XSplit Broadcaster

最新版本 XSplit Broadcaster 3.2.1711.2916

XSplit Broadcaster 3.2.1711.2916

XSplit Broadcaster 3.2.1711.2916
XSplit Broadcaster 是一個簡單而強大的 Windows 電腦直播和錄製軟件,為世界各地的無數的直播和錄製功率,是與您所愛的視頻遊戲製作豐富的視頻內容的完美選擇.


如果 XSplit Broadcaster,是你的畫布,那麼多媒體源是你的油漆。製作廣播時,將視頻和音樂中的所有內容添加到網絡攝像機和 Skype 中的遠程訪客。利用增強的音頻功能提供更高保真的聲音,並在使用我們的場景預覽編輯器前預覽和編輯新的鏡頭.

XSplit Broadcaster 由於我們的插件存儲,具有豐富的自定義功能,讓您進一步個性化您的廣播捐贈警報,音樂請求和更多。你甚至可以開發自己的!可能性是無止境的.



檔案版本 XSplit Broadcaster 3.2.1711.2916

檔案名稱 xbc_web_installer_3.2.1711.2916.exe
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 未分類
作者 SplitmediaLabs, Ltd.
官網 https://www.xsplit.com/#broadcaster
更新日期 2017-12-14

What's new in this version:

XSplit Broadcaster 3.2.1711.2916
- Video playback issues for live stream recording
- Paste info dialog does not display properly for some languages
- Sharing an image to Player.me shows 502 error
- Current language may not have check mark on menu
- Selected language is not retained on logout
- RTMPS no longer works in 64 bit build
- MFP is not detected when already installed on Windows Fall Creators update
- Exported videos are pixelated

XSplit Broadcaster 3.2.1711.2902
Features and improvements:
- This version is now 64 bit and only compatible with 64 bit Windows(r)
- Facebook Live: Add status option for page and list all future scheduled for all timelines
- Improvements to loading speed
- Delay notification of updates (also helps improve loading speed)
- Add restart option on My Plugins if an output was updated using Update All button
- Tracktl: Add Trackparty in source name

- Game capture optimization for DX9 32bit does not work in Fall Creators Update (RS3) of Windows 10 (1709 Build 16299)
- Application can freeze when removing SWF source
- Possible exception when reading audio sources
- Crash on Live Gamer HD2 filter during video output resolution update when using MJPG color space
- Advanced settings options are not reverted to default values on restore (For testing)
- Extension window opens after updating from the store
- Login form flickers on auto-login / Some UI elements may show ahead of time
- Exception and crash occurs upon login on offline mode
- UriFormatException occurs when adding custom extension without protocol
- Loading a presentation always defaults the scene position to scene 1
- Unable to startup on an AMD Crossfire setup
- Screenshot of active scene is not working on split mode
- Text source scrolling function uses too much CPU
- Presentation Packager: Export/validation process may get stuck when an empty Image Slideshow is in presentation (For testing)
- QNAP DJ2: Discovery window does not open

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