System Mechanic Free

最新版本 System Mechanic Free 18.5.1

System Mechanic Free 18.5.1

System Mechanic Free 保持您的電腦運行在高峰的性能和穩定性與先進的電腦調整,維修和保養功能。使用安全有效的工具,其獨有的專利技術修復註冊表錯誤,整理硬盤碎片,清理垃圾文件,加速下載,提高 Windows 速度,並確保最大的系統穩定性。 System Mechanic Free 基於全球超過 8000 萬人信賴的一流的頂級和屢獲殊榮的性能解決方案,使全球 8500 多萬台個人電腦無故障運行,並像新的一樣運行。

LiveBoost™ 通過 CPU,RAM 和驅動器的實時校準來提高系統響應能力。指導性建議&交易; 進入系統機械社區,以幫助您獲得更多的 PC 速度。穩定警衛和貿易; 攔截穩定性威脅,以保持 Windows 快速和無故障。 NetBooster 及貿易; 加速互聯網,視頻,下載和遊戲。 ActiveCare® 使用一勞永逸的專利技術來自動維護您的電腦 Total Registry Revitalizer™ 解決註冊表問題並穩定 Windows。 AcceleWrite® 實時技術優化文件寫入速度 PC Cleanup™ 清理超過 50 種垃圾文件。程序加速器™ 重新排列脫節的程序文件。 EnergyBooster 及貿易; 使您的電腦超速運行以獲得最佳性能。記憶機械貿易; 實時回收浪費的 RAM。 CRUDD Remover™ 找到並刪除未使用的額外程序。啟動優化器&貿易; 自動加速 PC 啟動 22 種方式。隱私清潔和貿易; 永久抹除互聯網和聊天記錄,混亂和緩存。注意:在免費的演示版本中,您無法修復發現的問題。以下工具被禁用:Toolbox,ActiveCare,LiveBoost,Security,Reports.


檔案版本 System Mechanic Free 18.5.1

檔案名稱 SystemMechanic_FREE.exe
檔案大小 29.2 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 iolo technologies
更新日期 2018-12-29

What's new in this version:

System Mechanic Free 18.5.1
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System Mechanic Free 17.5.1
- Change log not available for this version

System Mechanic Free 17.5.0
Enhanced Super Definitions database of over 40,000 programs and processes is now in its Second Generation:
- The further refined database now identifies and classifies all scheduled tasks, not just those that launch at startup.
- The classification system is now benefiting from an expanded iolo Labs research arm, to find more types of programs to analyze and classify.
- These additions empower System Mechanic to even better sort the newest apps, tasks and services that tax the system by running in the background constantly without your knowledge.

Enhanced Startup Optimizer leverages these improvements to Super Definitions to find more types of unwanted startup items and constantly running tasks and services, allowing you full control over which non-critical ones to leave turned on and which you want disabled:
- More Community Recommendations have been added to advise you on what the majority of other users are turning on or off
- As computers become more powerful, more of these unwanted apps and processes get smuggled into the startup process.
- It’s critical to have up-to-date, comprehensive and accurate identification and classification of these items to safely disable them for faster overall computing.
- Paring down startup items and pre-launched apps speeds up RAM, CPU, graphics, hard drive and more.

Enhanced Product Recommendations now appearing in the scan results include easy access to the free versions of two new iolo products (full versions available in Phoenix 360):
- Privacy Guardian Free online tracking and digital fingerprinting detection
- ByePass Free secure password manager

System Mechanic Free
- Change log not available for this version

System Mechanic Free
- Change log not available for this version

System Mechanic Free
- Change log not available for this version

System Mechanic Free
- Change log not available for this version

System Mechanic Free
- New software platform optimizes your PC many times faster by scanning and repairing multiple areas at once
- Consolidated toolset is the easiest to use and has the smallest footprint of any version yet
- Re-architected Startup Optimizer™ finds whole new categories of unneeded bloatware to prevent from launching at startup. This tool also now has separate, focused wizards to offer full control over Unnecessary, Dangerous and User Choice startup items
- Next-generation Tune-up Definitions™ are capable of continuous updates that find many effective new optimizations for modern apps
- iolo Smart Updater™ delivers regular, nearly instantaneous updates for far more frequent product enhancements
- Privacy Shield™ thwarts Microsoft’s aggressive new personal data collection by disabling Windows® 10 features that share your Wi-Fi network connections with your contacts, use your internet bandwidth for peer-to-peer updates, and gather information regarding your browsing habits, program usage and more

System Mechanic Free
- Change log not available for this version

System Mechanic Free
- Change log not available for this version

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