Wireshark (64-bit)

最新版本 Infix Pro 7.5.2

Infix Pro 7.5.2

Infix Pro 7.5.2
Ethereal 網絡協議分析儀已經改名為 Wireshark 64 位。名字可能是新的,但軟件是一樣的。 Wireshark 的強大功能使其成為全球網絡故障排除,協議開發和教育的首選工具.

Wireshark 是由全球網絡專家撰寫的,是開源功能的一個例子。 Wireshark 64 位被世界各地的網絡專業人士用於分析,故障排除,軟件和協議開發和教育。該程序具有協議分析儀所期望的所有標準功能,以及其他任何產品中沒有的功能。它的開放源代碼許可證允許網絡社區中有才華的專家增加增強功能。

深入檢查數百種協議,並且隨時添加更多內容實時捕獲和離線分析標準的三窗格數據包瀏覽器多平台:運行 Windows,Linux,OS X,Solaris,FreeBSD,NetBSD 和其他許多捕獲的網絡數據可以通過 GUI 或通過 TTY 模式的 TShark 實用程序瀏覽業界功能最強大的顯示過濾器豐富的 VoIP 分析讀 / 寫許多不同的捕獲文件格式:tcpdump(libpcap),Pcap NG,Catapult DCT2000,思科安全 IDS iplog,微軟網絡監視器,網絡通用嗅探器® (壓縮和未壓縮),Sniffer® Pro 和 NetXray®,Network Instruments Observer,NetScreen snoop,Novell LANalyzer,RADCOM WAN / LAN 分析儀,Shomiti / Finisar Surveyor,Tektronix K12xx,Visual Networks Visual UpTime,WildPackets EtherPeek / TokenPeek / AiroPeek 等等。可以實時解壓縮實時數據可以從以太網,IEEE 802.11,PPP / HDLC,ATM,藍牙,USB,令牌環,幀中繼,FDDI 等(取決於您的平台)讀取解密支持許多協議,包括 IPsec,ISAKMP,Kerberos,SNMPv3,SSL / TLS,WEP 和 WPA / WPA2 著色規則可應用於數據包列表以進行快速,直觀的分析輸出可以導出為 XML,PostScript 或 CSV 或純文本也可用:下載 Wireshark 的 Mac


檔案版本 Infix Pro 7.5.2

檔案名稱 InfixSetup.exe
檔案大小 98.7 MB
系統 Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Wireshark Foundation
官網 http://www.wireshark.org/download.html
更新日期 2020-10-30

What's new in this version:

- Improved paragraph formation when dealing with a mix of different text rotations
- Improved rendering of images in groups with opacity less than 100%
- fixed bug which caused old debug log files to remain on the computer
- watermark lost after saving file
- Could not export to HTML if user's name includes wide characters
- Fixed possible crash when removing an object from its clip group
- Display of translucent annotations wrong
- Better handling of invisible annotations
- Fixed bug when redacting images on rotated pages
- Image redact tool causes image to disappear.
- Improved display of un-embedded Type1 fonts
- Was ignoring 'Initial Page' value of a PDF which governs which page is initially displayed
- Improved handling of TrueType font mappings
- Fixed problem that could cause type3 fonts to appear the wrong colour
- Better handling of OpenType fonts
- Fixed missing chars issue caused by incorrect .notdef classification
- Improved display of text highlight annotations
- Better handling of NULL font encodings
- Saving a watermarked pdf from a previous version does not remove watermarks from unedited pages
- Fixed bates numbering issue where numbering started at 0 instead of 1
- Fixed possible crash when right-clicking on a text form field
- Fixed problem with display of rotated annotations
- Improved handling of Unicode mapping in embedded fonts
- Better handling of invisible form buttons
- Improved Undo for Delete Across Pages
- Improved speed of text editing
- infix - crash when using swatch colour from find/replace in previous doc
- Find/Replace no longer does a reflow if all you do is change the colour of text.
- Improved ability to read some broken PDFs
- Shadows turn pink.
- Better handling of charmaps in type1 compact fonts.
- Infix - horizontal guides broken
- PDF using non embedded fonts. Picking wrong font from system

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