最新版本 Surfer 18.1

Surfer 18.1

Surfer 18.1
Unity 是一個遊戲開發生態系統:一個強大的渲染引擎完全集成了一整套直觀的工具和快速的工作流程來創建交互式的 3D 和 2D 內容; 輕鬆的多平台發布; 成千上萬的質量,在資源商店和知識共享 community.

For 獨立開發者和工作室,Unity&rsquo 的現成的資產; S 民主化生態系統摔破的時間和成本障礙,創造獨特的美麗的遊戲。他們使用 Unity 打造民生做他們喜歡的事情:創建遊戲在任何 platform.

Unity 特點是鉤和喜悅的球員:

Rapidly 組裝您的場景在一個直觀的,可擴展的編輯工作區。為對你的成品 game.

Create 與 AAA 視覺逼真度,音頻和全油門動作執行平整光潔任何 screen.

2D 和放大器遊戲快速迭代播放,測試和編輯; 3D
Get 專用於 2D 和 3D 內容創建與利用共享 conventions.

Unity&rsquo 的高效的工作流程工具; S 唯一強大和靈活的動畫系統帶來生命的任何字符或物體與難以置信天然和流體 movement.

Reliable 性能,光滑幀率,和高超的遊戲跨越目標 platforms.

No 其他遊戲引擎發揮的經驗給你這麼多的發布平台與近費力 deployment.

Unity 雲 Build
Get 選擇你的構建與新的雲服務構建的簡單方法。檢測項目中的變化,你的工作,並建立對您的設備自動傳送,或可玩的 Web.

Note:Unity 是免費的,自帶 Unity Pro.

Also 提供全功能的 30 天試用版:下載 Unity 為 Mac


檔案版本 Surfer 18.1

檔案名稱 Surfer_18_Installer.exe
檔案大小 172 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Unity Technologies
官網 http://unity3d.com/unity
更新日期 2020-06-10

What's new in this version:

- Automation: Can't call MapFrame overlays if a map layer is selected in the UI
- 3D View: surface shading is all black
- TIF import: use datum ellipsoid as projection ellipsoid, if no projection ellipsoid is found
- Surfer Error occurs when loading base layers in particular order
- Base map: can no longer group groups within a base layer
- Vector PDF: transparency and image contrast aren't exported correctly
- Base(vector): Info: Cannot enter attributes values for new objects
- Paste: doesn't go in center of page anymore
- Pasting contour map and Undoing doesn't undo the paste (it just removes the color from the contours)
- Entire map is pasted into Base layer
- GeoTIFF: importing at grid corners instead of grid cell centers
- KML Import: reading apostrophe ' as '
- Internal Error after pasting a map in base layer (transformer.cpp)
- Internal Error when gridding data (searchtableau.cpp)
- Internal Error after undoing map create (scenelist.cpp)
- Internal Error after updating properties (pmplotdocinterface.cpp)
- Internal Error with undo deleting (scenelist.cpp)
- Internal Error when creating 3D View when using Parallels for Mac (vlrenderer.cpp)
- Crash when drag object in Contents window from plot document into base layer
- Crash when gridding was cancelled
- Crash when create 3D View
- Crash when opening a corrupt v12 SRF file instead of issuing error

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