Total Commander (32-bit)

最新版本 Total Commander 9.12 (32-bit)

Total Commander 9.12 (32-bit)

Total Commander 9.12 (32-bit)
Total Commander 是一個替代文件管理器,提供多語言支持,搜索,文件比較,目錄同步,位圖顯示快速查看面板,ZIP,ARJ,LZH,RAR,UC2,TAR,GZ,CAB,ACE 歸檔處理和插件,內置 FTP 客戶端 FXP,HTTP 代理支持,等等。總指揮官是一個偉大的兩個窗格的文件管理器軟件,帶有標籤界面,具有集成的檔案庫!

兩個文件窗口並排多種語言和 Unicode 支持增強的搜索功能比較文件(現在與編輯器)/ 同步目錄快速帶有位圖顯示的視圖面板 ZIP,ARJ,LZH,RAR,UC2,TAR,GZ,CAB,ACE 歸檔處理 + 插件帶有 FXP(服務器到服務器)和 HTTP 代理支持的內置 FTP 客戶端並行端口鏈接,多重命名工具選項卡式界面,正則表達式,歷史記錄 + 收藏夾按鈕縮略圖視圖,自定義列,增強型搜索比較編輯器,列表中的光標,​​單獨的樹,日誌記錄,增強覆蓋對話框等 Unicode 字符幾乎無處不在,長名稱,密碼管理器 USB 端口連接直接傳輸電纜還有更多!注:免費 30 天全功能試用版.Total Commander 是一個偉大的兩個窗格的文件管理器軟件,帶有標籤界面,具有集成的歸檔器!


檔案版本 Total Commander 9.12 (32-bit)

檔案名稱 tcmd912x32.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Christian Ghisler
更新日期 2017-11-24

What's new in this version:

- Get sclient shares during remote desktop session using Unicode functions (64)
- Position and size of background copy dialog (F5-Enter-Background) could be wrong on Windows 10 Creators Update (32/64)
- Drag the copy progress dialog (F5-Enter) to secondary screen with different DPI -> size wasn't changed (64)
- If the option EditNewName=name was set to a placeholder string, eg EditNewName=<[YMD]txt, the placeholders were not resolved on Shift+F4 (32/64)
- 32-bit color drive icons with transparency still used the first pixel as transparent color for the drive buttonbar (64)
- Printing didn't work when starting TC with command line parameters starting with / (eg /i=ini file) (64)
- The initial window size of resizable dialogs (eg synchronize dirs, multi-rename tool etc) was too small on high dpi screens (64)
- Synchronize dirs, copy attributes (via right click menu): Couldn't copy timestamp if target had read only attribute (32/64)
- Internal associations pointing to different packers didn't work any more, eg *exe -> "7zip packer", **7z (32/64)

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