UltraSearch (32-bit)

最新版本 UltraSearch (32-bit)

UltraSearch (32-bit)

UltraSearch (32-bit)
UltraSearch 不保留存儲在硬盤上的索引,而是通過直接在 NTFS 分區的主文件表(MFT)上工作來達到速度。 UltraSearch 甚至可以識別 NTFS 硬鏈接。只需輸入文件名或類似 * .exe 的模式,並在輸入時查看第一個結果。另外,UltraSearch 支持正則表達式,並將搜索文件內容。 UltraSearch 在一秒鐘內在本地 NTFS 驅動器上查找文件和文件夾!

所有列出的文件都將顯示文件大小和文件日期(最後更改,上次訪問和文件創建)等附加信息。當然,資源管理器上下文菜單在 UltraSearch 中可用。 UltraSearch 使您能夠通過排除過濾器從搜索中排除文件夾,文件或文件類型。搜索結果可以根據不同的標准進行排序,打印或導出為文本,RTF,HTML,CSV 和 Excel 文件。定義文件組(例如電影文件,文本文件等)並蒐索組中包含的所有文件類型.

可以從下拉列表中保存和選擇最近使用的搜索模式。 UltraSearch 可以自動提示模式或自動完成手動輸入模式。 UltraSearch 可以從您的 Windows 資源管理器的上下文菜單中啟動 - 在選定的目錄中開始搜索不是一件容易的事情。運行 64 位操作系統? UltraSearch 可用於 32 位和 64 位版本!立即下載您的版本!


檔案版本 UltraSearch (32-bit)

檔案名稱 UltraSearch-x86-Setup.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 JAM Software
官網 https://www.jam-software.com/ultrasearch/
更新日期 2021-09-02

What's new in this version:

UltraSearch (32-bit)
- Protected PDF files no longer lead to a program error in the file content search
- A program error when renewing the internal cache has been fixed
- Regular Expressions containing the wildcard * caused an error in some cases. The problem has been solved
- Using a Regular Expression with backslashes produced incorrect results. This bug has been corrected

UltraSearch (32-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

UltraSearch (32-bit)
- UltraSearch now has a dark theme for the user interface. Its activation can either be linked to the corresponding Windows setting or switched on and off specifically.
- Searching for specific file types such as audio, video, or office files has been significantly simplified: By using the file type filter, the desired file type can be selected or changed and activated and deactivated with a simple click.
- The search for file contents has been streamlined and now offers a separate entry field as in previous versions. If required, this can be activated via a button in the ribbon bar.
- A new overview bar has been added above the search field. This will provide information about the filters that are currently active.
- Additional buttons for starting and finishing the search can now be displayed on the "Start" tab via the options. If this option is active, a search is no longer started automatically when a search pattern is entered, but only when the button or the "Enter" key is pressed. Changing the filter settings will still automatically start a new search.
- [Professional only] The File Operations dialog now has an option to retain the timestamps of files (creation date, modification date, last access) during a copy or move operation on the file system.
- [Professional only] An option to disable the splash screen has been added.
- The full version of the product can now be downloaded and installed directly from the demo version by entering the customer ID and installation key. The setup of the full version is performed automatically and unattended and can optionally be deferred until the application is closed.
- The command line parameter/CLIPBOARD can now be used to copy search results to the clipboard for further processing
- Support for Windows Core Servers has been discontinued with this version

- The user interface has been made more intuitive: The Search tab has been removed from the ribbon bar. All search and filter functions are now located on the "Start" tab. File operations such as copying, opening or deleting files as well as export functions of the results list have been moved to a separate "Results List" tab, which is displayed when results exist and hidden when the results list is empty.
- The menu item for opening the file path of a selected file has been adapted to the corresponding option in Windows Explorer. For this purpose, the icon has been replaced and the option has been renamed from "Open path" into " Open file path"
- UltraSearch is now also available in Japanese, Hungarian and Portuguese (Brazil)
- To simplify a new search entry, an existing search term will be completely selected again when clicking in the search field
- The support of high-resolution monitors has been enhanced
- When importing drive information, the drive paths are now displayed in the status bar
- The search syntax hints in the empty result list have been removed. More detailed information and examples can still be found in the program help
- The hint that UltraSearch is minimized to the notification area is now only indicated after initial activation of the corresponding option

- In some cases, UltraSearch could not be started from the taskbar. This problem has been fixed
- Languages written from right to left are now correctly depicted again when typed into the search field
- In the results list, opening a file by double-clicking would not work in some cases. This problem has been fixed
- An error in the selection of the target for file operations has been corrected
- Special settings, such as collapsing the ribbon toolbar, are now preserved beyond a restart of the program
- In rare occasions, results were displayed twice in the results list. This problem has been fixed
- Support for Windows high contrast display mode has been improved
- Files are now no longer deleted from the results list when the confirmation to move the files to the Recycle Bin was rejected

UltraSearch (32-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

UltraSearch (32-bit)
New Features:
- Starting with this version, UltraSearch offers a Professional Edition with extended functionality. You can find more information on our website
- Searching on network drives is now supported
- The user interface has been updated and adapted to the ribbon design of Windows Explorer
- In addition to the NTFS file system, other file systems such as Fat32 or exFat can be searched
- New file operations can be used to conveniently move, delete and zip selected files and much more. (Professional Edition only
- The HTML and Excel export have been revised and are now exclusively available in the ‘Professional Edition’
- The result list can now also be exported to a PDF file. (Professional Edition only)
- The input mask for search patterns has been completely revised and the input fields for file names, file types and file contents have been combined into one common input field
- The new "Query Composer" supports you with an extended input mask and detailed explanations when entering your search
- UltraSearch now offers its own search syntax with which the search queries can be formulated even more precisely. For more information please refer to our help file
- For a better selection of results, element checkboxes for the result list can be activated under 'View'. (Professional Edition only)
- The program hotkey can now be freely configured in the options menu
- After entering a search pattern, you can switch to the result list by pressing the F3 key
- The keywords of the new language syntax are now highlighted in color for a better overview
- Incorrect entries when using the new language syntax are displayed in red
- The search can now be stopped using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + Enter
- Support for Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008 has been discontinued with this version

- The product logo has been updated. (Professional Edition only)
- UltraSearch is now also available in Italian, Greek, Slovenian, Czech, Chinese (Simplified) and Korean
- The language of the user interface can be changed without restarting the program
- Office, video or audio files can be conveniently searched for at the push of a button using the file type search in the new ribbon bar
- UltraSearch can now be started without administrator rights

- In the options menu you now can create a portable version of UltraSearch if required. (Professional Edition only)
- Opening URL files by double-clicking now works correctly
- The import of file types in the file groups now works without freezing the application
- When exporting file information to an Excel file, the application sometimes stopped responding to user input. This problem has been fixed
- An error during printing that caused an empty result list to be printed has been fixed

UltraSearch (32-bit)
- The search speed when searching subfolders has been increased significantly.
- The Windows Explorer context menu entries can now also be activated in the portable version under "Options > Explorer context menu".
- UltraSearch now uses the keyboard shortcut "Win + Shift + U" by default to minimize the application or bring it to the foreground.

UltraSearch (32-bit)
- UltraSearch now scales better on high DPI resolution monitors.

- The search reset button is now available if no search path is selected.
- The message "Network drives are not supported" was displayed incorrectly in some cases. This issue has been resolved.
- The options toolbar did not appear after an update in some cases. This bug has been fixed.
- The width of the file preview window is no longer reset when UltraSearch is restarted.
- In some cases, the application started without focus. This issue has been resolved.
- The display of the attributes has been revised and now includes the attributes "Pinned" (P) and "Unpinned" (U).
- An error in the search for file contents has been fixed.
- When navigating through the drive list using the tab key, only one drive will be selected.
- Numerous other bugfixes have been implemented.

UltraSearch (32-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

UltraSearch (32-bit)
- The drive list can also be expanded via right-click now
- Bugfix: It is now easier to see that the drive list can be expanded
- Bugfix: Searches on virtual hard disks resulted in an error in some cases. This problem has been solved
- Bugfix: A minor problem occurring when minimizing UltraSearch to the system tray via shortcut has been fixed
- Bugfix: Numerous other bugfixes have been implemented

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