WebTorrent (64-bit)

最新版本 Wing IDE 101

Wing IDE 101

Wing IDE 101
WebTorrent 桌面用於流媒體種子。無論是來自 Internet Archive 的視頻,Creative Commons 的音樂還是 Librivox 的有聲讀物,都可以馬上播放。您不必等待它完成下載。 WebTorrent 桌面是快速,免費,非商業的& 開源。 WebTorrent 是一個驚人的流瀏覽器和桌面洪流客戶端! WebTorrent PC 桌面連接到 BitTorrent 和 WebTorrent 同伴.

WebTorrent 完全是用 JavaScript 編寫的 - ndash; 網頁的語言– 並儘可能使用 WebRTC 進行點對點傳輸。在您的瀏覽器中不需要瀏覽器插件,擴展或安裝來使用 WebTorrent。無論是來自 Internet Archive 的視頻,Creative Commons 的音樂還是 Librivox 的有聲讀物,都可以馬上播放。您不必等待它完成下載。

想像一個點對點 YouTube,在這裡觀眾幫助主辦網站的內容。通過使 BitTorrent 更易於使用,我們可以讓更多的人參與,並採取第一步來重新分散互聯網。

在 Instant.io 上查看 Web 上的 WebTorrent。使用 BitTorrent 將文件發送給朋友!或者,為 Mac,Windows 和 Linux 安裝 WebTorrent 桌面。

WebTorrent 功能:
輕量級,快速的洪流應用程序美麗的用戶體驗免費,非商業,無廣告和開源即時流視頻和音頻 WebTorrent 從網絡上獲取文件片斷即時回放的需求。即使該文件沒有完全下載,尋求仍然有效。 (尋求只重新確定從網絡中獲取哪些片段)。將視頻流式傳輸到 AirPlay,Chromecast 和 DLNA 基於 Node.js 中最流行和最全面的洪流包,webtorrent 功能齊全,但無阻塞打開磁鏈接和.torrent 文件拖放使添加或創建山洪很容易通過跟踪器服務器,DHT(分佈式哈希表)和對等交換發現對等支持 WebTorrent 協議連接到 WebRTC 同行(即網頁瀏覽器)


檔案版本 Wing IDE 101

檔案名稱 wing-101-
檔案大小 55.5 MB
系統 Windows 10 (64-bit)
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Feross Aboukhadijeh
官網 https://webtorrent.io/
更新日期 2020-07-16

What's new in this version:

- Support running and debugging Python code in Docker and other containers
- Allow creating a new Docker container or using an existing container from the New Project dialog
- Update and improve the How-To for Docker
- Support auto-completion of f-string expressions
- Allow setting the display and editor color themes separately
- Add the Editor > Auto-Editing > Mutate Adjacent Quotes preference to control whether typing a quote character while the caret is adjacent to an existing quote will change the type of quotes used for that string (enabled by default)
- Improve source analysis of simple expressions, imports from modules with __all__, and global/non-local statements
- Enable structural folding in .pyi and .pi files
- Add basic syntax highlighting for Dockerfile

- Use utf-8 as the default encoding for Python files when working with Python 3
- Change the color palette and theme selection preferences to the easier to understand Display Theme and Editor Theme
- Remove deprecated commands:
- show-panel-debug-probe (use show-panel-debug-console)
- debug-probe-clear (use debug-console-clear)
- debug-probe-toggle-active-range (use debug-console-toggle-active-range)
- debug-probe-evaluate-active-range (use debug-console-evaluate-active-range)
- debug-probe-show-active-range (use debug-console-show-active-range)
- evaluate-sel-in-debug-probe (use evaluate-sel-in-debug-console)
- set-current-as-main-debug-file (use set-current-as-main-entry-point)
- clear-project-main-debug-file (use clear-project-main-entry-point)  
- set-selected-as-main-debug-file (use set-selected-as-main-entry-point)  
- Removeddeprecated symbols in the scripting API:
- kArg* magic default argument values (other than kArgNumericModifier)
- 'sheet' argument for CAPIApplication.ShowMessageDialog
- CAPIProject.Get/SetMainDebugFile (use Get/SetMainEntryPoint)
- CAPIDebugRunState.GetStackFrame (use GetStackIndex)
- Remove legacy support for Zope2 name space merging and debugging with WingDBG
- Omit minor version number from the installation directory name on Windows
- Add spaces into the app installation directory name on macOS
- Change the names of executables on Linux to wing8, wing-personal8, and wing-101-8
- The default Python is selected differently and includes inspection of Anaconda installations and framework installations (on macOS) that were previously ignored

Bug Fixes:
- Use the correct Python version for PEP 8 reformatting on a remote host
- Fix opening files from the Finder on macOS Catalina Finder when Wing is already open
- Fix goto definition on the Python 3 collections.abc module
- Fix the project tree display after cancelling a file move
- Fix find points of use and refactoring for properties
- Fix goto-definition callouts on symbols in remote files that are not yet open
- Add missing attributes errors, name, newlines, mode, and fileno to Python 2 sys.stdout/err replacement used while debugging; also add write_through for Python 3
- Fix intermittent truncation of output produced near the end of a process lifetime
- Avoid the potential for terminating debug or Python Shell processes when working on multiple remote hosts and a process ID happens to match an existing process
- Avoid warning about Python Shell restart when creating new projects
- Fix closing an editor while saving its file to a remote host
- Fix working with a remote Python that is missing the ctypes standard library module
- Don't mis-identify the type of the return values of dict items as a tuples
- Fix displaying invalid names in an import statement
- Fix inspecting values in the debugger or shell when getattr raises an exception other than AttibuteError
- Fix analysis of class and function statements after their indentation is reduced
- Fix analysis of f-strings contained inside an f-string
- Fix the icon used for Wing when launching from the command line on macOS Catalina
- Don't fail to reset the Testing tool state correctly if starting debug of a test aborts
- Update analysis correctly if the Project Home Directory or Python Path is changed in Project Properties
- Reduce application startup time

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