TapinRadio (64-bit)

最新版本 vMix


TapinRadio 64 位是 Windows PC 的一個簡單的互聯網廣播播放器。聽你最喜歡的電台,音樂和錄製歌曲!輕便的無線電軟件,非常適合視障人士或任何想要一個簡單而功能齊全的收音機的人。非常適合想要聽流媒體廣播而不用大驚小怪的人。 TapinRadio 64 位版本,開始竊聽!軟件,使互聯網電台如此簡單。

TapinRadio 特點:
大量的電台可供選擇支持大多數的互聯網廣播格式– mp3,wma,ogg vorbis,aac + 等快速可靠的搜索工作站之間的平滑切換記錄您正在收聽的內容– 包括單獨的歌曲文件自動檢查軟件和廣播電台更新顯示您的收藏夾分組預定錄製可用便攜式安裝(選擇便攜式安裝過程中)注:14 天試用版.


檔案版本 vMix

檔案名稱 vmix21.exe
檔案大小 210 MB
系統 Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Raimersoft
官網 http://www.raimersoft.com/tapinradio.aspx
更新日期 2018-12-27

What's new in this version:

- Added support for alpha channel when using XSplit VCam
- Improved performance when using API to update multiple text fields

- Added support for alpha channel when using XSplit VCam
- Improved performance when using API to update multiple text fields

- Fixed GPU render time issue when using the List input after a long period of time

- Fixed login issue with Twitch
- Added workaround for issue with codecs that don't correctly support more than 4GB of memory
- Fixed frame offset issue during Replay transitions
- Fixed ColourCorrectionReset shortcut not correctly resetting Gamma
- Fixed issue with VST3 plugins that have duplicate names
- Fixed issue with FFMPEG recording 29.97p in EU
- Fixed vMix Social issue when Windows region set to Turkey

- Fixed issue with ButtonPress activator on the APC Mini
- Fixed List tab not refreshing when saving Video Delay clips to a list
- Added error messages describing when Camera or Microphone access is disabled in Windows Privacy settings
- Improved compatibility with new NDI support in Skype


- Recalibrated skin tone line in Vectorscope for better accuracy
- Added new recommended Periscope streaming quality presets

Fixed some issues with new Kona HDMI card and added support for the following modes:
- Up to 4K60 on Input 1 + 2x HD on Input 3 and 4
- Up to 4K60 on Input 1 + 4K30 on Input
- Up to HD60 on Inputs 1,2,3 and 4

- Fixed support for streaming to Facebook Groups
- Fixed auto creation of Facebook streams when description was left bank

- Fixed issue logging in to Facebook with Two Factor Authentication in some countries
- Updated Facebook permissions to support latest security requirements for Groups
- Fixed issue where vMix Call return video freezes or becomes garbled when changing sources
- Fixed rare error that may occur when closing vMix on slower systems

- Improved recording quality in Replay when using 1080p sources
- To enable, select 200 Mbps as the bitrate before adding the replay session to vMix
- Previously 200 Mbps would only have an effect on Interlaced sources
- Relaxed video format restrictions with AJA capture devices

New rules are as follows:
- All outputs must be in the same "clock family". (29.97/59.94 or 50/25)
- Port 1 must be in same clock family as outputs if used as an input channel
- Ports 2+ will accept any input format
- Fixed some rare issues with AVI codecs

- Change log not available for this version

- vMix Diagnostics is now included with install and can be found from the "hamburger" menu in vMix or in the start menu
- Detects any background applications that may interfere with the graphics card causing errors, flickering and performance issues
- Fixed replay bug when trying to play back incomplete events
- Fixed issue where PTZ Optics ZCAM provider did not appear in PTZ dropdown list

- Fixed issue with SetAudioFade when used with List input
- Improved CPU usage accuracy
- CPU/GPU warnings are now disabled by default
- Can be enabled under Settings -> Performance.
- When disabled, will still be reported in the logs to help assist our support team

- Additional bug fixes for Sony BRC series VISCA over IP support
- Will now no longer attempt to reconnect to Facebook streams that have expired

- Improved performance of local desktop capture on desktop PCs
- Added support for Sony BRC series PTZ cameras using VISCA over IP
- Fixed issue with audio only NDI outputs not appearing

- Fixed memory issue with VST3 plugins, especially with latest Windows 10 update
- Video frame delay now supported on NDI and VLC inputs
- Added "Custom Multi-Bitrate" dropdown option in streaming destinations.
- This allows custom URLs and Stream Keys for each stream without using separate streaming instances for each which may cause problems with some CDNs
- Fixed issue in vMix Social where Overlay was sometimes triggered before content in title had been updated

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