create parts from imported geometry:
- Imported geometry (direct shapes) can now be split into parts. Make cuts and adjustments to parts using Revit opening and cut tools

Copy and paste legends across sheets:
- Enhanced copy-and-paste functionality for legends lets you efficiently copy legends for use in other locations

Improved rebar copy and move logic:
- Get more predictable behavior when copying and moving shape-driven rebar, for higher accuracy and design intent fidelity

Enhanced multi-rebar annotation:
- Use multi-rebar annotations for planar parallel freeform rebar sets and concrete faces

Steel connections for Dynamo:
- Use Dynamo to accelerate the insertion of multiple steel connections based on user-defined rules

Propagation of steel connections:
- Quickly add similar steel connections to your project by propagating existing connections

Electrical panel feed through lugs connection:
- Model the connection of panels through feed-through lugs, more accurately documenting the system design

Electrical homerun wiring improvements:
- With more control over arrowheads and tick marks, create electrical documentation that is easier to understand and use

Revit extension for fabrication exports:
- Generate CSV output to be used in spreadsheets or other data environments directly from Revit

Change service improvement:
- Change service now allows multi-shape services to be preserved or replaced in a single operation

Revit 2019.2
Cloud models for Revit:
- Store and access nonworkshared Revit models on the BIM 360 platform in a data format optimized for cloud storage, single-use editing, and syncing

CAM export:
- Create Unitechnik and PXML files to better-connect cast-in-place and precast concrete projects to automatic fabrication processes

Zoom in schedules:
- Use familiar keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out within a schedule to more easily read small fonts in a large schedule view

Edit elevation properties:
- Directly edit the top and bottom elevation properties of cable tray, duct, and conduit elements, facilitating easier model modification and coordination.

Revit 2019.1
Revit Home:
- Access, store, and share project information. Open files stored in BIM 360, locally, or on a network

Site collaboration with Civil 3D:
- Develop, use, and share topography data using interoperable workflows with Civil 3D

Free-form rebar-aligned distribution:
- Create rebar sets with planar bars distributed along the faces of a structural element and aligned to a distribution path

Revit 2019
Multimonitor support and tabbed views:
- Improve working space by organizing and arranging views using tabbed documents that can be docked, tiled, and viewed on multiple monitors

Levels in 3D views:
- Understand and manipulate important datum heights in your project with the option to display levels in 3D views

OR in filters:
- Create view filters with multiple rules and nested sets with combination of AND and OR conditions

Uncropped perspective views:
- Work in full-screen uncropped perspective view. Move around the view freely with navigation commands such as Zoom, Pan, and Orbit

Double-fill patterns:
- Communicate design intent by applying both foreground and background fill patterns in cut or surface

Custom steel connections:
- Enhance detailed steel modeling with the ability to create your own steel connections with dedicated tools

Engineering documentation for steel:
- Create accurate engineering documentation for structural steel, including details with steel connections

Free-form rebar shape matching:
- Use Revit to match existing rebar shape families or create new rebar shape families based on free-form bar geometry

Autodesk Drive:
- Securely store, preview, and share your 2D and 3D design data using data storage designed for individuals and small teams

Precast girder slabs automation:
- Perform segmentation; add reinforcement according to predefined rules; and generate shop drawings

Complex piping networks:
- Improved pressure drop analysis for complex networks, supporting primary/secondary separation for hydronic systems

Parallel pump analysis:
- Analyze pumps in parallel in hydronic piping networks, easily compute flow from duty and standby pump quantities

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