Ultra Adware Killer

最新版本 vMix


Ultra Adware Killer 是一個簡單但功能強大的 Windows 廣告軟件和惡意軟件卸載程序,它能夠為系統中的所有用戶檢測和刪除廣告軟件和惡意軟件。這可以為您節省大量時間登錄到其他用戶帳戶,並再次執行掃描.

Ultra Adware Killer 刪除瀏覽器工具欄,廣告插件,插件,不需要的搜索提供商和劫持的主頁,可能有害的程序(PUP 的),以及流氓,木馬,rootkit,勒索軟件和所有其他形式的惡意軟件.


Ultra Adware Killer 被建立是快速,簡單和有效的。通常你只需要按下開始掃描按鈕,等到掃描結束,然後刪除找到的項目。通常整個操作只需要幾分鐘.

注意:Ultra Adware 殺手並不能取代防病毒程序,因為它不提供實時保護。它應該被用作第二個 optinion 惡意軟件掃描器。 Ultra Adware Killer 也是高級工具 UVK 超殺毒殺手的一部分.


檔案版本 vMix

檔案名稱 vmix24.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Carifred
官網 http://www.carifred.com/ultra_adware_killer/
更新日期 2021-07-04

What's new in this version:

- Fix for missing fonts at end of dropdown list in GT Designer
- Adding warning when enabling Fault Tolerant on recording, as it has a number of limitations that operators should be aware of
- Fixed vMix AVI in Instant Replay not able to be converted to MOV in vMix Media Converter
- Fixed Select Case in scripting not working if indented/formatted

- Fixed issue with YouTube Stream Now login caused by recent security updates

- Fixed issue when changing Input Frame Delay, that may cause the input to stop or corrupt memory

- Updated Twitch login for both vMix and vMix Social due to new browser policy on Twitch
- Fixed infinite loop possible when setting Dynamic input to itself
- Fixed TCP API tally showing incorrect numbers for inputs both in output and overlay at same time
- TCP and Web API are now locked down by default with some enhanced security measures

- Updated SRT library to latest 1.4.3. This fixes a crash issue in the library when some versions of VLC attempt to connect
- Added support for "Select Case" in VB.NET scripting
- Instant Replay Export progress bar may not have updated correctly for combined clips
- Instant Replay Export will now encode much faster to MP4 if replay recording is stopped
- Fix for issue where if some replay sources have no audio they would take a long time to export alongside other angles with audio

- Incorrect colour space may have been applied to WebM alpha videos and ProRes 444 videos
- Local scripts were not being removed with Remove button
- Activators for replays 5-8 were not working correctly
- Older GT titles with stray animations may not have played back correctly when removing animations from them

- NDI FEIM checkbox was not being saved in a preset
- Going to Previous video in a List input using shortcut or back button would not jump over disabled items in the list
- Web Controller buttons may look incorrect if the name of the shortcut button was long
- Virtual sets would not load the default angle correctly when opened from preset
- Double checks for multiple instances of vMix running, as accidentally double/triple clicking on start bar icon may not have been detected previously
- Fixed distorted borders when using in NDI inputs not yet connected

- New WebM support including Alpha Channel. Note: heavily compressed files like WebM use more CPU than larger but lightly compressed formats like MOV. So WebM support has been added for convenience, but do not expect it to perform better than image sequences and MOV.
- New Audio Gap Handling feature added in Settings - Audio. Provides alternative option instead of audio "drops" where audio source is slightly slower than the computer.
- Fix for audio alerts not calculating correctly and may display even if there was audio in the past x seconds
- Improved vMix Call audio sync slightly
- Frame Rate setting can now be adjusted without unticking Use Streaming Settings in Settings -> External Output, as it is not controlled by streaming settings, only resolution is.
- SRT library was not updating correctly in 24 and was still version 1.4.0. Latest version 1.4.2 now installs correctly.
- Fixed replay showing live previews too early, leading to flicker at end of events playback
- Fixed SRT outputs not starting up again when restarting vMix due to settings changes
- Fixed preset folder not showing the correct folder on save when opening presets directly by double clicking the files

- Added support for 100p and 200p frame rates
- Fix for incorrect animation when transitioning in to a new Title on an Overlay channel while the animation of the previous title was still in progress
- Fix for Mix input Cut shortcut not always working when using multiple mix inputs at a time
- Fix for error when loading Instant Replay when Display Mode is set to Legacy in Settings -> Performance. We strongly recommend this be changed
- To Auto however, as Legacy has performance issues on modern machines
- Added Channel parameter support to Scripting
- Running script duration is incorrect when multiple scripts are running at a time

- If events are playing back, replay will no longer jump to the frames of newly created events, which would end playback of events in the process
- Fix for issue with Sony VISCA over IP connection hanging in situations where another app or NDI is already using the protocol
- When switching to a GT title in Overlay stinger settings, vMix will now reset the duration and cut times to 0, as the timing from the GT title is used directly

- Added alert for not recording!
- Fixed issue with shortcut MoveMultiViewOverlay when used in Triggers with borders enabled
- Shortcut function search now has focus, so you can start typing without needing to click the search box

- Fixes VST3 issue in .47 and .48

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