最新版本 Symfony 4.4.16

Symfony 4.4.16

Symfony 4.4.16
WinSCP 是一個開源免費的 SFTP 客戶端,FTP 客戶端,WebDAV 客戶端和 Windows 客戶端。它的主要功能是在本地和遠程計算機之間進行文件傳輸。除此之外,WinSCP 提供腳本和基本的文件管理器功能.

WinSCP 功能:圖形用戶界面(GUI)翻譯成多種語言與 Windows 集成(拖放,URL,快捷方式圖標)U3 支持所有文件的常用操作支持 SFTP 和 SCP 協議通過 SSH- 1 和 SSH- 2 以及普通的舊 FTP 協議批處理文件腳本和命令行界面以幾種半自動或全自動方式進行目錄同步集成文本編輯器支持 SSH 密碼,鍵盤交互,公鑰和 Kerberos(GSS)身份驗證與 Pageant(PuTTY 身份驗證代理)集成,全面支持 SSH Explorer 和 Commander 接口的公鑰身份驗證可選地存儲會話信息可選擇支持使用配置文件代替註冊表項的便攜式操作,適合從可移動媒體操作


檔案版本 Symfony 4.4.16

系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 WinSCP Team
更新日期 2020-10-28

What's new in this version:

- [DI] Fix Preloader exception when preloading a class with an unknown parent/interface
- [HttpClient] relax auth bearer format requirements
- [DependencyInjection] Preload classes with union types correctly
- [Serializer] fix decoding float XML attributes starting with 0
- [PhpUnitBridge] Support new expect methods in test case polyfill
- [PHPUnitBridge] Support PHPUnit 8 and PHPUnit 9 in constraint compatibility trait
- [TwigBridge] Remove "transchoice" from the code base
- [String] fix before/afterLast returning the empty string instead of the original one on non-match
- [PhpUnitBridge] Add missing exporter function for PHPUnit 7
- [String] fix slicing in UnicodeString
- [TwigBridge] do not translate null placeholders or titles
- [Cache] Use correct expiry in ChainAdapter
- [Filesystem] Check if failed unlink was caused by permission denied
- [PropertyAccess] forward the caught exception
- [Messenger/Amqp] Allow setting option "login" in DSN
- [Messenger][Doctrine] Avoid early db access for pgsql detection
- [DoctrineBridge] indexBy does not refer to attributes, but to column names
- [WebProfilerBundle] Hide debug toolbar in print vie
- [DI] Fix Reflection file name with eval()'d code
- Add missing use statement
- [HttpFoundation] Fix Range Requests
- [Lock] Reset Key lifetime time before we acquire it
- Remove content-type check on toArray methods
- [String] fix "is too large" ValueError on PHP 8
- [DI] fix dumping env vars
- [TwigBridge] Fix preload hint and remove "unlinked class [email protected]" warning
- [HttpClient] fix reading the body after a ClientException
- [PropertyInfo] Support for the mixed type
- [HttpClient] Fix CurlHttpClient memory leak
- [Cache] skip igbinary < 3.1.6
- [Ldap] Bypass the use of ldap_control_paged_result on PHP >= 7.3
- [PhpUnitBridge] fix running parallel tests with phpunit 9
- [PropertyInfo] Extract from default value doesn't set collection boolean
- [VarDumper] fix truncating big arrays
- [Mime] Fix serialization of RawMessage

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