最新版本 VideoCacheView 3.05

VideoCacheView 3.05

VideoCacheView 3.05
VideoCacheView 自動掃描 Internet Explorer,基於 Mozilla 的 Web 瀏覽器(包括 Firefox),Opera 和 Chrome 的整個緩存,然後查找當前存儲在其中的所有視頻文件。 VideoCacheView 允許您輕鬆地將緩存的視頻文件複製到另一個文件夾中以供將來播放 / 觀看。如果您有一個配置為播放 flv 文件的電影播放器,它也允許您直接從瀏覽器的緩存中播放視頻.

在網站上觀看視頻後,您可能需要將視頻文件保存到本地磁盤在未來離線播放。如果視頻文件存儲在瀏覽器的緩存中,該實用程序可以幫助您從緩存中提取視頻文件並將其保存以供將來觀看。每當 Web 瀏覽器播放 Flash 視頻文件時,.flv 文件將被保存到 Windows 的臨時文件夾中。通常,您不能將此臨時文件複製到其他文件夾,因為 Flash 播放器專門鎖定文件。此外,關閉 Web 瀏覽器時,該文件將自動刪除。

今天大多數網站都使用 Flash 視頻文件(.flv 擴展名)在網頁內播放視頻。 VideoCacheView 不提供內建的視頻播放器,但是如果您已經配置了播放.flv 文件的視頻播放器,VideoCacheView 將能夠使用它直接從 Web 瀏覽器的緩存中播放視頻文件.89979423


檔案版本 VideoCacheView 3.05

檔案名稱 videocacheview_setup.exe
檔案大小 204.8 KB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Nir Sofer
更新日期 2019-03-27

What's new in this version:

VideoCacheView 3.05
- Added 'Manually Merge Selected Files' option (Ctrl+M). If you have split video files that VideoCacheView cannot detect and merge automatically, you can select all items, press Ctrl+M and then VideoCacheView will merge all selected items into one
- After using the 'Manually Merge Selected Files' option, you can use the 'Copy Selected Files To...' option to generate the merged file. Be aware that the order of the merged files is determined according to the created time of every file

VideoCacheView 3.00
- Added support for the new 'Simple Cache for HTTP' cache format of Chrome Web browser

VideoCacheView 2.98
- Fixed to detect and merge the current video links of YouTube. Also, fixed a bug that caused VideoCacheView to include text or xml file related to the video stream inside the merged file, causing the merged file to be corrupted
- See the 'YouTube Videos' section for more information about working with YouTube files

VideoCacheView 2.97
- Fixed bug: VideoCacheView failed to extract mp4 files with mms links on IE10/IE11

VideoCacheView 2.96
- Fixed bug: VideoCacheView 32-bit failed to read the cache of IE11 on 64-bit systems

VideoCacheView 2.95
- VideoCacheView now automatically detects the cache folder and temporary files of Yandex Web browser. (Be aware that Yandex is based on Chrome Web browser, so 'Chrome' is displayed in the browser column)

VideoCacheView 2.91
- When using the 'Open Selected File With', the 'Always use the selected program to open this kind of file' check-box is now turned off and disabled

VideoCacheView 2.90
- VideoCacheView now detects automatically the temporary flash files of Microsoft Edge/Project Spartan (On Windows 10)

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