Wise Folder Hider

最新版本 KNIME 4.2.0 (64bit)

KNIME 4.2.0 (64bit)

KNIME 4.2.0 (64bit)
Wise Folder Hider 是一個免費軟件,用於隱藏您的個人文件夾或文件到您的電腦或可移動設備中的其他地方,以這種方式,您可以通過簡單的步驟使用密碼保護您的隱私。建議家庭和個人使用,而不是隱藏可能需要進一步嚴格加密的商業 / 機密信息。 Wise Folder Hider 是第一個免費的隱藏文件夾和文件,包括個人使用的視頻,照片等。

為什麼選擇 Wise Folder Hider?

Prying 您的私人數據 Prying Eyes
Wise Folder Hider 是專門設計用於密碼保護您的文件夾和文件被看到,閱讀或由 priers 修改。它為 Windows PC 上的文件和文件夾提供增強的安全性,阻止未經授權訪問您的私人文件或文件夾。對於那些關心他們的個人數據安全的人來說,這是一個理想的工具.

Second 密碼讓你的隱藏文件& 文件夾雙 Secure
Wise Folder Hider 為用戶提供可選的更高級別的安全性。用戶可以為 Wise Folder Hider 隱藏的每個文件和文件夾設置第二個密碼。對於那些有真正機密文件的人,可以放心,知道他們隱藏的文件是雙重保護的。


Context Menu Option& 超級人性化的界面
Wise Folder Hider 的界面非常直觀。即使是第一個計時器也可以在一分鐘之內得到解決。更好的是,在安裝這個程序的時候,一個名為‘ 隱藏文件 / 文件夾與 Wise Folder Hider’ 會自動添加到上下文菜單中。用戶可以隱藏文件或文件夾通過右鍵單擊它們而不啟動 Wise Folder Hider.

完全自由和完全兼容幾乎所有的 Windows 版本
Wise Folder Hider 是免費的,允許您隱藏 Windows 系統中的文件或文件夾(64 和 32 位)。它已經被開發和完全測試,在 Windows 8& 8.1 和其他 Windows 操作系統,從 Windows XP 和以上。無論你擁有什麼 - 桌面或筆記本電腦.

注意:以下功能在未註冊版本中被封鎖:隱藏文件 / 文件夾加密,自動檢索密碼,自動更新,高級技術支持.


檔案版本 KNIME 4.2.0 (64bit)

檔案名稱 KNIME 4.2.0 Installer (64bit).exe
檔案大小 459 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 WiseCleaner
官網 http://www.wisecleaner.com/wise-folder-hider-free.html
更新日期 2020-07-15

What's new in this version:

- Joiner (Labs) -- multiple outputs, performance, UX, ...
- Integrated Deployment Nodes -- Capture Workflow Start/End, Workflow Combiner, Workflow Writer, ...
- Various new reader and writer nodes supporting bulk reading and remote file system connection (Labs)
- Microsoft Authentication
- SAP Reader (based on Theobald Xtract Universal)
- SharePoint Online Connector
- Simple File Reader -- simplified usage, faster execution time
- TensorFlow 2 Keras Reader
- Google Cloud Storage Connector (Labs)
- String Manipulation (Multiple Columns)
- Create Temp Dir node
- Row Splitter (Labs)
- List Files/Folders (Labs) (new file handling)
- Nodes for Amazon DynamoDB
- Table Difference Finder
- Salesforce Connection (multiple nodes, e.g. Salesforce (OAuth2) Connector, SOQL Query, ...)

- Widget nodes: New design in component views (old mode available via 'legacy' flag in layout editor)
- Add workflow data area to the "Relative To" category (new file handling)
- "Spotfire (Labs)" nodes deprecated -- fully replaced by partner contributed nodes
- Textprocessing Performance Improvements
- Enable file text field in new file handling dialog in remote workflow editor
- Update Java to JRE to version "8u252-b09"
- Update Jackson to 2.11.0
- LineReader - Add BOM and gz support
- File menu entry to export a workflow summary
- Add duplicate checker to RowKey column
- Preference Page for Off-Heap Column Store activation
- urlDecode String Manipulator
- Register UrlEncode String Manipulator with Column Expressions Node
- Next functionality for node search
- String Manipulation node(s): new 'urlencode' method
- Support component drag'n'drop from private spaces (hub) into AP
- Colorize the connection lines of a selected node
- Metanode fails with "Error in sub flow"
- Support exchangeability of port types
- Create FSLocation Variable Type
- Table View (output port) with new option to copy data with header (to paste into Excel)
- Make 'Number to String' node streamable
- Disable dyn. port adaptations during execution and adopt warning message
- Make R environment configurable on a node level
- Add dynamic port support for Merge Variables node
- Update KNIME Analytics Platform to use the latest Eclipse (Eclipse 2020-03, i.e. 4.15)
- Add option to export summary / provenance trace from executed workflow
- Display column headers options should be added to the labeling view
- Make Column Appender with flexible Number of Input ports
- Add 'Configuration', 'Widget' and 'Container' node types
- Provide Ungroup node to skip rows with empty collection
- Top K Selector to give all occurrences of n biggest/smallest values
- Add portobject to possible porttypes of components
- Update Sorter UI for Sorter and top-k Node
- Add Node Monitor as default view
- Add float64 (double) datatype in Keras Input Layer
- Change default search mode in Table view to be case insensitive and to include column names
- Workflow Test Framework to Test for Errors in Components
- Add option to replace included columns in Column Combiner node
- Add select best option to the Feature Selection Filter node
- Allow to open dialog of DB nodes with missing/invalid input connection
- Support reconnecting to database if connection is invalid
- Improve formatting of long flow variable names in flow variable tab
- Implement SWT.OpenUrl event to support opening KNIME URLs for all OSs
- DB Loader: Support Microsoft SQL Server bulk copy API
- Support boolean columns in DB Row Filter
- Inform user about absence of flow variables in nodes with no settings
- Hide memory policy tab in nodes with no data table output ports
- Missing Value: Support fixed boolean value
- CSV Reader: Reduce number of opened input streams
- New 'hidden'-flag for node(set) extensions
- (Big Data Extensions): Add note about cluster-level permissions to node description of Create Databricks Environment
- (Big Data Extensions): Support Timezone option in Create Spark Context nodes

Bug Fixes:
- Perl integration does not work with Perl >=5.30 any more
- Provide fallback for non-standard SQL types when reading from databases
- Flow Variables don't work on Salesforce Node
- H2O Integration: Local context issues on certain IPsec VPN setups
- Amazon S3 Connection (Labs) sometimes does not list all subdirectories of a directory
- Java Snippet does not clear warning messages on reset
- Tableau Hyper API: Node fail when data volume increases.
- Text Mining: Add invertible flag to StanfordNLP Tokenizers to ensure tokens not to be normalized
- Support non-standard JDBC Oracle types such as BINARY_FLOAT and BINARY_DOUBLE
- Parallel Chunk Start dialogue has bugs: missing flow variable and always greyed out checkbox
- Scorer node output column named specifity instead of specificity
- PortTypeRegistry fails ungracefully when encountering erroneous port types among all available port types
- REST nodes don't work with empty passwords in BASIC authentication
- Amazon Athena Connector node could not login without role switching
- Temporary table and file stores in loops not deleted on clear
- Table Creator: Copying of cells with cmd+c doesn't work on Mac
- Null pointer exception in Table Column to Variable node
- Wrong workflow svg stored when saving workflow while in annotation edit mode
- OutputStreams can remain open after workflow was closed
- Empty folders in workflow directory are missing from export
- Workflow editor locks up when saving large workflow using temporary workflow editor
- GET Request node: inconsistency with retrieved binary objects
- Math Formula: Check for column names containing dollar signs
- Fix in-workflow buffers not being cleared when workflow is closed and cleaned up
- Deadlock when using flow variable buttons with JTextFields
- Inner nested components duplicate error messages
- Word metanode still used when checking if update available
- Configuration of Call Workflow (Table Based) node fails, if wf on server contains File Download node in wrapped metanode
- Make dropping node on connections and nodes a uniform experience
- Executing follow up nodes block reset of non-related content of metanode
- Unused Metanode input causes warnings upon workflow opening
- FTP node's open() always calls changeDirectoryUp at least one time
- Make "Lift Chart (JavaScript)" node responsive
- Execute option to work on all nodes
- (Big Data Extensions): Parquet Reader and ORC Reader fail when reading directories with hidden files
- (Big Data Extensions): Create Local Big Data Environment node fails to create root scratch directory on Windows if domain server is not accessible

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